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How to sew wide pants?


How to sew pants in the waist and sides? How to sew pants in width? What you need in order to sew pants

Good pants, like any other clothes, should emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws of the figure. Unfortunately, ready-made things are not always perfect on us sit, something has to finish independently.

If you are interested in how to sew too wide pants, then recommendations and tips can be found in this article.

We erupt my pants correct

How to sew wide pants?Before you take the case, you need to really appreciate your capabilities. If you do everything according to the rules, in principle, there is nothing complicated in the stub. You just need to know how to scribble on the sewing machine or at least well own needle.

In addition, it is recommended to sew pants independently not more than 2 sizes. If there is no confidence in your abilities, it is better to immediately attribute the product in the studio, because it is always harder to correct than to do first.

Strongly wide pants are recommended to select from two sides at once: from sides and step by step. This will help to avoid the appearance of distortions and «superfluous» fold. Usually this technique is used to reduce the width of the hips.

To resize the belt, you can use several options:

  • Remove excess in the side folds;
  • Remove excess in the middle seam or shading;
  • Make new shading or folds;
  • Crop too much.

In the last version of the belt will have to ship. Another way, alter a button or zipper. Everything will depend on the model of trousers and your skill.

Sequence of work when changing the width of the pants

How Seam pants? Perform this job more convenient together. Rather, the assistant will need only at the first stage. The whole process can be divided into 4 steps.

The first one is the most responsible: defining areas requiring stake. For this, pants turn inside out and wear on the one who will be in the future. Next, determine which spaces require stake. With the help of a needle and light threads make the backlight, removing excess millimeters on the sides.

The second step is to break the seams in the places of future stake. Do it need it very carefully. On some tissues there may be holes from removed threads. It is more convenient to use a special disparaner if it is not, then a sharp blade or manicure scissors will fit. Seams dissolve a little further marked segment.

In some cases it makes sense to dissolve the staff along the entire length. If you need to sew pants not only on the sides, all seams have to break. After that, if you need to delete more than 1 cm, it is better to put marks with a shallow or dry soap and trim, leaving 0.5 cm on the seam and the mark.

How to sew wide pants?Third step – collect your pants. To do this, leisure them according to the marked lines. Try nowhere not to push. Stitches must be infrequent, but also often. Do not make them too big, it will be inconvenient to try.

After the surrender, put the trousers and see again, whether everything was removed, there is no extra folds. Try sitting to make sure the pants do not pull and you are comfortable.

At the last stage, pants are striking the mark on the line and processed on Overlock. After that, extra threads are drawn, the tips are tied to the seams not disperse. It remains to stroke and you can safely say that you know how to sew pants in width.

Now we’ll figure it out how to appreciate the waist.

Waist reduction methods (belt)

How to sew pants in the waist? It all depends on the type of belt. It is easiest to deal with the belt on an elastic band, here and you don’t need to wise – they tightened even and all. If it is wide, strokes with several lines and stretched, it is necessary to resort the seam from the sides. Between the lines, draw additional elastic bands using the pin.

If the belt is sewn from above, and the pants are wide in the waist, you can try to pull them off the sides, making additional seams there. This method is suitable if you need to clean a little and unnecessary just falls on the sides. In other cases, it is desirable to disrupt the belt.

After separating the belt from the trousers, it will be possible to reduce the volume of the waist due to the increase in the existing extracits, laying new and supersaturation. Everything will depend on style. If the model goes on the figure, then it is more appropriate to increase the size of the shading. To do this, first outset on top of the old, as you need to remove, and then push.

How to sew wide pants?Wide pants erect as follows. Belt shake up, clean with sides. The top of the pants pass the corresponding seam and slightly suck until the desired size. Try to the folds are uniformly. Remember both parts together and try. If everything is fine, we have shifted on the typewriter.

In the fitted model, after fitting the reell belt, you can reduce the volume by laying a couple more. They must be placed symmetrically and be absolutely the same. This will require accuracy in measurements and accuracy when desirable. Try on if everything is fine, then do the final seam and state.

Herself or atelier

Try first just remove a little from the sides, without breaking the seams. If you want to fully download pants, always start on top, smoothly repeating the existing lines. And do not be afraid to experiment, proceed and encircle, if everything is fine, row.

As you can see, nothing terrible. We just need to have a desire and do not rush. If you understand how to properly sew pants on the sides, you can safely take for more serious clothes repairs.

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