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Husband drinks. What should wife? How to help?


Alcoholism in the family. Drinking husband: what to do? What are the methods of treating alcoholism? How to cope with the husband’s alcoholism?

Husband drinks. What should wife? How to help?

You so often began to feel the liquor-vodkambre and observe the body resting in the corridor, which in the morning turns into a shabby creation with a dim view. A set of individual qualities of his beloved spouse was replenished with inexplicable aggression, quick-tempered, demand, irritable pupil and many others, to whom as «lucky». Find out?

Why does alcohol dependence arise?

Not one family happiness turned out to be at the bottom of the bottle. If, like on trouble, your husband Yaro addicted to drinking, then often one folk remedies from drunkenness, Yes, conspiracies will not cost. Often, widowed in drunk relatives (father, grandfather), women repeat the behavior of mothers, and project their misfortunes on their lives, becoming a patient victim and patient.

Husband drinks. What should wife? How to help?

Immediately it is worth noting that the result from your sobs, requests and reproaches will be the same as from the sincere film: he looked at, she was touched and forgotten, and how the pipes tanned – His trace was heated. So overtake your nerves.

Let’s figure it out better what pushes her beloved to the glass? What does he give birth to him? Try to ask him this question. In response, you will hear about this:

  • I am sad, sad;
  • The world is unfair and tougy and I can not find myself in it;
  • I exhaust at work;
  • He celebrated the holiday of the summer solstice, which I celebrate from birth;
  • I relax so much.

Prevention measures of alcoholism

So, to protect your spouse from green Zmia Try:

  1. Do not give debts instead;
  2. Do not buy home alcohol;
  3. Do not smolden over it in the morning, trying to heal from the hangover;
  4. Do not cry and not argue, not cling to trifles, but to talk clearly about what exactly you do not like and what exactly you care about what can be done to change it;
  5. It is not necessary to humiliate the spouse, contact him disrespectful, because in this case the intelligent and fruitful conversation will not come out – the husband will immediately go into the protection mode;
  6. It is not necessary to pull the glass from him, the bottle and pour into the sink – will not help, just get out;
  7. Do not attempt to cross it drunk – try to influence it only when it rubs;
  8. If what is happening at home causes you anger, discontent and desire to roll the scandal, then urgently evacuate yourself from the apartment – fuck and go to the theater, movie or do something that has been scheduled for a long time;
  9. Do not divide the bottle with him yourself! If you sit down a bitter share together, then you never achieve a positive effect;
  10. It is worth clearly understood that your sobs, tears, criticism, expressed with offend, sarcasm, anger, pain, disgrave – are practically useless in a conversation with an alcoholic. In the event that the spouse gets drunk «in firewood», The next day, I do not remember anything, try to shoot it on video. It is verified that this method can be achieved positive effect. Often the victims of the Green Zmia make a decision to be treated with specialists only after they see on a video flashlight what they did yesterday that they got out and how disgusting were.

Statistics say that most loving wives when the drunken husband appears to do the following:

  • move it on the bed;
  • wash the spouse;
  • change his clothes and underwear;
  • Clean «Bubbles» and other consequences of drunken gatherings.

Dear women, if the next day you want to pretend that nothing was not, then remove all the traces of drinking. And if you want to get a positive result, then let him in the morning sees the consequences of his disgrace in complete magnificence. Do not forget to provide your favorite video with evidence. Silent horror and shock.

Medicine in the fight against alcoholism

Husband drinks. What should wife? How to help?

So, you have already understood that if the spouse is firmly «Obdated», it is almost impossible to re-educate it! He will be able to re-educate only when he admits himself: «I’m an alcoholic», And he wants to slow down. Help in this can the idea that his beloved wife will soon leave that he stopped to be someone interesting and people do not perceive him seriously. The main thing is that the desire to change to his beloved came without any coercion, because in the case of your pressure, the result will be short and low, moreover, an irritated spouse will have a sense of hostility to you. Why do you need such an effect if it does not make you?

In this case, help him can medicine:

  • cleansing;
  • encoding;
  • Psychiatrist doctors, psychotherapists;
  • Medical preparations;
  • hiking in the temple;
  • Support for loved ones and relatives.

Psychotherapeutic coding

Read more coding. Alcoholism coding is directed to delivered the patient from thrust to alcohol, psychological dependence on alcohol and blocking the possibility of receiving alcohol for a long time.

Today in medicine there are two types of coding methods from drunkenness: Psychotherapeutic and drugs.

Husband drinks. What should wife? How to help?

Psychotherapeutic Methods are used to influence the subconscious of a person with the help of psychotherapeutic techniques or hypnosis in order to cause a patient a disgust for alcohol. As a result of these procedures, the patient will disappear every desire to try alcohol. These methods are recognized by the most gentle. They are used to patients prone to suggestion and previously not coded from alcoholism.

The following types of psychotherapeutic coding from drunkenness are widely known and practiced:

  • Coding According to the method of Dovzhenko. This method programms the psyche of the patient to refuse alcoholic beverages, corrects the patient’s violations of the patient’s violations and creates an installation for a subsequent sober life. The method is completely safe, effective, does not cause side effects. It is especially effective in the treatment of the initial stage of alcohol dependence;
  • Hypnosuggestive psychotherapy, When the patient is introduced into the trance and under hypnosis, he gets an installation on the refusal of alcohol. The disadvantage of this method is that it will not have long;
  • Reconstructive psychotherapy, When a patient has a poor attitude towards alcohol as something disgusting and disgusting;
  • Conditional and reflex psychotherapy Binds the admission of alcohol with painful sensations. Nervous system «remembers» This «Bond» and forms a negative attitude to alcoholism and drunkenness.

Medication coding

Husband drinks. What should wife? How to help?

Medical methods – the strongest methods of influencing the patient. They use a variety of drugs that are neutral under standard conditions for the body. However, when using alcohol, these drugs interact with alcohol and form a toxic substance that in a special way acts on the patient’s body and causes vomiting, chest pain, cramps, headaches, and t. NS. up to death. On the meaning of procedure and possible consequences for the body after taking alcohol, the patient must be warned by a doctor.

For medication coding from alcohol, there are three groups of drugs:

  • Preparations that do not allow alcohol, however, not blocking thrust to alcohol;
  • Drugs blocking alcohol and reduce the desire to drink;
  • Preparations with antidepressive activity, blocking the ability of the patient to use alcohol and eliminating «cray».

During drug coding, patient needs permanent under the supervision of a doctor. This is explained by the fact that the physiological conditions caused by alcohol intake during the use of the described drugs can be life-threatening.

The coding method for each patient is selected by the attending physician individually and carefully, since the correctness of the selected method directly affects the favorable treatment result.

For encoding from alcoholism, it is necessary to comply with the following conditions:

  1. Voluntary consent of the patient on the passage of coding with a certain method;
  2. Absence in the patient Alcoholic intoxication During a certain period (the abstinence period ranges from one day with medication coding and up to two weeks with psychotherapeutic);
  3. Absence in the patient lesions and diseases internal systems and organs;
  4. Lack of mental diseases and diseases accompanied by feverish state.

It should be remembered that the coding from drunkenness does not mean healing from it. Coding helps the patient can not drink alcohol and do not feel thrust to alcohol only during the established coding period.Encoded to some extent becomes even harder, as it deprives himself to relax in the usual way. Often he is impatiently waiting for the end of the coding period to take up the bottle again. In the event of a breakdown, re-coding is almost ineffective, so it is very important to try to change the patient’s consciousness, his views and opinion about alcohol during coding. For this, after coding with the patient, it is necessary to carry out psychotherapeutic work, in order to understand it for himself that alcohol is poison and evil.

Rehabilitation centers

In Russia, there are a large number of rehabilitation centers for assistance to alcohol-dependent. Many of them are centers based in Orthodox communities and monasteries. Let us give a list of the most famous Russian centers:

  • Orthodox rehabilitation center «Unfortunate Bowl» in the Volgograd region. The center has been operating since 1998 with the Kremensky-Voznesensky monastery. Its patients are both men and women. Hospital is designed for 100 people. The rehabilitation of patients is underway: «Long-term isolation with a religious bias», which includes the work of psychologists with alcohol-dependent, sports, labor events, insertion, and participation in various church sacraments. This course is designed for half a year.
  • Rehabilitation center «Ascetic» For drug addicts, alcoholics and gamers. Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk region. The centerpiece is intended for men and has been acting since 2001 at the temple of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. The rehabilitation course is designed for a year. Maximum capacity center – 25 people. In order to get to the treatment at the Center, you must first come to a consultation. Rehabilitation of patients includes the acquisition of the skills of the life of an Orthodox person. Day mode is similar to the monastery: reading morning and evening prayers, work obedience, reading of Orthodox spiritual literature.
  • Deligious Orthodox Center in the Krasnodar Territory. In the center there is a rehabilitation of alcohracdeable and Narkomanov. Hospital is designed for 30 places for men. Rehabilitation includes participation in church sacraments, conversations with priesthood, labor obedience (plumbing workshops, construction, utility farm). The rehabilitation course is designed for six months.
  • Interregional Public Movement in support of family sobriety clubs. Moscow and Moscow region.
    Family clubs sobriety have been operating since 1992.
    Applied an outpatient form of assistance. Working with patients is carried out according to the methodological principles of the socio-ecological approach Vladimir Hudolin and the spiritual and oriented dialogue of Tamara Florena. Meetings of all family club sobriety are held once a week. Usually all family members take part in the conversations. The rehabilitation program includes advisory and psychological assistance to qualified psychotherapists and psychologists, conversations with a priesthood, prayers in front of the icon of the Mother of God «Unfortunate Bowl, Sports Holidays. In addition, the Theater Studio, Choir, Chorus, Kininelub.
    The effectiveness of family sobriety clubs is more than 70%, subject to regular visits. Attending the club is possible after a preliminary recording and consulting with a specialist.

Dear women, you so often plunge into the problem of the spouse that you stop noticing how you yourself become aggressive and dark, and your drooping views and complaints are fighting back from other people a hunt to communicate with you. Stop out yourself, start with yourself and review your behavior, and then try to find an effective decision. And let the problem of drunkenness never touches you and your families. Be healthy and happy!

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