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Folk ways: how to wean a husband from drunkenness?


Folk Medicine in the fight against alcoholism. Tips and methods for treating alcohol dependence with herbs.

Folk ways: how to wean a husband from drunkenness?

Our wise ancestors since ancient times enjoyed the gifts of nature for the treatment of various diseases. For centuries from generation to generations, they transferred knowledge about the healing properties of plants and herbs. Drunkenness did not exception.

How to deal with alcohole? Folk recipes

In the people all natural Anti-agolator They are recognized very effective, but it is necessary to remember and understand that their careless use is fraught with patient with unpleasant consequences, since some plants contain sufficiently strong toxins. Overdose of poisonous infusion may end with serious poisoning.

In any case, before the treatment of patient with alcoholism, folk methods need necessarily Consult a narcologist with a doctor! An experienced doctor will adjust the treatment and may recommend the most effective modern medicines that will accurately help you. Here The most common and efficient folk remedies and methods for fighting drunkenness are:

  • Folk ways: how to wean a husband from drunkenness?

    It is believed that he treats alcohol dependence Broth of Zveroboy, After the adoption, which the patient in 10-15 days appears persistent disgust to alcohol. The decoction is preparing simply: Four tablespoons of crushed grass of the Hypericum pour half liters of boiling water and keep half an hour on a water bath. The decoction is taken by cooled to breakfast and lunch – twice a day.

  • You can also deal with alcoholism using ragger on crude oats. In order to prepare a decoction, it is necessary to fill a large saucepan (no less than 3 l) oats in the husk, then pour oats to the top with water and boil on a small fire about half an hour. The decoction merge and add 100 g of calendula flowers into it, after which they wrap the decoction into something very warm and insist 10-12 hours. Then the decoction is filtering and give it to the patient 3 times a day before the meal.
  • In addition, you can give an alcoholic to drink mint drops. Infusion is preparing like this: a teaspoon of dry crushed leaf of peppermint pour a glass of vodka. Give the brave a week. Then add 20 drops of tincture into a glass of cold water and let me drink drunk.
  • Folk ways: how to wean a husband from drunkenness?

    Determined positive effect possesses Gorky almonds. Let’s give a spouse 4-5 cores of bitter almond before each admission of alcohol. After a while, almonds will cause disgust for alcohol.

  • Loosen the thrust to the alcohol can cause a decoction. The patient must be given to drink a glass of vodka, pre-infused for two weeks on the root of the Lovel and Laurel sheet. Broth causes vomiting and subsequent disgust to alcohol.
  • Equally effective I Next way: Take 1 part of the wormwood bitter, 1 part of the gold cowner, and 1 part of the thyme. Next, 3 tablespoons of this mixture pour a glass of boiling water, well shook and insist about 2 hours, and then strain. Ready infusion Let’s take a patient 4 times a day on a tablespoon.
  • Favorable effect is provided Infusion of grass Chablasta. Take 15 g of the Grass Cabinet, pour it with one glass of boiling water and insist 15 minutes. Take infusion you need 1 tablespoon 3 times a day. The chamber in combination with alcohol causes a nausea reaction, which makes it possible to successfully apply it for the treatment of patients with chronic alcoholism.
  • It is believed that the next helps tincture. Take the pumpkin seeds, clean them in the volume of one glass and grind in a coffee grinder or blender. The next step is filled with chopped seeds with vodka and insist for one week. Tincture give a patient who should drink it in several approaches. The effect of the tincture is as follows: it causes disgust for alcohol.
  • Folk ways: how to wean a husband from drunkenness?

    With the fob, it will be wonderful decoction roots sorrel curly. To make it cooking, you need to take one tablespoon of roots sorrel curly and pour her glass of boiling water. Boil the resulting mixture for 5 minutes in a closed dish. Insist the decoction of three hours, without raising the covers, after which you can take it 6 times a day on 1 tablespoon.

  • Aversion to alcohol cause tincture on a noble laurel sheet. Lovel treatment – Verified folk remedy. In a glass with vodka, it is necessary to put several sheets of laurels and its root. Vodka must insist on a laurel sheet of at least two weeks. A glass of finished tincture should cause an alcoholic with a resistant intolerance to the alcohol in general.
  • For the treatment of alcoholism use Fruits Anisa ordinary, ripening. Brew one teaspoon of seeds in 200 g boiling water, insist 20 minutes and let’s drink a sick of a quarter cup to eating 3-4 times a day.
  • Folk ways: how to wean a husband from drunkenness?

    Craving for drinking reduces red pepper tincture. Take a tablespoon of red powder powder, insist Pepper 2 weeks in 500 ml of 60% alcohol. In each liter of drinking it is necessary to add 2-3 drops of this tincture.

  •  Disgusted with alcohol can be caused by adding to vodka, if you wish, the patient wander, a small amount Tincture of the roots of the puppeteer (Lobel’s bells) – no more than one teaspoon to cause nausea, but not vomiting. Need to be careful, it is impossible to overdo it. Can be made of indoor roots. Fill 1 teaspoon of dry shredded roots of half cups boiling water and insist 1 hour. Wear ready-made decoction 3 times a day 2 drops in food or drinking a patient without his knowledge. You can give daily rate and at one time. As a result, the intake of alcohol will cause vomiting. If vomiting does not appear, then the dose can be increased to 5 drops 3 times a day. Store infusion in the refrigerator.

Another folk remedy in the fight against drunkenness

Doctors believe that Alcohol addiction is explained by the disadvantage of potassium in the body. Rich source of potassium is honey. Abroad even developed

Folk ways: how to wean a husband from drunkenness?

Interesting method of treating drunkenness with honey. The patient takes 6 teaspoons of honey, after 20 minutes another 6 spoons and after 20 minutes as much as much. That is within an hour of the patient eats 18 spoons of honey. After 2 hours of break, the treatment continues – the patient gets even three times of 6 spoons of honey every 20 minutes. After that, the patient must be put to sleep until the morning.  In the morning he again gives 3 doses of honey for 6 teaspoons every 20 minutes. And then you can have breakfast. For dessert – 4 more spoons of honey. If a man has a given treatment, a person withstands, then he will no longer want to drink. This technique is good because the treatment of the patient can be started even when it is in a severe stage of intoxication.

There are softer folk ways to combat drunkenness. For example, it is useful to give an alcoholic in large quantities Berries Fresh Barberry Fruits, Drink Barbaris Juice, Raspberry Berries, Sour Apples. Reception of all these products suppresses thrust to alcohol.

Take care of your loved ones and be healthy!

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