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What can be made of old jeans?


Your favorite jeans broke out or swatched, but throw them out? In this article we will tell you what you can do from old jeans

In the twentieth century jeans wear all. But what to do if you have broken them somewhere, but throw out a pity. What can be done from Old jeans? A lot of things. Do not think that only skirt or short shorts can be made of old jeans.

Thanks to the denim, you can make changes to the interior, sew a toy, make a wedding or handbag. Founded such a fabric and in jewelry. Popular are a variety of seelings, hoops, bracelets, beads for the manufacture of which you can use old jeans.

Let’s start with the lungs

So, the most simple opportunity to give your jeans a new life is to make some shorts. To do this, you only need to cut off the pants at that altitude that suits you. Do not forget to handle edges. The processing method can also be different.

You can simply bent and strain, but you can make a fringe or decorate lace. Other decorations will be alike. As an option, you can sew a few stripes, which can be used in any sewing store.

What can be made of old jeans?Another option for the alteration of old jeans is the skirt. Here, too, cut off the required length. Then you need to break up all the seams located between the pants. Then cross the rear and front of the skirt.

Often in the process of transformation of jeans in the skirt use a variety of inserts from another fabric. Then the product becomes more original. If you have small stripes, you can put them on your pockets from behind – it will look very interesting.

If you have broken the shedron below the knee, that is, another option.

Here you are not Remier jeans in something completely different, and change their style. You have a hole just below the knee? It’s OK!

Take the scissors and cut the shed from the hole to the niza himself. Now you need to take a little cloth, it is desirable for several tones lighter, and insert between the cut edges so that it turns out cool.

On the inserted fabric you can put a lace or sew some lacing. So you will eliminate the annoying hole on your favorite jeans and get exclusive pants. In the event that jeans just swatched or fused, the problem is solved even easier. You can buy specialized paint for denim and paint in specialized stores and paint a specific place.

Can you change the color completely. It all depends on your imagination. Now let’s consider the most interesting opportunities to remake old jeans.

Bags of old jeans

Here we will look at two types of bags that can be made of old jeans – a small handbag for dinners (or cosmetic bag) and a large, very roomy bag with which you can even go to the supermarket.

So little handbag. For its manufacture you need a couple of old jeans, a thin strap from which we will make polls.

For the batch, you can also use denim fabric or strung on thick threads. Large beads. You can sew both manually and on the sewing machine.

And now a step-by-step instruction for the manufacture of this bag:

What can be made of old jeans?one. Cut about 40 centimeters of one pants below the knee;

2. Measure how the length of the strap will be the most convenient for you, and cut the desired length. It is desirable that the strap is with a buckle, then in the future it will be possible to adjust the size of the strap;

3. Remove the sliced ​​piece of denim inside out and process the edges;

4. The lower part of the bag hold the neat seam;

five. Now you can start sewing a train to the top of the bag. ATTENTION, on both edges of the trainers, it is recommended to let the zigzagovy seam, it will stop the spread of the fringe;

6. Do not forget to stick the lock or sew buttons.

And so, your little cosmetics is ready. Tips on the decoration we will not give you, here you can rely on your taste and do anything.

And now we will pay attention to the sewing of a big bag, which can also be used as an economic. In order to sew such a bag you will need: old jeans, threads, sewing machine and a little patience.

To begin with, we make a blank: cut off the part of jeans, which is above separation on the pants. In order for the fabric not frowning, treat the cut edges. Now you can sew bottom. Do not forget that it is necessary to sew from the inside.

After you catch the bottom, cut the two narrow strips from the remaining fabric and make the handles for your bag. Sew the resulting handles to a bag with an inside. Do not forget to laugh the castle. That’s all, your big shopping bag is ready.

How to sew covers from old jeans

If you have a huge number of old jeans at home, then you have an excellent Ability to sew Covered for armchair or sofa. To do this, you need denim fabric, lining fabric, thread, a lot of time and a huge desire.

What can be made of old jeans?Lining and denim fabric cut to the same square squares. The size of squares may be like you like, in this case it is not very important.

Now fold together 2 squares of the lining and denim fabric so that the lining is inside, and the denim cloth has closed it from two sides.

That is, you should get a kind of stack: jeans square, 2 square lining and again Jeans Square. Now step the resulting element of the bedspread.

The line must be about two centimeters from the edge.

The resulting edge you need to make a fringe. To achieve this goal, you can use all the remedies: you can chop finely finely, you can leave the brush for wool or come up with any other way. After the fringe of each element seems to be sufficient for you, proceed to stitching all fragments in one big beautiful bedspread. By the same principle you can make a carpet.

Interesting Denim Crafts

If you used most of the old jeans, but you have trimmed and pockets, you can make an organizer for storing all the little things. Make such an organizer is very simple. You need a one-piece piece of dense tissue on the basis of the organizer, several pockets, and strong threads. To begin with the edges of the fabric base, you can even decide their denim strips. Then neatly the junction of pockets. All your organizer is ready, you can hang it in a convenient place for you and put everything that wishes.

From denim, you can also make completely unique decorations. For example, in order to make an adorable necklace you need to have old jeans, a few beads with wide holes, a small piece of ribbon, special hot glue.

What can be made of old jeans?So, cut out a rectangular piece of denim and using hot glue, twist it into the tube. The resulting tube is cut into parts, about 1 centimeter height. These are the petals of our flower.

Now cut out an arbitrary piece of denim and glue her petals. Do not forget to enter in the middle of the bead flowers.

When the adhesive will dry, carefully cut free cloth around the flowers. To the edge of the fabric, enter the satin ribbon to which you can drive several beads at will.

So you got a stunning necklace, perfectly suitable for everyday style of clothing.

Everything told above is only a small part of what can be made of old jeans. So take your old jeans, plug the fantasy and create something new and absolutely unique. Good luck!

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