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How many sizes can be sewn pants?


How to sew pants down and hips? How to sew men’s pants, make them size less? How to sew pants jelly? Is it possible to dew pants yourself

Whether the size is not so picked up, the trills looked suddenly, but sooner or later we are faced with the need to sew pants. And the first question: «Do it yourself or carry a product in atelier?».

How many sizes can be sewn pants?The answer to it depends on your desire, material opportunities and portno skills. Rather, the latter should be perceived as the ability to keep a needle and scissors, and a little understand the machine line. And what and how to do – read below!

How to reduce pants?

How do men’s pants?

The algorithm for reducing the width of pants and for men, and for female products the same:

  • The product is trying on;
  • Celebrate wide places;
  • Dispense;
  • Unnecessary cut;
  • Parts of the trousers are estimated;
  • Measure and if necessary, customize;
  • Pass;
  • Iron.

Voila! Your big once pants sit on you just perfect!

And now let’s wonder what you need to do. First you need to decide where and how much. Pants turn out and dress on someone who will wear them. On a person with pins, clean in the hips and belt are too much. Then watch whether it will be convenient to go to them – take a few steps, sit down, try lift the leg.

If you need to sew trousers, it is necessary to size or less, then do it from the inner and outdoor seams. This will avoid the appearance of unwanted folds, chances and distortions. Make less on the size, it means to remove literally 1 cm from each trousers. It is advisable to remove from the belt, but everything depends on the style of your product.

How many sizes can be sewn pants?Next, the corresponding stitch pass on the marked lines, turned out and again. Carefully examine the places of appearance of all sorts of defects. Be sure to go again a little more and to prepare. If men’s or female pants are pretty, you can shoot in the backlight. Then pull out extra threads, iron and wear!

How to sow pants in hips? This is usually done on the outer seam and only if it is necessary to remove the excessive width, and not reduce the size. On the inside, the saddle seam, helps to eliminate various folds and sagging on the pope.

Therefore, if you just need to leave the pants, then from the outside we grab the note number of centimeters, and then try and pass. This way is removed the width in the pants.

Send the pants below

How the pants are in the bottom? To begin with, turn inside out and sip the binder. After that, they decide on which magnitude to the model. It is considered correct to retreat from the bottom from the main seams on both sides of 2 cm.

If at the top of the trousers are sitting perfectly, then a line from the hip and to the set tag with the outside of the seam. From the inside, draw from the same level to the corresponding tags.

Then we descend, try on and if everything is fine, then cut off too much and dumped in the mark. Here’s how to sew wide pants trousers, without having a belt.

If the belt is also free, and the pants of the glue from the waist, then you can try to just grab the same tissue with both sides and make the mark. In the case when the fitting show that everything is sitting perfectly, you can make a finishing seam for a typewriter. It will help to enter the pants in the belt and remove the extension width.

How to properly sew pants glue depends on how much they should become narrow. Greatly reduce the width is unlikely to succeed, although it is possible if the extension went from the knee and the book. In this case, after breaking, the removal is noted the required width. From these points lead straight to the site of the mold.

We should not forget about admission to the seams, it will be enough 5-7 mm on each side. The mark is made and again fitting. If everything suits, cuts off superfluous, everything looks at himself and only then you can strain the finishing seam.

Sex yourself or in the atelier?

How many sizes can be sewn pants?To do everything right to make a lot of effort. You should never hurry to take scissors. Here it will be appropriate to remember the proverbs that it is better to measure 7 times than 1 cut off.

Of course, I would like to first work on something easier, but if there is confidence in your abilities – boldly try to work. After stitching trousers, all the seams are smoothed or burned (depending on the LED).

At the end of the pants are defined for the desired length. Stylish new things to you and successful over-checking!

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