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The child has a sick spine or injury: what to do?


Where to apply if a child has an injury or pathology of the spine? Professor Vissarion will help!

The child has a sick spine or injury: what to do?

We all want our children healthy and happy. See how child is sick and suffers, absolutely unbearable, especially if we do not know how to help him. This happens with the diseases of the back or injury of the spine. In this article we will consider the problem: «What to do if the child has a sick spine or injury?»

Having learned about the diagnosis of the child should be tried to stop panic and do not succumb to despair. Properly selected treatment gives an excellent result with congenital and acquired pathologies of the spine, such as lordosis, kyphosis, scoliosis and others.

The child’s body is continuously developing and can easily «grow» Even the most complex diseases, it is necessary to help him in this just a little. Sometimes the treatment of congenital deformities of the spine and some acquired pathologies may be simple and to enter into fisotherapy and wearing a special corset. It is worth remembering, however, what «Easy» It did not seem for you the appointed treatment, it is impossible to ignore it. On time not cured pathology of the spine will not pass without a trace, but may cause new serious diseases, for example, deformations of the internal organs.

A more complex treatment of spinal deformities is a surgical operation (a number of operations), the installation of special corrective metal structures, and the subsequent rehabilitation period under the supervision of doctors. Such treatment will most likely stretched in time, and can last for several years. This is also not fear.  Exist «Golden Rule»: The sooner the treatment of the spinal pathology in a child begins, the more successful it will. In many children born with back pathologies, even the most severe surgical interventions held under the age of 1 year are successful and in the future do not remind themselves.

But often, life turns out to be unpredictable, and healthy, well-developed, physically active child gets injury to the spine in the process of sports, fights, accidents or just unsuccessful fall. The situation is tragic, but, in most cases, corrected. The most effective treatment in such a situation is emergency surgical intervention, conducted within a few hours after injury. Research confirmed the advantage of an immediate operation on the spine to passive treatment in the form of corsets and massages. The latter will speak as part of the rehabilitation process after surgical treatment.

Where to seek help?

If your child has diagnosed congenital or accepted spinal pathology or spinal injury, it is important that an experienced doctor you trust, starting treatment as quickly as possible.

Professor Vissarionov

In St. Petersburg in FSU «Nidoi named. G.AND.Turner» For many years, Dr. Sergey Vistinovich Vissarionov, who heads the department of spine and neurosurgery. Sergey Valentinovich is treated for the help of parents of adolescents and children from all regions of Russia and neighboring countries. Professor Vissarion has already put hundreds of small patients with the most complex diseases and spinal injuries. You can ask a question to a professor or sign up for a consultation by phone: (8-812) 318-54-25 Detailed information about professor you can find on its website – WWW.Wissarionov.Ru

The child has a sick spine or injury: what to do?

Federal Children’s Damage Damage and Spinal Brain

On the basis of separation of the pathology of the spine and neurosurgery of FSU “Nidoi named.G.AND.Turner” working Federal Children’s Damage Damage and Spinal Brain. A team of highly professional neurosurgeons and orthopedic traumatologists of the Federal Children’s Center will provide round-the-clock advisory and surgical assistance to children and teenagers with damage to the spine and spinal cord. Phones of the Center: Phone: +7 (812) 318-54-25, 465-42-94, + 7-921-755-21-76.

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