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Old jeans: throw it out, leave!


You have a lot of flaps from old jeans? Do not throw away! Old jeans you will be useful in patchwork. Create original things without spending not a penny

Each of us is at home there are at least one pair of old jeans. Where they fused where they broke out, but they can no longer be put on the street. And throw out a pity. One of the opportunities to give old jeans new life – Patchwork or patchwork sewing.

Old jeans: You can not throw out, leave!

Of course, a lot can sew Of the whole jeans, for example, skirt or greater shopping bag. But what to do with the remnants? It turns out that it is possible to sew no less stunning things.

Loskuts of denim in the interior are widely used. From pieces you can sew an unusual case for a chair or sofa. And the floor-covered lamp tider will add originality to your home.

In general, from old jeans on the technique of Patchworks can be sewn anything.

For example:

one. Bedspread or Purph Case;

2. Carpet from thin strips of denim;

3. Pillows;

4. Bags and cosmetics;

five. Covers for a diary, passport or even for a tablet;

6. Apron or slippers for home and much more.

If you live outside the city or you have a cottage, you can sew a small tent from the residues of denim. In the resulting house will play your children. You can also please the baby with a new jacket or pants using your old jeans.

For example, to sew a sarafan’s daughter to you can be enough one pants. And if you get bright elements from another fabric to the finished sundress, then this dress will be loved by your daughter.

What else to do with old jeans? Do you have a dog? Make her a gift – Sweese your old jeans. Your favorite can proudly walk along the street in the pants you made. If you have a kitty, make her original house, decorated with denim. By the way, due to the strength of the tissue, then you can make a leash or embelling carrying.

So, the ability to use old jeans, as well as the patchwork of denim, a great set. Let’s give more attention to the manufacture of skirts, blankets and some small products from old patchwork style jeans.

The second life of old jeans. Option 1: Skirt

You have some whole jeans and several separate slices of denim? From this all you will get a wonderful long skirt. So, for the manufacture of the skirt you need a pattern of paper, old jeans and denim cuts, threads and a sewing machine.

Old jeans: You can not throw out, leave!

Now from the top of jeans make a workshop for skirt. To do this, you need to cut off the pants at a suitable level for you and the inner seams.

Now you can proceed to cutting the elements of the bottom. Sizes of flaps can be of different lengths and shapes. The main thing is that they all are combined into one canvas for the niza skirt.

When all the flaps are cut, and you did not forget to process their edges, you can safely start sewing them to your finished top. In order for the skirt to seek even more original, you can use several buttons or buttons to decorate.

If you want, you can sew pockets or a few stripes – everything is in your hands. You can also cut a few more pieces of fabric and make a patchwork belt. Here we have a skirt!

The second life of old jeans. Option 2: Blanket

If you have a lot of flap, then why not try to make a blanket. To do this, you also need to stock threads and, of course, patience. So, first, cut the fabric to the same squares or triangles. Before cutting it would be nice schematically draw, how your blanket will look like.

Old jeans: You can not throw out, leave!After you have determined with the configuration of the flap and processed their edges, proceed to sew. Attention! When stitching, it should be left for approximately 1 – 1.5 centimeters. The cause of such sizes is the thickness and strength of denim.

The finished blanket looks very beautiful and can perform several functions: they can be covered, you can use it as a bedspread on a sofa or chair. Another way to use a blanket – land rug.

If you decide to sit somewhere in the park or near the river on Earth, it is better to take this blanket with me, and you definitely do not regret. Because of the strength and thickness, you will not sit cold on the ground near the reservoir.

Diverse products made of denim flaps

Previous options are undoubtedly good, but what to do if you have quite a bit of fabric. In this case, no skirt, nor the blanket sew. Dont be upset! But you have the opportunity to sew small pads on the sofa or a small bag clutch.

Let’s start with the pillow. So, you need residues from old jeans, threads and a sewing machine. Fabric flaps Cut strips, approximately the same width.

Old jeans: You can not throw out, leave!

If you have remnants from different jeans, then it is generally beautiful, since the next step is to cross the strokes together. But it is necessary to sew a special way: every next strip will be shifted to 4-5 centimeters.

Removing the fabric cut to vertical strips. In order to facilitate their work, you can first hold the line with a handle on the inside, and then cut them. The resulting strips are saved together. From the resulting fabric, spread the pillow. Such a decor element will definitely attract the attention of your guests, as well as create a unique atmosphere of home comfort.

Now we will sew a bag-clutch. You will need denim and lining fabric, threads, scissors, pieces of artificial leather and glue. From denim cut out the flap of any configuration, the main thing is that they all connect to one canvas. Then cut out the right form.

Make a lining for a bag. Then the arrival of the knob. Can make them from the fabric or use a piece of leather strap. Decorate the resulting bag-clutch can be in different ways. You can use pieces of artificial leather or stripes purchased in the store.

As you can see, make a lot of different interesting things from old jeans. You can change the interior, you can sew new clothes for all members of your family or come up with something your. It all depends on your imagination and the desire to create.

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