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Wedding Candles


Candles for the transfer of a homely focus are an indispensable attribute of any wedding. This is a tradition that is transmitted from generation to generation

Candles for the transfer of a homely focus are an indispensable attribute of any wedding. This is a tradition that is transmitted from generation to generation. Our grandmothers passed a piece of homemade hearth, in the form of a candle, our mothers, and moms us.

Ideas for registration

To make this rite beautiful, elements of wedding attributes should also fit into the overall style of the wedding.

We need:

  • Wedding Candles2 candles with a diameter of 5-6 cm, a height of 10 and 15 cm
  • 2 cm width ribbon, pink and coral colors
  • fatin
  • glue gun

Wax products do not have to take too large, up to 15 cm in height will be enough. Cut a ribbon long equal candle diameter, you can slightly longer. With the help of glue-gun fix it around our product. It should be located just below his middle.

Now do «Skirt» from fate for bows. Cut the ribbon 20-30 cm long, and 2 cm wide. White thread in a needle, we collect tape on the thread to the end of the tape. Then tighten and fix. Making bows. Cut 12 cm Pink-coral ribbon and tie a bow.

Sweep lighter or matches tips so that the ribbon does not break. Now with the help of glue-pistol, you sit down a bow on «skirt» and pressed. The final stage, with the help of glue-guns, attach a bows on the tape. It needs to be done where the ends closed. Thus, there will be no junction. Here you go, Wedding candles with their own hands For home the hearth are ready.

Ideas of jewelry

To give the solemnity of the wedding rite, during which newlyweds light a family hearth, try to decorate the candles of the bride and groom. It is the fire coming from them that is a symbol of heat, love and comfort in the house of newlyweds.

Wedding CandlesAccording to the tradition of mother of the bride and groom or only mother-in-law from a big candle lights two thin, which holds a girl. At this moment, the mother turns to their daughter and daughter-in-law with warm words congratulations and blessings.

Make these wedding attributes with your own hands in two ways. The first is simple enough, it implies the purchase of finished wax products and their decoration with decorative elements – ribbons, flowers, beads.

The second option is more complicated, here you will need to have independent making candles with your own hands.

If you try and approach this process creatively, you can decorate wedding attributes with coffee beans, crops, sequins, paper, cloth, glass, polymer clay and many other elements.

We make a candle

To make a wedding attribute with their own efforts, you can use wax or special candlestone. If you bought a ready wax product, but it does not suit you, you need to melt it. To speed up the process, pre-grind it, you can use a grater or knife.

Wedding CandlesYou can make an attribute more original by giving it any color. To this end, you can use either a food dye or a crumb from colored wax chalk. Will be excellent if the candle gets not only beautiful, but also fragrant. To do this, in the wax mass in the process of manufacturing a wedding attribute, add some aromatic oil.

Inside the wax product must be inserted a cotton thread, well soaked with wax. Now there are various forms for candles, but for a wedding it is best to use cylindrical.

In order for the finished wax product to be easily removed from the form, it is necessary to lubricate it well with vegetable oil. If you want to decorate a candle with beads or pebbles, they first need to attach to the inner walls of the form.

Before pouring paraffin, you should heat. The wax product should stick in the form of a certain time, for this it is necessary to just keep at room temperature. To remove the finished wax product from the form, it is enough to heat – omit in hot water, and it will easily come from there.

Ribbons and beads

This attribute of the solemn ceremony on the day of marriage can be decorated with satin ribbons and beads. Thin candles need to be simply neatly wrapped with double ribbons from the atlas – one white width of 1 cm, and on top of it crushed lilac – 0, 75 cm. For festivity on wax products, it is appropriate to tie a beautiful bow of ribbons.

Wedding CandlesMust look beautiful and the fat candle that the mother of the newlyweds holds. Everything is simple here: it can be sewed from a wide ribbon of the belt, but to it to be tone or, on the contradiction, the contrast rose from the satin. On the same candle, it is necessary to neatly do small holes and insert there beads, cut in half – quickly and beautiful!

It looks gently and originally looking out products from wax, decorated with lace and russian traps, colors of translucent fabric and airframes.

It is best to look for products, decorated with one color scheme, but also do not be afraid of unusual and bright ideas, the main thing is that they fit into the holiday interior.

Decoupage, modeling and painting

Wedding CandlesThese are the most common methods for decorating wedding attributes for newlyweds.

You can decorate these attributes with hearts, wedding rings and pigeons. To attach decorative elements, glue and thin needles are commonly used.

Experts recommend a previously all waxwork to cover polymer paint, so all the decorations can be much faster, easier and more reliable to attach to wax.

So that the work performed was successful, it is not necessary to spontaneously apply decorative elements, this is a responsible task, so it is better to work on a pre-created sketch.

If you believe the traditions, the homely focus will be protected by a flame candle burning on your wedding.

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