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We burn the baby: classic and modern ways that work trouble-free


How to quickly sleep a breast child during day or night sleep? What methods will be guaranteed acceptable, and which units will fit?

The happiness of motherhood is undoubtedly almost for every woman, despite the fact that a new role gives a lot of problems, hassle and experiences. But sometimes, having giving birth to a child, we are in complete despair looking for answers to, it would seem that completely banal questions regarding its nutrition or regime.

Sleep, my joy, alloy ..!

We burn the baby: classic and modern ways that work trouble-freeNothing can be so concerned about the young mom, like crying and cry of her baby, which is actually «refuses» sleep in a day or night. Of course, the first thing you have to do is appeal to the pediatrician, since the whims of a child can become a consequence of certain diseases and other problems with children’s health.

But if the doctor issued a verdict that everything is normal, and the kroch is capricious due to banal external factors, such as changing weather or overwork against the background of the visit of relatives who want to give him maximum attention, we will tell you how quickly and safely put a child.

The easiest way to put a baby is a mastering. This will be happy to tell you our moms and grandmothers. But we live in the age of information, and now there are more and more arguments against this method. His opponents argue that «shaking» Always affects the health and functioning of the internal kid organs.

Nevertheless, conservative pediatricians are convinced of the opposite: this method is truly physiological and natural, because in your belly, the baby felt the very «shake» constantly because you moved.

To rock the baby is best on your hands, however it can be done with other devices – special cradles, rocking hours, swings, chaise longons or strollers. If you for some reason, enter the ranks of the opponents of the teaching, read other methods of calm the crumbs that we collected specifically for you.

Healthy Sleep Kid – in Mamina Hands!

We burn the baby: classic and modern ways that work trouble-freeHow to put a baby without a mental? For this there is a lot of tricks and tricks. The main thing is that the selected way does not harm your baby. If you dream to provide a healthy dream of your child, we will give you a lot of safe and interesting methods «Ubayukovy» Baby baby so you can take them to weapons and practice in «Stressive» Situations.

The newborn baby sleeps almost constantly, and wakes up only if he feels hunger. Duration of sleep can vary from a few minutes to 6 hours, especially if the baby is on breastfeeding.

You, as a new mammy, is in no case to scare. W «Artificities» The day of the day makes up faster. The same kids that feed on mother’s milk require not only food, but also unity with the most native and close man – they are soothered by themselves.

Methods that will help you quickly «lay down» baby sleep:

  • We burn the baby: classic and modern ways that work trouble-freeLullaby. If you yourself do not have a pleasant voice and «tolerant» hearing, or just shy to sing for the baby, you will come to the rescue «Ready» Small music that can be easily found on the Internet. Options of sleeping music for children are diverse: it can be both old good lullabies from our childhood with you, and compositions written in new way, and even classic oversight. For «Advanced» Parents exist even a Caver version of songs of Titans Rock music, like Queen, Nirvana, Depeche Mode. Of course, there are no sounds of electronic guitars and drums – only a melody played on the piano, and sometimes children’s voices, performing a versatile or chorus;
  • Noise flow. This method is especially relevant to practice before the night bed, because it helps the child not only fall asleep, but also calm down after the new impressions of the day. In your womb, the baby constantly heard noise – the heartbeat, blood flow, the sounds of the environment. Therefore, non-invenant noise will become as physiological «Soothing», Like mentaling. For these purposes, the sound of a working washing machine, vacuum cleaner or hairdryer. Some mammies believe that the sound of circulating water is most acceptable in these purposes;
  • «Progressive tech». Sometimes kids need to move with mom. So you can take your child on your hands and quickly move on the apartment. Soon the child gets tired and sleep. Sometimes young women argue that this is exactly the method that answers the question «how to put a little baby in a minute»;
  • Tight Warding. It is not known exactly how this method is affected by the sleep of your baby, however, those parents who practiced or practice him assure that he really helps the child longer sleep at night. That, undoubtedly, can not but rejoice;
  • We burn the baby: classic and modern ways that work trouble-freeMobile. How to quickly sleep a breast child? Mobile can help you! As a new parent, you probably know what it is for the device. However, if it is not, we will tell you about his essence. Mobile is something like «Preliushki», on which placed rotating small toys suspended in a circle, are located above the baby’s bed. Often, the whole process of movement is accompanied by sluggling musical sounds. It should be emphasized that this method is not suitable for all. Some children, envying bright moving toys over themselves, do not calm down at all, and on the contrary, come to excite. Therefore, practicing the method with mobile is relevant not in «Emergency» and «Sandy» situations, but only if you know exactly how it affects the emotional background of your crumbs;
  • Pacifier. If your baby is used to the nipple, it will be the best way to calm down before bedtime. However, it is unlikely to be enough. This method is only suitable in combination with tight swords, lullaby, or «Classic» swinging;
  • Joint Son. If you are not afraid of a dream in one bed with a child, you can try and such a method. However, it is also not suitable for everyone. Rather, it is relevant for those who practice joint sleep almost from the birth of a baby. Otherwise, it may additionally excite your child and make him worry;
  • Walk in the fresh air. Walking in the park, even adult can sleep sleep. And this phenomenon is quite substantiated, because it’s no secret to anyone, which is miraculously affected by our health and oxygen health. Try walking with a child in an environmentally friendly area! Of course, this method cannot be attributed to «Fast», But it works, and moreover, it has something like a cumulative effect: if you become doing this daily, your child will stop nervous and capricious, and it will be calmer to sleep at night;
  • We burn the baby: classic and modern ways that work trouble-freeBreast. If your baby is accustomed to the chest, it will become the best method to put it in literally per minute. However, it is not worth overdoing and abuse it so that the child can fall asleep. Nevertheless, you can’t be near every second, and constantly be in «Boat readiness». And to good, as everyone knows, get used to fast. Therefore, you should not constantly calm children solely with breasts – try and look for new ways to solve your problem.

Each mother at an intuitive level feels what funds are most suitable for lulling her baby. Look for your options, and you will definitely come to «Ideal»!

Interesting slotting method

We burn the baby: classic and modern ways that work trouble-freeThis method was first invented … by a young father! Brought to almost despair, who does not know how to trigger and not having a naked breast, he tried to burn the child with a conventional napkin.

«How can you put a baby with a napkin?» – Surely you ask. Just take a white paper napkin and tick it several times to the face of the baby (in the disclosed form). How and why it works? Sequential repetition of movements occurring while approaching and distanceing the subject on behalf, acts on a child soothing. In addition, the focus of view on the napkin almost instantly tires the crumb and makes him go to the embrace of Morpheus.

It seeks its methods to calm the baby, each mommy, sooner or later, invents its own belief option, which acts trouble-free and in any situation. Do not be afraid to experiment, because all the funds we have given are absolutely safe, and sometimes useful for your chod.

And let your child be the happiest!

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