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How to make beautiful figures from mastic


Mastic is preparing to decorate cakes, which makes them unusual and beautiful, so you should learn at home yourself to make figures from mastic

Masty is a soft mass that has some similarities with plasticine. Only this mass can also be, as well as easy to sculpt, because it is easy enough to manipulate. It is thanks to this that can be beautiful and unusual to decorate the cake and make beautiful figures from mastic. Children seeing such a cake decoration, usually come delight and eaten with great pleasure, and adults can also not refuse such fun and beautiful pleasure.

How to cook

Mastica is not too difficult to do, for this you need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • How to make beautiful figures from masticmarshmallow in the amount of 100 g;
  • lemon juice or water in the amount of 1 tablespoon;
  • Food dyes to give the desired color;
  • Sugar powder – 1.5 glasses.

To make mastic you need to scatter marshmellos first, since they are all in a heap. It should be like this: white separately and pink separately. Next, it follows my bowls with the first ingredient to pour water or lemon juice. Mix and send at all on a bit – 15 seconds in the microwave oven. During this time, the mass will warm up, will increase in volume and will become soft.

The next step is needed to breed food dye in warm water. Then, mix all this with a mixture, which was taken from the microwave. Further sifting the sugar powder into the colored mass and gently interfere. Pour some sugar powder on the table, lay out the resulting dough. Knead it is necessary until it becomes such as plasticine.

Then you should carefully wrap the dough into the food film and put in the refrigerator for about half an hour. After that, the table is sprinkled with starch and neatly rolled the cake of the desired thickness. If suddenly the figures are bad, then the material must be heated in a microwave oven.

How to make beautiful figures from masticMostly, such a paste is used to decorate a children’s cake, so that the kids are interested in and set them down, but also use both wedding cakes, desserts for various celebrations.

Desserts for kids are distinguished by the fact that for the kids you can invent different interesting figures from mastic for children’s cake.

But on the wedding products you need to make exclusively flowers and petals, figurines with wedding theme. But it is simple enough to make figures, you just need to show your fantasy and bring it to life, because the creativity and unusual design are welcome here.

Recipes for cooking are quite different and all have their difference and features. Therefore, before you choose something defined, it is worth re-reading all the recipes provided, but then you can still stop your choice on one.

How long can you store figures and dough?

How to be if the mastic remained – they made it too much. Therefore, a logical question arises – how many type figures are stored?

How to make beautiful figures from masticThe answer to this question is simple and lies on the surface – such figures are stored in the refrigerator for a long time, only you need to put them into the container so that there are no moisture and sun rays on them.

If you do not have time, and figures are needed to a specific date, you can make figurines a few days before the holiday. Perform them before and put in any trough, which is closed, and send to the refrigerator. And if there is still a little material for work, then such a mastic can be wrapped in a cellophane package and shove into the freezer, where it can lie as much as.

About wedding cakes

Mastic cooked for cake must have beautiful and gentle colors, especially if it is wedding cakes. Typically, the method of modeling confectioners is quite different, they can resort to the help of various special tools so that the result is amazing.

How to make beautiful figures from masticWedding figures in the form of a bride and bride from mastic wonderful will look at the top of the cake. Make it is not so difficult, the main thing is that the hands are listening, and there was a sense of proportion.

Otherwise, nothing will happen and you will have to redo or ask for help from acquaintances who are more sense in the basics of modeling, rather than you.

Therefore, it is better not to risk it better for the celebration, but to resort to the help of professionals.

How long to make figures from mastic?

How long can the manufacturer of the figurines? This is a long process, especially for those who do not think about the theory and practice of modeling. However, with a systematic approach, you can easily afford to make certain figures pretty quickly.

In the first stages of your learning, it is best to deal with the decoration of one type of cakes. To show yourself you can choose any of the most interesting for you. Note – this should not be very difficult, but beautiful. After all, the decoration of the cake plays an important role – not only decorative, but also indicates your professionalism.

What recipe is better?

And what you need to try to start recipes Mastics for modeling figures? All of them are quite different, but the search for the most popular, you can stumble upon cooking recipes using gelatin.

How to make beautiful figures from masticThis recipe has many positive feedback, and the hostess who shared this secret says that such material is easy to work, and it is easy to paint in different colors.

There are also recipes for lactic, chocolate and mastic, and this is not all. To make some kind of defined type of mastic, you need to follow the instructions that are attached to the recipe and then this «chip» will be a wonderful decoration of your cake.

The most popular recipes

  • Dairy pasta Preparing very simple, for this you need to prepare components – dry milk, cream and sugar powder – all in the same quantities. Gently all mix and gradually start adding condensed milk, to interfere until the mass is elastic. Also in the process of mixing in the mixture 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and one spoon brandy are added. Just do not need to be frightened, brandy will not spoil anything, but only give taste. We look at the consistency all the time (we remind you, it should be like clay);
  • Chocolate paste has an incredible taste and beautiful color. Many girls prefer chocolate, because he is just gorgeous. Mastics can be prepared both from white and from black chocolate. To do this, take 100 g of chocolate to your taste, only it should be dairy – this is an important condition, and melt on a water bath. After that you need to remove from the fire and add 2 tablespoons of honey. All stirred thoroughly. The mass is ready, then it should be put in the package so that it is completely cooled, and then, you can use for decoration;
  • How to make beautiful figures from masticMagnical mastic Very similar to that (and preparations as well), where MARMEMELLO is used. But it is very difficult to find a suitable marshmallow, which will not spoil the quality of the material. This is the only nuance that needs to worry about, and it should also be paid to the fact that the marshmallow is better to take a little more, let it remain, rather than enough at the most necessary moment; 
  • Cooking pasta from gelatin will take a few more time than other options. 2 tablespoons gelatin need to dissolve in water. Then you need to put on a slow fire and cook until a homogeneous mass is obtained (but not to give the mixture to boil!). Way for a while so that the mixture is cold, and then add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of vegetable oil into it. Then gradually pour sugar powder (40-50 st. spoons) and stir about 15 minutes. After you mixed the mass well, it will become similar to soft plasticine, which is ready to use.

In this way, you can cook for your family wonderful, tasty, and most importantly, a beautiful cake that will definitely surprise with its unusual decoration.

Over time, you can refuse cakes to order, and draw figures at home, if it interests you. Successes in your endeavors, do not doubt their strength!

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