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Wedding book


The book of wishes with your own hands is a wonderful gift, which is not difficult to do, and will give joyful moments both to you and newlyweds

The book of wishes, one of the most necessary and interesting attributes at the wedding. Imagine, after many years, you will open it and read the wishes of your friends and relatives, remember once again that exciting day – your wedding!

Of course, I want it to be in a single stylistic direction with the celebration.

We need:

  • Book of wishes in beige tones (ordinary book, you can buy in the wedding store)
  • White fatin
  • White paper with drawing
  • glue gun
  • 2 cm wide ribbon, pink-coral color
  • PVA glue
  • ruler
  • cutter

How to do:

  1. Wedding bookUsing a cutter and ruler, from paper with a pattern, cut the rectangle, so that it is less than the book of wishes for 1 cm from all sides. For example, if a book is 20×15 cm, then cut the paper 18×13 cm. You do not need to use scissors, even edges you will achieve only with the help of a cutter;
  2. Cut a 3 cm ribbon size more top paper with drawing. It turns out, 1.5 cm per edge. You can immediately bend the edges and stroke the iron. Then she will be smaller and better will fall on paper.From the left edge on the front side, with the help of glue from a pistol, we grab the ribbon to paper. Turn over the paper on the wrong, and use the PVA we glue the edge of the ribbon to paper;
  3. Then it is best to put a blank under the press so that it is evenly glued and not deformed;
  4. Now do «Skirt» from fate for bows. Cut the ribbon 20-30 cm long, and 2 cm wide. White thread in a needle, we collect tape on the thread to the end of the tape. Then tighten and fix it;
  5. Then cut off 12 cm pink-coral ribbon and tie a bow. Sweep lighter or matches tips so that the tape does not break off;
  6. Bows should not be too big, they should enter «skirt», and better if there is a little less;
  7. Now with the help of glue-pistol, you sit down a bow on «skirt» and press;
  8. We take the paper with a ribbon and wicked it well with a plow glue on the reverse side, put on the book of wishes, so that 1 cm remains left from each edge;
  9. Well smoothed and under the press. After half an hour, get the book, and with the help of glue – gun glue bow on the tape on the left side.

Our book wish widths, ready! As a result, we had such a beautiful book of wishes with your own hands! Create and delight yourself and your loved ones!

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