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How to get rid of feet edema – 10 faithful ways to eliminate swelling on the legs


Swelling on the legs – how to get rid of them? Find out the most effective ways to eliminate swelling on the legs, tips on organizing the right lifestyle for the prevention of edema on the legs

How to get rid of edema legs?

Daily women spend a lot of time on the legs, as a result of which they suffer from edema. This problem concerns not only high studs, but also fans of ballet. The reasons for the appearance of edema is a huge set, ranging from yesterday drank alcoholic cocktail at a party and ending with serious problems with the heart or diabetes. Today we will share with you several useful advice that will help you quickly get rid of edema on the legs.

Worried swelling on the legs? 10 ways to get rid of feet edema

  1. How to get rid of edema legs? Exercises

    Organization of the right motor regime against leg edema
    If you have a sitting work, try every half an hour to ride because of the worker, make some exercise or just walk around the office. If there is such an opportunity, then get to work on foot or by bike, Visit the pool.

  2. Restricting the use of carbohydrates and salts to get rid of leg edema
    Feet swelling can cause excessive consumption of carbohydrates and salts, so try to minimize the use of these products.
  3. Get rid of leg edema with the restriction of some medicines
    Try to use diuretics and laxatives as possible. Abuse of them can have quite serious consequences.
  4. Eliminate swelling on the legs using the right drinking mode
    Drink as much water as possible, at least 1.5 liters per day. She helps to flush salt from your body.
  5. How to get rid of edema legs? Herbs, herbal teas

    Herbracks against leg edema
    Drink herbal tea, because many herbs have diuretic properties. For example: Lingre sheet, chamomile, calendula leaves and t.D. Magnificent diuretic properties possesses parsley. To get rid of feet edema, dry parsley leaves Fill with hot water and last 20 minutes. The resulting infusion, cool down and drink three times a day one glass.

  6. «Ambulance» – Exercise against feet edema
    Lie on the back and put legs on a pillow or rolled in a roller. At the same time, heels must be 12 cm higher than the heart. When you are in this position, the liquid accumulated in the legs falls into the cardiovascular system, kidneys, and then output from the body. Repeat this exercise several times a day for 10-15 minutes.
  7. How to get rid of edema legs? Exercises

    Extra weight getting rid – prevention of edema legs
    If you are overweight, it is worth thinking about weight loss. The excess mass of the body strongly overloads your veins, as a result of which the withdrawal of fluid from the body slows down. And this can cause not only the swelling of the ankles and legs, but also such a serious illness as Varicose.

  8. Contrast baths against edema legs
    To reduce swelling of the legs, take two buckets with water. In one – hot, and in the other – cold, but not ice. At first about 10 minutes, keep your feet in hot water, then 30 seconds. in cold. Repeat this procedure is necessary several times a day.
  9. Sport will help eliminate leg edema
    Regularly engage in sports. Exercise Improve Blood Circulation in the body. We give you an example of several of the most efficient exercises:
    • How to get rid of edema legs? Exercises

      Sit on a chair or bench. Try to raise small items from the floor (beads, buttons, coins and t.n) with the help of fingers;

    • Become a step so that your body weight is transferred to the front of the feet, and the heel did not touch the surface. Keep your back Rivne. Lower the heels down and then return to its original position. This exercise must be repeated 3-4 times;
    • Sitting on a chair or sofa, compress and sprink your fingers. Repeat the exercise until you feel easy fatigue.
    • Creams from feet edema
      Also well helps to get rid of the edema of the legs of special creams, which include Menthol and Lavender. These drugs have a refreshing effect. Such creams have a very pleasant smell, besides, they are no less pleasant to apply, and they act instantly.

    How to get rid of edema legs?

    If not one of the above methods did not help you for any reason, then It is worth contacting a specialist. Perhaps you suffer from any disease, the timely detection of which is the key to successful treatment.

    Warning, Do not treat swelling by ice compresses. It can seriously harm your health, because for vessels such procedures are huge stress.

    Lady-Magazine site.COM warns: self-medication can harm your health! The recipes given here do not replace drug treatment and do not cancel the goal.

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