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Beer with breastfeeding: useful or not?


Beer with breastfeeding contraindicated. If you really want, you can drink a cup, but take care, so that the kid has a clean breast milk

Absolutely all doctors agree that alcohol and breastfeeding are not compatible, as incompatible alcoholic beverages with pregnancy. However, disputes around this topic still do not subside until now, generating rumors and speculations that do not have any reasons. Many young mothers believe that beer with breastfeeding is useful and not capable of damage to the child’s health. Is it really?

What is fraught with a nursing mother of alcohol

Beer with breastfeeding: useful or not?It is no secret that the regular use of alcohol is fraught with health problems, and if you drink it during breastfeeding, it means that it is risk and the health of your baby, as the alcohol, sevens and other harmful elements fall into the organism of the crumbs together with breast milk.

Any alcohol that a woman uses during breastfeeding, falls into the milk about the same concentration as in blood. The baby is applied to the chest up to 10 times per day and more, and it is clear that in the current situation he will definitely receive a certain part of what his mother drank.

And if you consider that before execution, the kid of three months, his intestine is not yet able to filter harmful substances well, alcohol from its body is discharged twice as slower. According to studies, even a non-alcoholic product is able to cause infants in breast children in psycho-engine development.

In addition, the use of any beer with breastfeeding causes a child’s breakdown and a change in blood sugar. Contrary to the problem, the lactation not only does not increase, but on the contrary, there is a disruption of the outflow of the nutrient fluid, and the crumb gets less than usual when the mother does not drink alcohol.

Beer self-suggestion

Many mothers bind a strong tide of milk with beer use. However, such an action can be observed from the use of any hot drink, whether tea or special collection to enhance lactation. The effects of hot temperature and massage also cause the effect described above and the case here in the active production of hormone oxytocin – the hormone of pleasure.

If the mother gets a huge pleasure from the use of fresh foaming drink, the concentration of the hormone of oxytocin in its blood increases. In the mammary glands, the milk will sharply begged, and there is nothing surprising in this, because it is known that alcohol expands the vessels and relaxes their walls, including the walls of the Milky Duzzles.

But only the first glass of a hot drink or non-alcoholic beer is valid for breastfeeding. All subsequent glasses will cause the opposite effect: the ethyl product will block the extraction of the nutrient fluid, since under its exposure, the level of oxytocin in the blood will decrease.

Mom, who drank any beer with breastfeeding, will think that her breast is full of milk, but her baby will begin to apply it more often and get much less nutrient fluid than usual.

Beer with breastfeeding: useful or not?

This is due to the inability of the mammary glands to perform its functions 100%: the baby is difficult to suck the chest, it is forced to apply incredible efforts to at least eat a little and resulting quickly.

Mom will think that he sleeps tightly, because he got well, and in fact he is just tired, and the resulting dose of alcohol has its own sedative effect on him. That is why Mamash, abusing alcohol and suffering from alcohol addiction, children are slow down, they are lagging behind in the development of their peers and poorly gain weight.

Alternative to Beer

If a mother feels a burning desire to drink any beer with breastfeeding, it must first of all think if it is worth his child’s health?

Yes, this drink has a pleasant bread smell, in addition, it contains substances and vitamins useful for the body, but they are easily obtained from safer products.

The harm of alcohol is incommensurable with its benefit and if nursing mom pulls on beer, it needs to be increased in its diet, the share of vegetables, bran, meat, whole grain bread and fermented.

Talk to your attending physician, and maybe he will decide on the feasibility of receiving beer yeast and special vitamin supplements, in which the content of vitamins D and group in.

How to use

Yes, the harm of alcohol applied to the body of a nursing woman is huge, but you can get out of the position. If any solemn event is to be and you don’t want to sit on it with a white crow, take care in advance that your baby has a clean breast milk. That is, just as follow it, and in the dosage, which is not enough for one thing, and for two feedings.

Beer with breastfeeding: useful or not?It is not recommended to breastfeed for 12-24 hours after drinking alcohol, so everything you can afford is a small cup of ordinary beer or half-liter soft drink. In the latter case, you will be able to feed the baby after 1.5-2 hours after the feast and do not be afraid that it will affect his well-being.

However, such experiments on themselves and their chance should not be carried out until the age of 3 months. And if, making a few sips of a foam drink, the mother feels intoxication, she should refuse his further use, so it can be dangerous for her crumbs.

Stay healthy and enjoy maternity. Remember, this process is not so long and soon you can return to the usual life and gastronomic addictions.

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