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Glasses for newlyweds


Glasses for newlyweds, one of the most important attributes at the wedding. After all, they will stand on your festive table, completing the overall composition

Wedding – an exciting and a solemn event that happens in the life of almost every person. Modern organizers recommend future newlyweds to think out in detail every aspect of the design and style of the holiday so that it goes about and smooth. Newlywed wine glasses – a kind of marriage symbol, capable of keeping the memory of the most important event in life for many years.

Glasses for newlywedsAnd although our ancestors were taken to break them «for luck», Today, many couples await the wedding attribute, getting it from the servant to celebrate the anniversary.

After all, indeed, such a thing can be awarded the title of a real family relic. The design of glasses traditionally do artists working in a team with a wedding organizers. But if you wish, newlyweds can prepare so important «trim» do it yourself.

It is enough to include fantasy, acquire the necessary tools and materials, and finally, carefully arrange products on your own taste.

Basic tips for couples, solved to issue glasses of personnel

If representatives of your future cell of society are very far from design and visual art – this is not a reason to abandon the embodiment of the idea of ​​registration wedding glasses do it yourself. Modern shops for decorators and artists are replete with high-quality materials and accessories, so create a real masterpiece today by even an amateur.

As for the classic wedding whipping glasses, if you want to follow the tradition – purchase for this purpose a separate couple. Preferably to take care of spare glasses for young.

Glasses for newlywedsTherefore, since you do not take to decorate them with your own hands – do it in 6 copies. So you will save yourself from unnecessary experiences about «requisite», If he suddenly lost.

The first pair uses you still in the Palace of Marriages, the second – for a street photo shoot, if it is provided, and the third will become an integral attribute of the festive feast. Of course, all these functions can perform one pair of glasses, but if suddenly one of them accidentally breaks out, or in a confusion, someone from relatives bargaining it in an uncomfortable place?..

Silhouettes of glasses can be anyhow – oblong, rounded, streamlined.

And it is not necessarily that the bride and the bride keep the same containers. The form of a flat wife’s glade can be feminine-soft and sophisticated, and solemn dishes «Chapters family» – solid and strictly rounded.

But in decorating it is desirable to withstand a single stylist. Moreover, it is necessary to take into account the design of the entire celebration. If motley colors prevail on the table and indoors, it is unlikely that the design of glasses in a pompous classic style will be relevant here.

To decorate glasses, you can use standard stickers, but keep in mind – it will look not so unique and exquisite like a man-made applique. In addition, you will be pleased to make a lept in the decoration of an integral wedding attribute.

Very original decoration for dishes – Live flowers. Such a design will be a concise, pleasant look and incredibly beautiful. But in this case it is important to take certain measures to preserve freshness of plants.

Stylish decoration of wine glasses for champagne: ideas

  • Glasses for newlywedsSatin ribbons – an elegant element of a wedding glass decoration. You can wind up white, cream, peach, blue or pink tape fear. With the help of fasteners under the tape, you can fix the flower or a beautiful branch;
  • Rhinestones – a typical version of the decor with which any person can cope. Everything else, such a decoration of dishes will be luxuriously looked, reflexing in the sun or artificial lighting. Rhinestones can be purchased any: small and large, monophonic and multicolored. You can also combine them, sticking on the glass. With their help you can literally «Usi» Glass, or lay out curly silhouettes on it: groom with bride, hearts, swans, rings, doves. You can create restrained vegetable ornaments, or initials of newlyweds;
  • Lace – a decorative element that will give your fertoons of innocence, lightness, airiness and unearthly tenderness. You can buy a light guipure fabric in any studio or fabric store, while you will not need a fabulous cost. Wrap the glasses with a cloth and fix it, and add with pearls and ribbons from above;
  • Artificial roses – a very elegant detail for decorating newlywed wine glasses. Such roses can be made of tissues or ribbons yourself, or purchase ready-made in the store, adding them by any small elements of the type of beads and beads;
  • Glasses for newlywedsBeads are most appropriate if a graphic image is applied on the glass. For example, with the help of acrylic paint, you can paint the glasses with sakura branches, and its flowers – lay out pink beads of different sizes. In the same way, you can create and stylize any composition you would like to see on a small symbol of your celebration;
  • Polymer clay – Polymer clay crafts can also do anyone. The quality of modern materials for the modeling is very high, therefore the process itself is not laborious and energy consumption. Ask various master classes that are postponed on forums and sites «Being» Needlewoman. Crash from color clay roses, orchids or snowdrops. Decorate the products with sparkles, rhinestones or small beads, and glue them to a fuzer with a special liquid retainer.

You can experiment with any materials and incarnate any of your fantasies. But we advise not to start with «Cistoika», If you were not previously dealt with dishes and other needlework. Buy the cheapest glasses, arm yourself with decorative materials, improvise, try different options. When you find your optimally suitable for your taste and the overall style of the occurrence of the celebration – feel free to carry your works on high-quality wine glasses.

Let your family life be filled with love, peace and beauty!

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