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Mulitatic, expectorant and antitussive tools for children: information for moms


Today there is a huge selection of various cough drugs in children. Find out how to choose the correctness of mercolitic, expectorant and antitussive tools

Of course, no one loves to hurt and does not want. Therefore, with any ailment, we are trying to say goodbye as soon as possible, well, if the birth has defeated your beloved baby – and.

The need for proper selection of the drug

Mulitatic, expectorant and antitussive tools for children: information for momsThe most common symptom with a multiple disease is breast cough.

It may occur with infectious and inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system: bronchitis, colds, tracheites, pneumonia, etc. D.

For diseases of the respiratory tract in kids, pediatricians, as a rule, recommend the use of drugs that can either dilute sputum, or improve its separation or simply stop coughing. These include both natural and synthetic means.

If a cough occurs, a child should immediately show a pediatrician, which will help you choose the diagnosis and recommends the necessary treatment. To prescribe a baby, one or another drug independently can not be possible because self-treatment can be destructive to health. This is especially true of the kids of the chest.

Wrong selection of medicine, incorrect dosage can not only not ease the condition of the crumbs, but also aggravate it.

In today’s article, we will consider a list of the most common funds allowed in our country to eliminate cough in children and adolescents.

Classification of food from cough for children

All medicines for the treatment of respiratory diseases can be divided into three types:

  • Mukolithic (Mulcolics);
  • expectorant;
  • antitussive.

Consider in detail each of them.


Mulcolithic prescribe children with a productive cough with thick, difficulty viscous mocroid. These drugs affect the elasticity and viscosity of the mucus, diluted with sputum, eliminate the nutrient medium for its reproduction.

These drugs, in turn, are also divided into two subspecies:

  • accelerating sputum;
  • Reducing mucus formation.

The most efficient and common mulitics for children are the following drugs.

  • Mulitatic, expectorant and antitussive tools for children: information for moms«Acetylcistein». This medicine reduces the severity of the inflammatory process. Produced in the form of a white crystalline powder that is well dissolved in water. Appointed kids over 2 years old in all cases of diseases with accumulation in the bronchial tree and upper respiratory tract of viscous and thick sputum;
  • «Ambrozo». Analogs of funds – «Flavmed», «Halixol», «Ambroben», «Ambrohexal», «Lazolvan». Shown by the guys older than 2 years in the form of a syrup for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract, accompanied by sputum;
  • «Fluimucil». Appointed in tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, lung abscess, laryngotrachites, accompanied by sputum release. Prescribe guys older than 2 years. In the presence of a viscous sputum in bronchi, a combination of intro granules and inhalation is needed;
  • It is important to know! Children under 2 years old giving mercolyts is prohibited, since the risk of side effects exceeds potential benefits. For the first time, the ban on this was put relatively recently – in 2010 in France, where the negative impact of musolithics on children’s health was proven.

Only in exceptional cases on life indications, some musolics (for example, «Fluimucil») can be assigned to the treatment of cough children up to the year. As a rule, such crumbs drugs are given in the form of a solution from a spoon or bottle for feeding.

In the remaining cases, the kids under the age of two are prescribed traditional non-drug treatment: nozzle washing, abundant drink, indoor humidification, etc.

note! Mulcolitics can not be given with a dry cough that accompanies flu or ORVI.

Expectorant means

Expectorant drugs in the overwhelming majority are presented by means of plant origin. They stimulate the detection of sputum sputum.

Conditionally all expectorant means can be divided into 2 types:

  • Mulitatic, expectorant and antitussive tools for children: information for momsReflexing. These medicines are able to irritate the mucous membrane
    The digestive tract, which, in turn, excites the pumped center in the brain. As a result, the vomiting does not occur, but in the respiratory tract it increases the production of mucus, the peristalsis of the muscles of the bronchi increases. The result of these processes is to relieve expectoration;
  • Direct resorbative action. These funds, having learned in the digestive tract, cause irritation of mucous membranes, which increases the secretion of liquid sputum.

Unlike mulitics, expectorant means are allowed to give children until they reach the two-year-old age (and even infants) for the treatment of bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.

Among the expectorant preparations presented in our market are the following.

  • Mulitatic, expectorant and antitussive tools for children: information for moms«Mukaltin» (Altea extract). Altea Grass contributes to the stimulation of peristalsis bronchiole and dilutes the bronchial secret. Assign «Mukaltin» kids older than one year. Until the five-year-old age, kids should dissolve the preparation tablet in a third of a glass of boiled water;
  • Syrup root licorice. This vegetation preparation is prescribed to the kids from the first months of life. It has not only expectorant, but also anti-inflammatory and antiviral action. It is very important to properly observe the dosage;
  • «Gedelik». This syrup based on the extract of ivy leaves that does not contain alcohol. It is used to treat sharp respiratory diseases and facilitating the symptoms of inflammatory diseases of the bronchi. «Gedelix» allowed even to children under one month;
  • «Perstissin». This combined drug with three properties at once: expectorant, musolitic and antitussive. Recommend it both adults and children in diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, accompanied by the formation of a viscous hardwater wet. «Perstissin» produced in the form of a syrup and has a pleasant sweet taste that really likes the kids.

note! When taking flux and expectorant drugs, it follows more often than usual, give the baby liquid. It can be home compote, juice, morse, fastening tea or infusion.

Anti-tech drugs

These funds are prescribed to children and adolescents with an unproductive, dry cough, which breaks sleep and appetite, and therefore negatively affects the development of children.

If the cough is dry, it should be initially translated into wet, but only then take expectorant or musical drugs.

Also, with an unproductive cough in a child, a pediatrician can prescribe combined tools that provide and expectorant, and the antitussive effect.

  • Mulitatic, expectorant and antitussive tools for children: information for moms«Herbion». Syrup based on plantain prescribed guys with dry cough. The drug with primrose is recommended for children with productive (wet) cough. «Herbio» resolved crumbles older than biennial age;
  • «Synecode». This drug blocks the center in the brain, while at the same time depressing action on the respiratory center. Appointed only with dry cough. A medicine is produced in the form of syrup and drops and is allowed to babies over 2 months;
  • «Stoptussin». Assigned to infectious and inflammatory diseases to eliminate the dry exhausting cough in children. The drug made in Israel is allowed to children over 6 months. «Stoptussin» Czech production can be used only by the kids who celebrated one year. Produced in the form of droplets that can be dissolved in tea, juice or compote.

This medicine is not prescribed with a productive cough.

It is important! Anti-tools cannot be combined independently with mercolitics and expectorant drugs.

This, of course, is not the entire list of medicines, and choose from dozens of options suitable exactly to your baby medicine is simply impossible.

Positive effect in treatment can be achieved only if pediatricians and parents act minorly and deliberately.

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