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Varicosis is serious


Varicosis is serious

It is often possible to meet not only the elderly, but also young people suffering from varicose veins. Often, young woman in labor on the lower extremities appear noded veins, there are unpleasant sensations, discomfort and even pain. To conduct effective treatment and prevent possible complications, it is necessary to accurately diagnose the disease, identify a set of activities, including both folk remedies and medication treatment. Medical and folk remedies can be designed both for outdoor and internal use.

Varicose. First signs.

The appearance on the skin of small blood vessels in the form of thickening small groups, especially on the hips, is the first signs of varicose. Complex blood vessels are very noticeable when cellul. The occurrence of cellulite is also associated with varicose veins, since the fat cells interferes with blood outflow, thereby increasing the chance of further development of the disease.

Be careful to your health. If in the evening the legs are very tired, swell, even flawed in woolen socks, you should worry. These are already signs of illness. Incompretation of the specialists can lead to a complication of the disease.

What is offered for the treatment and prevention of the disease?

First, it is necessary to get rid of bad habits: smoking and alcohol use. Refuse flour and sweet, fatty and welded broths, delete from the smoked menu, marinades, canned food, as well as the use of coffee to minimize. These products adversely affect the venous walls, destroy the valves, contribute to the addition of excess weight. Be extremely careful with beer: the excess fluid in the body is delayed and increases the load on veins. Definitely act on the body alcohol, coffee, tobacco.

Secondly, get rid of excess weight. With proper healthy nutrition and the appropriate physical exertion can be effectively losing weight

Thirdly, if you are prone to such a kind of disease, do not raise more than 3 kg. Lifting weights – impetus to the further progression of the disease.

Eat rich vitamins food. Vienna gives elasticity of vitamin E, due to vitamin C, the vessels become durable, strengthening venous walls and valves promotes vitamin p.

Move more, pay time walking before bedtime. Do not comprehensive exercises, to improve blood circulation, use running on the spot. Shoes and clothing must be free. Clean the wardrobe tight jeans, close shoes. You should not wear tight belts, collars, socks with rubber bands. All these tight, tight elements of the wardrobe make the influx of blood along the vessels, because of which the pressure increases in the veins – legs swell and hurt.

Folk medicine to help with varicose

  1. Sleep, raising legs with bed.
  2. Every morning, lying in bed, do the exercises recommended by the doctor. Small leg raising, scissors, mahs, bike. Next exercise Do within 15 minutes: lying in bed, lean against the wall and legs lift up vertically. Not lowering legs down, immediately after exercise, elastic stockings wear. If you wear stockings, lowering legs down, the venous valves will also devastate and stockings will fix the veins in the position of pathology. No benefit from stockings you do not get, moreover, they can harm.
  3. If you do not suffer from gout, diabetes, inflammation of the intestine, you will be useful for firing figs in water and on milk, also the use of fruit fresh.
  4. It is useful to apply to the places where the veins are expanded, a mixture of inflorescences of wormwood and acidic milk. Silver wormwood need to be confused in a mortar. For the preparation of a mixture of wormwood, and milk take in a 1: 1 ratio.
  5. The use of ordinary ripe tomatoes is effective. Slim tomato mugs for two to three hours are applied to venue.
  6. Made infusion from lilac leaves and drowned dryers. Two spoons of raw materials poured 250ml with boiling water, put on a water bath for 15 minutes. After cooling, filter. Make a row in patient places.

Follow the right nutrition

  1. Use rich in vitamins E, food. Bean crops, olive oil, sprouted wheat, green onions, salad, liver, egg yolk contain the largest amount of vitamin E.
  2. With varicose veins you need vitamin C. It is contained in citrus, sweet pepper, black currant, rosehip, gooseberry, white cabbage, dill, strawberry, parsley .
  3. Walnuts, grafruk, rosehip, rowan, lemon, black currant rich in vitamin r.
  4. Acosite cherry and a dark cherry dissolve clomes better aspirin, as they are rich in bioflavonoids. For prevention of varicose veins, it is recommended to apply a day of 20 berries per day.
  5. Usage Baranje kidneys, seafood (squid, oysters, shrimp, crabs), beef liver. They contain honey necessary for the synthesis of elastin.
  6. It is proposed to use for prevention of constipation and normalization of intestinal work: fruits, vegetables, bran. They are rich in vegetable fiber, and improve the health of the body.
  7. Daily drink 2 liters of liquid in the form of tea, kvass, compotes or plates. Liquid helps blood liquefaction.

It is necessary to know

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, follow the rules to help reduce the load on the veins

  1. To avoid violations in blood circulation in the lower limbs, sitting on the sofa, do not throw one leg to another
  2. Put your feet on a small bench or on the retail crossbar.
  3. To prevent the legs to prevent, more often rotate the feet and move your legs.
  4. Walk around the room every half hour.
  5. Make a warm-up of the legs: rise 15-20 times on the socks, stand on the heels and roll out from the sock on the heel and so several times
  6. Do not put the children, do not put big bags on your knees, do not overload veins.

Systematically follow your health, please contact doctors if necessary. Timely prevention of the disease helps you avoid further complications.

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