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Family Wedding Cards


Your guests will not be a squash to look for a place where to sit down. Food cards with their own hands will look original and beautiful

Guests or sedentary cards at weddings are now very popular. And it is no coincidence since it is very convenient. Your guests will not be a squash to look for a place where to sit down. They will find their own names and spoke there, where they said in advance, on the eve of the wedding.

Why do you need such cards? Just because it is fashionable?

Family Wedding CardsWedding is not a family feast. More than 100 people are sometimes invited to the celebration. It is no secret that in some cases there are to call people who in other situations would not like to completely communicate.

To prevent possible conflicts, guests need to be searched so that people loyal to each other were nearby. One of the options for solving the problem is to arrange near the cards of the cards on which the names and family names are indicated.

These accessories are usually one of the elements of the decoration of the hall, and with their manufacture, the general style of the design of the room is taken into account.

With an open soul to guests

You can order glossy rectangles in advance and not think about their design, but you can make seating cards with your own hands. They will look original and beautiful.

It will take:

  • printed on white or beige paper with the names of guests 6×7 cm card;
  • ribbon 2 cm wide, pink and coral color;
  • glue gun.

Family cards for guests, mostly done on the eve of the wedding because it is then to recognize the exact number of guests.

Family Wedding CardsFor their manufacture, it remains not so much time, to sign 50-100 pieces – difficult work! Therefore, for us the names will print printing.

It is better to do the manufacture of cards in advance, not exactly to the wedding. Most optimal time – a week before the event. At that time you will know how much, and who will come to the celebration, and you can discuss places where, and who would prefer to sit next to. When the full list of guests will be ready, you need to order in the Card printing card with names, approximately 6×7 cm format.

Better if it is a beautiful calligraphic font, and textured paper.

After the cards are ready, there are bows. 12 cm tape cut off and tie a bow. Fasten with lighter or matches tips so that the ribbon does not break.

With the help of glue-guns stick bows on corners of cards. And concisely, and comes to a common style. Color Ribbons You can pick up your own to the general wedding style. You can also use holders.

Optional to make cards in the form of traditional postcards, laid down near the cutlery. Options for instructions «seating» weight.

Variations on the topic: Summer and Winter Weddings

Family Wedding CardsAt this solemn event, there will be refreshments to. In this case, refer to the place easily.

Business cards with names are printed in the printing house, and then each of them is fixed – they stick to the toothpick, which are decorated with a cocktail glass. Toothpicks stick into a slice of lemon, which are almost always decorated with summer cocktails.

Guests will be very pleased if the culprits of the celebration took care of them in advance. Reliable cards can be fixed on small souvenirs, which in style are combined with the design of the hall.

Banquet runs on the ship – every card is inserted into a paper boat. Winter Wedding Option – Card Fastened on Flashing Covers Covered with Silver Paint. If, instead of a common table in the banquet hall, guests are cleared at the tables, then the following options for the placement of cards can be applied to designate places.

Let in the center of the table cost small canape sandwiches, and in each of them on the toothpick the card is fixed. Guests will know where their places. Sometimes the culprits of the celebration want to make typographic cards more original, giving them a certain form. I look very beautifully looking bowls butterflies.

To cut the butterfly, do not have to draw each card from hand. Enough to get a stencil, fold up a few cards on each other and cut according to the specified contour. Be sure to leave several nameless samples. The composition of the guests can change, and then the names can be entered from hand and no one will be offended.

How to send guests

Having made the card, think about how to send guests so that no one is offended.

The following tips will help cope with this rather severe problem:

  • Family Wedding CardsNo matter how the banquet hall is, as it were, the guests did not sit down – for 1 table or for a few – the bride and the bride should be in the center, so that they can come free. So it will be easy to approach them to give a gift, contact the toast or invite to participate in the competition;
  • Witnesses and parents sit down next to the newlyworked, and try whenever possible not to limit the movement;
  • Even if the newlyweds communicate very closely with friends, the prerogative of Az Table is given to close relatives: brothers, sisters, grandparents. Friends sitting further;
  • The rest of the guests are seated by status and interests;
  • If there are children at the wedding – they are better to stay a separate table. Enchanting Cards in this case make a small toy.

If you enable guests to carry extra souvenirs from the wedding – beautifully decorated seating cards, they will remember the event for a long time.

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