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Sling: Is it worth buying it


Sling is an amazing device that allows you to do your affairs, not parting with your baby for a minute. Read in our article about its merits and disadvantages

Man appears in this world completely helpless. And in order for your baby to feel comfortable, you must be constantly next to him. But you will not carry a carriage with you. It is for this reason that in the last decade, the use of slings was especially popular. 

What do you need a sling?

Sling: Is it worth buying itIn fact, such devices used in ancient times. For example, if a woman walked to a garden or on the field, she specifically tied a newborn baby to his back and worked all day.

Today the sling is not a simple rag, but a special device that will allow you to become much closer with your baby. And this, in turn, will help your baby faster to adapt to the outside world, feeling more protected near mom. 

Types of babies carrying devices

What such a sling and we have already figured out, now let’s define what kind of types are:

  • Sling with rings. This model is a long piece of matter on one side, which has a small ring. The second edge of the fabric is filled into the ring, and a kind of cradle is formed. Plus such a model is that you can use it and for newborns, and for already a little older children. Another advantage can be considered that if your baby fell asleep, being tied to you, then you don’t have to wait at all until he sleeps or wake him to shift a child in a stroller. Just pull the edge of the fabric from the ring and gently put a child in a carriage or cradle;
  • May-Sling. This model is represented by square web, to the corners of which are sewn narrow strips of fabric. It’s pretty simple. To do this, you need to link the lower straps behind your back, but the upper should be thrown by mom by shoulders, crossed out and tie up behind the baby at the loan level. This design is designed in such a way that the back of the child is maintained in the natural position and in the future your baby has no problems with the curvature of the spine;
  • Sling pocket. This model is suitable for walks with older children. In appearance, it almost completely repeats the shape of a sling with rings, but without rings. Just two edges tightly stitched together. In this case, the option of regulation of the length of the sling is missing, and it will not be possible to remove it with the child either. 

Is the sling for newborns harmful?

As you already understood, the sling is very useful for parents. After all, when using this amazing device you will no longer need to wear a heavy stroller on the seventh floor. Yes, and the mobility of such a device is much higher than that of the standard stroller.

But take into account the needs of the child also stands. If you consult your doctors, it will become clear that until six months, such a device is not worth using.

There are several reasons. First, it is not always possible to tie it right. This means that the head of the kid may be without the necessary support.

As a result, you can get the curvature of cervical vertebrae and problems with the respiratory system. Secondly, any even correctly knit sling holds a kid vertically in relation to the floor. And this means that the load on the lower part of the spine will increase.

Considering the fact that a newborn baby has a frowning ridge, consequences can be quite serious. 

Sling: Is it worth buying it

Also, with a vertical position of the body, the head of the child can fall back. This can cause overlapping one of the arteries that supply blood and oxygen in the brain. With a long overlapping of such an artery, even a fatal outcome is possible. 

As you can see, wearing a sling no one forbids. But it is better not to risk and not use a similar design for carrying very little children. But if your baby has been seven months already for months, you can safely tie a sling and use it for long walks. 

Another question that worries young mammies is the choice between sling and kangaroo. What of them is better? According to pediatricians, and the other option is suitable for carrying all children older than six months.

As for those moms who used these devices, then the opinions are diverged. Someone is more convenient to buy a ready-made backpack – kangaroo and not suffer, soaking through the sling.

Others argue that backpack is very spin hurting. Therefore, you will have to choose between a kangaroo and sling yourself, taking into account our own feelings and the reaction of your child to such carrying.

How to choose sling?

If you still decide to a similar purchase, then you need to know several nuances that it is necessary to consider when choosing a sling. First, remember that the thin sling is completely inapplicable for winter weather. But in the summer it will fit perfectly, because he misses the air and you will not be hot with your baby.

Secondly, the choice of sling will depend on your expectations. If you wear a child only in the same position, you can purchase either May-sling, or a sling pocket. But if the situation will change from lying to almost sitting, then you can buy a model with rings. 

And in the whole other, the price varies only depending on the decorative parts. And one more thing: when buying carefully consider all the seams, because if at least a marriage is allowed in one place, the health and life of your child may arise. 

Is it possible to make a sling with your own hands?

Sling: Is it worth buying itIf you do not have to buy a sling, then you can make it with your own hands. Moreover, you don’t even have to sew anything. The easiest way to make a model with rings. For her manufacture you will need a cut of a tissue with a length of two or two and a half meters. You also need two metal rings. 

To begin with, both ends in metal rings in such a way that the rings are located approximately in the middle of the material bent twice. Then one of the edges stretch only through one ring.

Stretched twice the end of the fabric should not be longer than forty-fifty centimeters. We leave it in front, but the long edge will turn around our back and used as a cradle. In general, make such a sling is quite simple and not long. 

As you can see, sling is a pretty useful thing that every mammy can use. So if you are tired of doing everything with one hand, because the second is busy with a child, we advise you to purchase this amazing device or make it with your own hands. Good luck!

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