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10 best corporate gifts on February 23


Do not know what gifts make employees on February 23? We present the top 10 corporate gifts – for the original congratulations and office fun. Choose the best gifts on February 23 to colleagues – with Lady Magazine.Com

From school, we all remember that the gifts to our defenders by the 23rd of February is not only an old tradition, but also a real problem. And if with our favorite men (fathers, sons) the issue of gifts is solved relatively calmly, then with men’s colleagues, everything is much more difficult. Keychains, T-shirts with socks and razor sets cause from our men, if not a toothbrush, then, at least, stinging. Isn’t it time to change this unwritten law on shaving foam on February 23?

To your attention – new ideas for gifts to colleagues on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland.

  • Original alarm clock

Even if your men punctual and responsible, running alarm clock will be a good reason to smile in the morning, after waking up. And for owls and just lazy songs, he can become insurance against late. Fishing alarm clock will not be able to reboot on «five more minutes» – At first it will have to catch. And for this, of course, you have to get out of bed. Everything! The case is done, the alarm is fulfilled its task! And you can go even further and give colleagues alarm clock in the form of targets with laser guns. At a signal «Climb» The target is automatically rising, and the alarm clock can be turned off only by accurate «the bull’s eye». All woke up – guaranteed.

Original alarm clock
  • Flash Drive in Non-Standard Design

A practical gift – no one does not do without flash drives today. But just a flash drive on February 23 – it’s a trite, but Men’s «Brutal» Theme – the most. A good option for those teams where the man’s part of the state prevails, and 2-3 girls are simply not able to give the solid gifts of each «Brother on the shop». Designer Solution Options – Mass: Flashki in the form of armory cartridges and aircraft, cars and pistols, spanners, cars, military tokens, soldiers or red stars. Memory amount – 2-64 GB, and if desired, you can order the application of a logo or a commemorative inscription on «Packaging» USB media. For the boss, of course, such a gift will be «melch», But for colleagues (with a minimum budget) – option is excellent.

  • Antistresses gifts

Cheerful and useful gift option. Such a present can be an antistress pillow or jumping ball (the so-called «Office rukinos» or a brush expander). And on the whole team of defenders, you can buy a cheerful office darts or a basket-anti-stress, which is funny to swears at the time of getting garbage.

  • Money clip

Everyone knows that money loves not only the score, but also order. Money clamp is a stylish accessory, an element of the image and a useful thing that allows you to clean up your pocket. Choosing such a holder «Finance» Depends on the budget of the women’s part of the team. This can be a leather banknote holder, similar to a book, or metal with inlay / engraving, with branches for storage of credit cards, with a magnetic latch, etc.

Money clip
  • Gift Certificate

The perfect solution if original «Fridence» never appeared, and before the holiday – a few days. Gift Benefits: Headache «What to give?!» Removed, time is saved, and the male colleagues appear a certain freedom of choice. Certificate from? And it already depends on the possibilities. For example, in a gym or sports club, in the electronics store or a sports shopping center, in the shop of hunting, fishing or «All for a car», in the movie theaters. Or even a certificate-surprise for extremals – on racing, jump with parachute, etc. Of course, the certificate should be with a free date of the visit – let the colleagues themselves plan when it is more convenient for them to rest. And if the atmosphere in the team is friendly, you can buy not the same for everyone, but various certificates, and spend a kind of lottery.

  • Modern healthy gadget – Gick-handle for letters in the dark

The ballpoint pen will never be superfluous, but as a gift, she must have a number of benefits. That is, additional features. Modern device allows not only to write, but also use the handle as a laser pointer, highlights the text with weak lighting, use as a stylus for the tablet and. And another novelty – a handle that sends all the records «by hand» On the smartphone through the integrated Wi-Fi, recording audio files and even sorting all notes on «Keywords:». Built-in memory of such a device – 2-8GB. Well, to the handle necessarily need a diary. Naturally, in original design. Like, «Scrapbook workaholic and its priceless contacts».

  • Automotive thermocouple with the possibility of heating

Practical gift for fellow traffic police. Stable mug for use in the machine from which coffee does not break, and which can always be heated. And for quite busy (or lazy) comrades, you can choose the thermocrubs that the sugar themselves. One pressing the button – and the device independently does it for you using a minipoweller. If you wish, you can personalize the presents, ordering the congratulatory inscriptions on the surface of each mug.

Car thermocruise
  • Keychain defrosting locks

Stylish and useful gift for colleagues-car enthusiasts (not from the southern regions of the country). Situation when after changing the temperatures of auto-locks are blocked by ice – not uncommon. The keychain solves this problem in a few seconds (probe from metal heats up to 150 degrees). Bonus – LED flashlight, which is built into the keychain.

  • Paintball as a gift

Why not? The certificate for the game in paintball is an excellent solution even for the team of a small company. A rare man will refuse this game, and women disappears a reason to break her head over a gift and a scenario for the holiday. The game itself, a warm house for rent, kebabs – the whole team can spend excellent time.

  • Set of defender of the Fatherland

Option for those teams in which the sense of humor respect. Such a gift in military topics may include a bath cap, a circle-«grenade», flask, felt slippers in the form of tanks and, of course, army dry. It can be purchased ready or do it yourself (the main thing, do not forget about the stew).

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How to originally congratulate colleagues on February 23?

With gifts, we dealt with the colleagues-defenders, it remains to decide – how exactly to give them. Just hand and run up across the workplaces – boring, and even a conventional buffet requires some raisin. How to congratulate defenders in different companies?

  • Buffet (dining room or office) in Russian folk style – with post-rolls, pancakes with caviar, homemade cakes and heroic tournaments.
  • Japanese style reception – with congratulations, exit «Geisha», with sak and sushi, phantas for «Real samurai», with individual hockey-congratulations, with honorary certificates to all AI-Ti-Fighters, fighters of the invisible front, the most gallant, most polite and.
  • Furst holiday «One day in the army» – with pilotes / chains and thematic contests, combat leaves, awarding «medals», Soldier’s porridge and 100 g front-line from combat girlfriends.
  • Exit Corporate with snowmobile skiing or skiing, with overcoming bar obstacles, festive feast in a rented mini hotel.
  • Intergalactic buffet – with space design, competitions and prizes in the form of a certificate in the aerotuba or «Gravitzpa» (Massager for head).

In general, turn on the fantasy, and the excellent mood of the counter-defenders is provided to you!

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