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How to sew pants – the tailor itself


Rules that you should know before you take to sew pants. How to sew female wide pants on the sides and in the belt? How to sew pants jelly? How to sew pants down?

Probably many familiarize the situation when you need Seam pants and the machine sewing it seems to eat, and the hands grow out of the right place, and the skills are missing? You can, of course, ask for help in atelier, but why then this room is! «Singer» or «Janome»? Of course, no one argues, it’s more difficult to sew pants than a skirt or dress, but it is quite possible, the main thing, follow our recommendations.

How to put the pants? 

How to sew pants - the tailor itselfIt’s only at first sight, it seems that pants on the sides and in the belt to take. But here there are a number of nuances. The main nuance is to be taken to sew pants, you can not less than two sizes. Otherwise, you can skewed the trousers and spoil the model.

If you see that you need to sew more, it means that the full undertaking can not be avoided. That is, the cutting on the seams, impose new patterns and make the pattern under them. Therefore, it costs soberly to assess your strength, and to avoid damage to the product, consider the option of putting the trouser in the studio. 

The second nuance is to sew a pants at the same time on all seams: rear, side and inner. note! Severy only on the outer, we will be able to remove the excess fabrics from the hips, and not the whole size. That is, when the product is your size, but it sits bad on the hips, because there is not enough volume. 

Before taking the scissors and needle in the hands, first the product should be turned inside out and put on yourself. Recote the places where the model sits imperfect. Then sweep manually and try on the front side. If you have seen satisfying – you can shoot the machine seam. 

If the pants are a bit wide, you do not need to hurry and rather to leave the side seam. First, try on pants, barn outdoor seams, and move a little in them, sneeze. If you feel that they are «pulling», Most likely, the inner line is required to redo. 

But in any case, before you take for a typewriter, at the beginning trying on the pants and accurately determine where it will take to clean the surplus. It’s just the case when they say «Seven times fatten, one – a downgrade». 

How to sew wide pants in the belt and sides? 

There are several ways that can Lead pants In the belt, select one of them: 

  • To sew only side folds; 
  • To sew by making shading; 
  • Remove excess fabric, embarking the middle seam; 

Below step by step description Seam pants 1-2 sizes in the belt, processing the middle seam: 

  • At first, expand the bond, then the belt and cut it in half (rear). Next, disperse the finishing line on the average seam (on the Pope). Then the seam itself is seamless; 
  • Then the surplus is removed on the belt. It is stitched, on average seam restores a decorative line and loan on the belt. 

How to sew pants only on sides? 

  • The product is also put on inside out and in front of the mirror are measured by all excess fabrics, on the hips, pope and on the pants; 
  • Then make temporary lines on one pant one and again try the product, comparing both pants; 
  • If it is not necessary, it’s all right, then again remove the pants, write out unnecessary lines on them, then all sew on the outlined lines. In order to save the model, the stake is required from all seams of the same – internal and external;
  • Again fitting. If everything suits, then the trousers are smoothed, extraxidation and edges are cut off. 

How to Select Women’s Pants Clasp? 

Sometimes pants are sitting at the top perfectly, but I do not suit you down at the bottom.

And it’s not just a mud, which is now smaller, sometimes you want to appreciate and the usual straight model: 

  • How to sew pants - the tailor itselfIt starts all, as usual, with fitting. We put inside out the product and tailor pins temper the extra. Everything is done on one pant. It is measured on the fabric from both seams, the same distance; 
  • We remove the pants and the knead of blacks with the highest punk point down smooth (straight, or narrowing) line;
  • Then we combine both pants and with one to another also pins transfer the line of the new line. We carry out a trim line and on the second trousers; 
  • We stitched manually, make fitting. If the line lines arranges, then we cut the extension fabric, at a distance from the seam in 1 centimeter and spend the pants; 
  • Iron pants and overlock edges. 

How to sew pants down? 

It will be easier to take advantage of a chopstick in the form of tailor adhesive tape. For this, the bend line is first determined. Then excess fabric cut off. Leave you need from 1 to 2.5 centimeters. After, the bend line is fixed with iron.

Further, the tape is inserted into it, it is possible to invest in parts and each part is fluttered from the wrong. After the ribbon is fixed, make a circular line to the pants, otherwise, during washing, it may turn out. 

There is a way without a ribbon. On it we again determine the length of the finished product. We leave the stack on the seam from 1 centimeter and cut off too much. The edge to overlocate or coat, and then from the wrong side we make a locking line on the typewriter. 

Rules to sew 1-2 size pants

There are basic rules that should be adhered to, suturing pants. And do you really remove the size or glue: 

  • Not all styles can be converted; 
  • Use with a regular home wash; 
  • The mark is made on white threads, as it does not learn; 
  • How to sew pants - the tailor itselfIf not «Overloca», Treat edges «Zigzag» Or use a special nozzle called «Overlock foot»; 
  • Sew spets need from above; 
  • If there are decorative seams on the pants, such as on jeans, then even the inner lines are packed with the same stitch length as decorative; 
  • Do not forget at the end of the product. 

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the question how to sew even wide pants trousers. The main thing is not to rush. As long as the final line is not made and the excess fabric is not cut off, you will always have the opportunity to relax threads and merge in a new way. Successful sewing.

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