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What is a sweat and with what to wear


Want to stand out from the crowd? Then sweets – exactly what is missing in your wardrobe a variety of bright colors and cheerful prints will definitely make your life bright and colorful

Today, many of those interested in fashion girls have repeatedly seen on the modes of the models of the Sweatshirt. But for the uninitudinal, it’s all the strange word, whose value is not familiar to the general public. So let’s figure out what a sweatshot is.

What is a sweat and with what to wearIn fact, this item of the wardrobe borrowed some details at the jumpers, pullovers, sweaters and hoodies. Universal blouse, which looks great with almost any kind of trouser, jeans or skirts.

Interesting is the history of creating this detail of the wardrobe. Once upon a time, even twenties, the son of the owner of a small textile factory complained to his father that he was uncomfortable to train in a woolen sweater, because he was very warm and not absorbing moisture.

Thoughtful father whom, by the way, called Benjamin Russell, I decided to help my son and sewed him a hook of cotton fabric. That’s how the first sweat.

By the way, the name itself «Svitushot» appeared much later. Painted it so workers who massively made sweatshoes in the factory. As such clothes looked like a sweater, but it was like a light as a T-shirt, then these two words included a new name: «Sweater» and «shirt».

Distinctive signs of Svitushota

How to distinguish this piece of clothing from the rest. It turns out that there are five signs, thanks to which you can always find a sweatshirt on the shelves in the boutique. Here they are:

  • There are no any clashes, even decorative;
  • triangular insert that is under cut. Which is typical, the cutout must be rapid. Such a cutout variation was invented initially for convenience, and then a similar excavation became a distinctive characteristic of this type of clothing;
  • Raglan Sleeves. And here also affected the initial purpose. After all, the sports form should not have shy movements, including movements with hands. And Rellan is exactly what is needed in this case;
  • The edges of the cuffs and the bottom of the sweaters should be born with a rubber band or at least a corrugated cloth;
  • Sweets today are made of dense knitted fabric. It is also possible to use the fabric with it, but this is already a purely individual choice of each person in accordance with where he wants to wear a sweater.

Women’s sweatshirts

Do not think that the sweatshot is exclusively men’s clothing. Because if you look at, then you can see that in combination with some elements of the female wardrobe, the sweatshot looks very elegant and beautiful.

You can, for example, to remember very popular today Sweatwood with drawn donkeys. It seemed that such a special thing to draw several multicolored donuts on a blouse. But if you dress with this «blouse» Black pants or skirt, then such a print will add you elegance, and you will be highlighted among your peers.

What to wear a sweat? Well, on this occasion, you can only say one thing: with what you like and suitable for your figure. But several general recommendations still exist. First of all, narrow black pants fit perfectly.

What is a sweat and with what to wearThanks to the switcher of the casual and narrow trousers, you will look very sophisticated. You do not have to invent 1000 and 1 way to look better – this option will perfectly hide all your shortcomings in the right places.

Want to look original? Then wear together with a long skirt, you can even go to the floor. You can also create an image of a light fairy that does not rush to fly around the city, forcing everyone around to dug in admiration.

To do this, you just need to slowly go and put on a slight short-lived skirt, preferably from chiffon. She will give your image a stunning light and airiness.

It is worth paying attention to the most fashionable sweets this year. So, judging by the huge number of such models on world-famous model podiums, today the most popular sweatshoes are suchTo:

  • Print with a deer – from Givenchy;
  • Print «all-seeing eye» – OT Kenzo;
  • painting ornaments – from Peterpilotto.

As you can see, there are many options, the main thing is to determine which print will emphasize all the advantages, and hide disadvantages. So that good luck to you in search of your sweatshirt in boutiques.

Is it possible to sew a sweet?

Before sewing, you need to decide on the cloth. It is best for a sweatshirt such fabrics like a footer, cotton or knitwear. The main thing is that the fabric you choose was very pleasant to the body, did not steam and did not frown.

In general, you need to choose such a fabric that can look great on your figure.

In order to sew such a sweater you need about one and a half meters of fabric. In principle, there are three enough easy ways to sew a sweet.

  • The first option – using the sleeve-regulated:

What is a sweat and with what to wear

  • Second version – Sleeve Open-scan:

What is a sweat and with what to wear

  • And the third option is a swap sleeve:

What is a sweat and with what to wear

The original solution will also use two or more colors. After all, no one bothers you to create something your own, individual. Something that will help those around you to see your true mood.

So that you should not limit your own fantasy, use it in full force, and then you will have simply exclusive things. 

The first step in creating a sweatshirt will be the pattern. You can download an example from the Internet and adjust it under your figure.

What is a sweat and with what to wearOn the finished pattern, you need to cut the components of our future sweaters. Start sewing stands with side seams. Followed by them process the edges of the sleeves and sew them to the sweat.

Attention! Before closeing all the threads and sew everything is finally, it is better to simply shoot all the elements and measure the thing. Better at the very beginning to exclude the possibility of error in the pattern than then redoing the fully finished thing.

Last but you should handle the neck and sections on the shoulders. And so, a new sweatpool pleases you with your elegance and uniqueness!

We have dealt with what you need in order to choose a beautiful sweatshirt. Do not forget anyone bought or sewn the thing should be comfortable and excellent sitting. No need to buy things with thoughts that someday they will look at you very good.

Unfortunately, it «someday» may not come. Therefore, live today, please yourself and surrounding bright original images. And do not forget that you are beautiful and unique!

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