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How to sew a shirt: examples and recommendations for beginners


Recently, many sew something with their own hands, even those who have never done this before. How to sew a shirt with your own hands? Under power «Newbie»? I will find the answers by reading this article

Every girl wishes to be beautiful, and it is difficult to blame. But how to be when finances sing romances, and the wardrobe is still needed? And here you should remember, and if you do not remember, then learn how to cut and sew. What for? Well, because, in every closet there are t-shirts or dress. Consequently, you might think how to sew a shirt from unnecessary clothes.

Or simply use the finished pattern on the Internet and create a simple product with it. In fact, there is nothing difficult in it. Of course, it is not a completely frightened thing from the first time, but to sew an elementary shirt from chiffon or knitwear will be quite.

Option number 1 of the Majic

 Before sewing a shirt, for example, from knitwear, you should prepare all the tools and consumables.

For such work, you will need:

  • paper that helps build a pattern;
  • Old T-shirt from which you can take measurements;
  • the cloth;
  • Sewing equipment – threads, scissors and sewing machine.

The whole process of creating is as follows:

  1. How to sew a shirt: examples and recommendations for beginnersFirst of all prepares pattern. To do this, the old Mike folds vertically in half, after which the paper is stacked over. It needs to conduct contours of the product. It should be immediately noted that for amateur profits of the deep neckline, two patterns should be prepared, as they will denote separately the front and rear part;
  2. With the help of a pin, the sketch is fixed on the fabric. If earlier it was never encountered with sewing, it is better to sew from knitwear, it is not so capricious as chiffon. But with a decisive setting, sew exactly such a tissue, you can make an initially trial version for the doll. First, it will be an additional training, and secondly, it will allow you to decide on the model and contribute further;
  3. On patterns carry out the contour on the fabric, but taking into account future seams. Next, two blanks with pins or pins are bonded on the shoulders and sides. After that, the suture mark is made. Before sewing a t-shirt from knitwear or other fabric, you should choose the right threads for the sewing machine. For example, if you choose coarse for chiffon, then the seam will constantly steal or needle will not make a line at all. Therefore, such a moment is worth considering;
  4. For t-shirts from chiffon, you will need an additionally tape. The fact is that such a thin tissue can be strongly converted, so it must be bred from the inside, first with the help of the pin, and then fix the machine;
  5. The last time the neck and opening. First the edges bend, and then dragged.

The edges of T-shirts can be stroked on the seam so that the product looks carefully. Well, now it can be applied and go out.

We use old T-shirt

Excellent Mike can sew and from T-shirt. In this case, knitwear fabric or chiffon is replaced with an old t-shirt. By the way, this option is much easier than to do patterns, because in the face there will be a completely finished product.


  1. How to sew a shirt: examples and recommendations for beginnersBefore sewing a new T-shirt from the old T-shirt, you need to find it. It is best to choose a base that has a slightly larger size, and the best option will be men’s T-shirts. But if it is a female thing, then it is better when it will be made of knitwear, as in this model it will be needed to pull it a bit;
  2. First, the gate is cut in parallel to the seam, then the same procedure is carried out with the sleeves. Then, the neckline is created, for which the outline is made on the front of the marker. Such a line will allow to make cutout more. It is very convenient to first make the outline only on one half, and then fold the T-shirt in half and already cut. So the probability of a symmetric outbreak will be larger;
  3. Next work on straps. They will serve that region of the T-shirt, which remained at the sleeves. Of these, rectangles form, after which they are stretched and tied by a node in such a way that their ends are located on the inside of the T-shirt. The remains are cut.

The convenience of self-made males is that they can be sewed even under the dress. In this case, it will only be necessary to shoot the bottom of the skirt. Very romantic and easy will look up from knitwear on the dress, and the bottom of chiffon. The main thing is not to forget to sew the lining, otherwise all the outsiders will be able to appreciate the underwear.

Option number 2

You can make old T-shirts and in the option «Basque». By the way, today such a style is considered very popular and fashionable, and it will not create a similar T-shirt of special work.

If you want to get a thing with a bow, you will need:

  • Old unnecessary knitwear T-shirt;
  • Fabric segment (preferably, chiffon): 10 cm width, length – 1.5 m;
  • Scissors, threads and sewing machine.

Work is performed as follows:

  1. How to sew a shirt: examples and recommendations for beginnersFirst, a bow is created, for which the segment of the fabric is folded along and stitched, but not to the end, so that it is possible to turn the tape inside out. After the output, the end is firmage of the defects so that the seams look carefully;
  2. Next, sleeves are removed from T-shirts and lines that connect the lowest points of the shoulder seam. There are also cuts;
  3. After that, the seams are carried out;
  4. Now the neck is waited up to 5 cm, the edges are striking. So that Mike looked carefully, it is recommended to fly;
  5. The last point is to be invaling the tape and banta.

And so uncomfortable way, you can create quite stylish T-shirt. By the way, this option is perfect for tops under summer dress or skirt. Or you might think about how to sew a whole dress-shirt.

Wearing daughter dolls

What can bring a daughter and mother? Of course, joint occupation! And what could be better than joint tailoring for dolls? The most interesting thing is that there are no special skills in sewing something, the main thing, the desire and a little fantasy. For such work, you can rummage in your chiffonier and find a bunch of unnecessary old clothes, which will now serve as benefit. Before sewing a shirt or dress for the doll, it is worth thinking what will have to work with. In addition to old T-shirts, trousers, jeans and other female wardrobe attributes, you can pay attention to socks.

This is the easiest option:

  • How to sew a shirt: examples and recommendations for beginnersThe sock on the doll is superimposed and the necessary length under the dress or T-shirt is distorted;
  • Further S «Upper» The parties are measured by holes under the arms and cut them out;
  • So that the thing looks more neatly, the upper part can be arranged with lace, satin ribbon or to divide by a bead.

For more complex models, you will need to harvest patterns. The same is performed if the dimensions of the doll are more than in Barbie.

Also do not forget about the decorations. Little girls love sequins, beads and other bright elements.

Therefore, even if the dress is stitched not very careful when mom has no experience in such a matter, but it will be bright and spectacular, the baby will forgive such small «flaw».

But in any case, such a joint occupation will help find a common language in the family between mother and daughter.         

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