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What to do if the child often sick? Tips Mamam


Often a sick child – causes of pain and ways to strengthen the immune system, temper the baby. What to do if the child often sicks – reviews and advice of experienced mothers

What to do if a child often sick

There is nothing worse for parents than a pretty baby. Look at the suffering child is unbearable, especially if the child is sick constantly and instead of games with walks, he sees a thermometers and medicine. What causes the causes of frequent child diseases, and how to change this situation?

Why a child often sick? External and internal factors

What to do if a child often sick

As a rule, a often ill child parents treat from respiratory diseases and bronchitis. The most susceptible to such rows children under three years and kids of kindergarten age. Barely kroic gets better and returns to the usual social circle as runny nose and cough appear again. What are the causes of frequent diseases?

Internal factors of frequent diseases of the child:

  • Immaturity of the immune system, Breath organs, the body as a whole.
  • Heredity (predisposition to respiratory diseases).
  • Problems during pregnancy and childbirth. As a result – bad Adaptation of the child to the effects of the external environment, violations in the body.
  • Manifestations Allergies.
  • Chronic diseases in respiratory organs.

External child pain factors:

What to do if a child often sick
  • Neglect of parents with the right departure Behind the child (regimen, physical education, hardening).
  • Early Visiting kindergarten.
  • Artificial feeding At an early age and illiterate further nutritional organization.
  • Passive smoking in intrauterine and subsequent periods.
  • Frequent, uncontrolled drug use. This is in extremely concerned antibiotics.
  • Bad environmental atmosphere in the city, terrain.
  • Antisanitary conditions In the apartment (non-compliance with hygiene, pollution of the premises).

The child often ill. What to do?

What to do if a child often sick

Kids who often sick need not only in competent treatment, but, first of all, in constant Preventing colds:

  • Rational balanced diet, including fruits, berries and vegetables.
  • Massage courses chest and shared massage. From two to four two-week courses during the year.
  • Hardening.
  • Treatment Immunostimulating drugs (after the doctor’s advice).
  • Regular Medical examination.
  • The elimination of games and classes that enthusiave the overexcitation and strong fatigue of the child, as well as the elimination of stressful situations.
  • What to do if a child often sick

    Increase sleep time for one hour, Plus day sleep (rest) in a pre-worn room.

  • Medical and Improvement Physical Culture (Freshwear Walking, Gymnastics).
  • Physiotherapy (climatotherapy, heliotherapy, balneotherapy, etc.).

Inhalation using essential oils. For seasonal prevention of colds and influenza, inhalations with essential oils are recommended.  It has been proven that essential oils have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, contributing to the prevention of development of sharp respiratory infections. Such oils include: juniper, eucalyptus, carnation oil, mint, wingrin and caudo. Specialists recommend combining them to achieve maximum prophylactic effect. Recently, more and more drugs appear, as part of which there are essential oils. The most popular funds include «Blue oil», combining the essential essential oils protecting cold and flu. The drug destroys viruses and harmful bacteria in the air, significantly reducing the risk of ORVI.

How to improve child immunity? Recommendations

What to do if a child often sick
  • Organize baby healthy Full nutrition. Exclude all products with preservative dyes, lemonade, crackers and chewing chips.
  • Do not allow overwork kid.
  • Limit trips in public transport.
  • Take the weather on the weather. No need to go too kid.
  • Try not to walk with a child in places of cluster of people in the period of high growth in the incidence of viral infections.
  • After a walk Rinse the crumbs of nose, Wechite throat. Before walking, smear the nose oxolina oxoline mucous.
  • Timely Survey the child from Laura, In order to avoid the transition of the disease in the chronic stage.
  • Make sure that the familiar family members wore masks and in contact less with the child.
  • Do not start the crumbs cold, Start the treatment in a timely manner.
  • Stimulate biologically active points in the kid footsteps through Bosiki walking (on grass, pebbles, sand). In winter, you can walk barefoot at home, putting my socks.
  • Regularly (if possible), take the child to the sea. If the financial situation does not allow such trips, buy rounded pebbles in the pet store (pebbles). They need to be pouring boiled warm water with the addition of vinegar drops. The baby must walk three times a day by such «Beach» For five minutes.
  • Strengthen the immunity to the child through multivitamin complexes.
  • Necessarily Observe the day of the day.

Strengthening the child’s immunity – folk remedies

What to do if a child often sick

If the kid robbed another cold, do not rush to return to work. All the money will not earn anyway, and the child’s body must grasp after the disease (usually it takes about two weeks). What means you can enhance the immunity of the kid?

  • Rose hip. Decoration of rosehip can be replaced by all drinks of Chad, with the exception of milk. You can drink decoction in any quantity. With caution – with kidney disease.
  • Garlic with honey. Agent for children from ten years. Skip the head of purified garlic through the meat grinder, mix with honey (one hundred g), insist a week. Apply on a teaspoon in the process of food three times a day. Contraindication – Food Allergies.
  • Chamomile tea, coltsfoot, lime color.
  • Freshly squeezed juices.
  • Decoration of figs (two or three berries) in milk.
  • Vitamin mix. A half a glass of raisin, a glass of walnuts, a crystal of two lemons, Almond Fullack – through a meat grinder. Mix, squeeze the juice of the remaining lemons, add half a cup of honey. Interest two days, take before meals, in a pair of tea spoons three times a day.
  • What to do if a child often sick

    Bran. Boil a glass of water with a tablespoon of bran (rye, wheat), stirring, boil for more forty minutes. Add Calendula Flowers (1 Art.L.), boil another five minutes. After cooling, strain and put honey (teaspoon). Drink four times a day, before taking food, fourth cup.

  • Cranberry with lemon. A couple of lemons and kilo cranberries skip through a meat grinder, add honey (glass), mix. Take with tea three times a day, on the tablespoon.

What to do if the child often sick? Tips for experienced mothers:

Svetlana: Immunity need to be raised only by natural means. We tried colloidal silver, Siberian Fir (practically natural antibiotic) and a drug based on chlorophyll. Helps. Earlier we went to the garden, then two sick. Now much less often be chained this infection. But we approached the question of complex – in addition to drugs, meals, mode, hardening, everything is very strictly and strictly.

Olga: Children need to start hardening in the summer, and only on the system. As for frequent colds: We also sick-sick, angry, then guessed to take a picture of the nose. It turned out, hymoritis. Cured and stopped sick so often. And from media strengthening immunity, we use honey (in the morning, on an empty stomach, with warm water), bow-garlic, dried fruits, etc.

Natalia: The main thing is to take care of children from antibiotics. More vitamins, positive in the life of a child, walks, travel – and treated so often do not have to. From drugs that increase protective forces, I can note Ribominyl.

Lyudmila: I consider colloidal silver with the best tool! Effective for more than six hundred types of viruses and bacteria. In general, feed the breast longer. Mother Milk – Best Immunostimulator! And after already you can and Anaferon, and Activityl, and the Barschi Fat. Still drank bioaron and aromalamps used. Well, plus physiotics of different, vitamins, oxygen cocktails, rosehip, etc.

Anna We have the causes of low immunity were in the gastrointestinal tract. First we cleaned the body enterosgel, then – antiparazit program (garlic, papaya and set of herbs Pharmacy number seven – within a month). Further probiotics. In general, everything is harmless, natural. And most importantly – we stopped sick often.

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