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Unusual attribute in the hands of the bride – a wedding bouquet of ribbons


Bridal bouquet from satin ribbons with their own hands will be an unusual decoration of any wedding. How to make it yourself will tell our article

One of the mains Attributes at any wedding is a bouquet of bride. This is not only part of the image of the girl, but also the component of an ancient tradition, the so-called transmission of the relay stick of the next future bride.

Previously, this attribute was only made of alive colors, so he delivered a lot of hassle. Flowers quickly slugged, and when they began to add water to a special sponge, the weight of the accessory increased significantly. Today, a bouquet of satin ribbons was very popular, it is less expensive from the material side and such a decoration can be kept in original form.

Also, many ordered or do two bouquets for the celebration:

  1. One, which will later be given to the girlfriend, from fresh colors;
  2. The second of the fabric is a certain dubler, an eternal reminder of the holiday.

A bouquet can be ordered from the master, however, it is easy to collect it and do it yourself. It all depends on your desire and skills. If still decided, let’s see the master class of creating a bouquet of satin ribbons.

How tools are needed for work?

To work, you will need things that are practically everyone. The store will need to purchase only a few specific items.

So, to create the original bouquet of the bride from satin ribbons, you need to have:

  • Unusual attribute in the hands of the bride - a wedding bouquet of ribbonsSatin ribbons. Exactly of them will be collected colors head. Their parameters are directly
    depend on the size of the future bouquet;
  • The ball of foam, which can be completely replaced with newspapers and rope;
  • Funnel for the foundation;
  • Cardboard pipe;
  • Awl;
  • Scissors;
  • Needle;
  • Threads under the color of the tapes;
  • Thermopystole;
  • Decorations.

How to make a wedding bouquet from satin ribbons?

Creating this accessory will consist of several steps, all actions should go in order:

Step 1. The first thing to do is to collect the base of the bouquet, connecting the ball from the foam and the handle from the cardboard. The base for colors can be purchased in the store or make yourself. To do this, take the paper and make a ball from it, which are wrapped with threads and connect with a handle. For this detail, the base for the roll of foil is ideal.

Glue are applied to the base of the roll and fasten to the ball. You can still use a special funnel for the foundation. She is attached to the handle, and the ball is inserted on top and glued. Decorate the handle can be a beautiful cloth. Sometimes a bouquet of a double from satin tapes is even more expressive.

Step 2. Now you can proceed to the creation of flowers.

We bring to your attention three main master class by creating them:

  • Unusual attribute in the hands of the bride - a wedding bouquet of ribbonsOption 1 – from wide ribbons

6 cm width cloth in half and flashing threads along the entire length. Now you need to start tightening the threads, collecting a cloth in a bud. Completed everything to the base.

  • Option 2 – Little Rose

Will require a cloth width 2 cm. One of the edges bend down diagonally before receiving a straight corner. We do around three full turns and flashing them with a thread – a bud is ready. Now make petals. The fabric is not trimmed, but also bends diagonally around the bud. This action is repeated until the end of the fabric. Now everything is tightly sewn thread.

  • Option 3 – Flowers from residues

You even suit the pieces of up to 10 cm long. Fabrics bend the edge at right angles, then again. Tapes soak in bud and fix. Now we make petals, for them, the corners of the fabric bend at right angles and leying threads. Fabric tighten and sew to bud – petal ready.

Now repeat the latest actions before getting a beautiful flower. For a larger fortress, we flash everything carefully.

Step 3. Prepared Flowers Breppy with a glue gun. For greater strength, the center can be pierced with a needle with an ornament on the head.

Step 4. The final stage is the fastening of jewelry, for example, lace, rhinestones, beads and even butterflies. The main thing is that you like and suited under the general image of the bride.

The master class is finished, now you can start to create yourself.

Other options for creating flowers

We bring to your attention several ways. What exactly to choose for your bouquet – decide ourselves. You can make hands to make a beam consisting of one type of roses, and you can collect. They will be different only by the form of the inflorescence, the base is attached to the ball in all the same. Let’s start trying to create bouquets.

Rose national team:

  1. Ribbon cut into pieces of 5 cm long, they burn the edges to avoid dissolves;
  2. Proceed to the formation of petals. Glue on each piece upper corners. Lower bending and connect glue in the middle;
  3. The core is created from two pieces, which twisted into the tube and stuck;
  4. The petals are attached around this tube. Note that each subsequent should half overlap the previous. Everything is ready to consolidate in the bouquet.

Rose on paper:

  1. Unusual attribute in the hands of the bride - a wedding bouquet of ribbonsOn dense colorless fabric, depict the circle, with a diameter of 4 cm. Separate segment. Cut out everything and sew segment, you must have a cone;
  2. For a flower you need a cloth width 2 cm. We fee down the edge and begin to sew a square in the center of the cone;
  3. Watch the ribbon to the angle and sew to the opposite edge of the square;
  4. We repeat the last action, gradually increasing the angle of rotation several times before the flower formation.

Rose with stamens:

  1. The flower is going to make it quite difficult, however, the result is worth the effort spent. Retreating a couple of centimeters, bend the tape so that one edge is parallel to the end, and temper it with a pin;
  2. In the same way, we create four more squares, each is cleared with a pin;
  3. Now on the outer edge we flash the seam by hand. Threads tighten until the cute bouton is obtained. Part of a bouquet of satin ribbons with their own hands is ready, we went to the finish line;
  4. Now you need to make middleware for colors. For them, you can take a ribbon or a beam of beads on the wire in the form of stamens. With ribbon, we make the following operations: Tie a non-free nodule, the ends of which we collect together and wind the wire. Cores are ready;
  5. Now in order to complete a rose, connect the midings that we insert inside the bud, and fasten them with glue. Excess Cutting and insert ready-made bud in the ball.

All these ways to create beautiful colors from satin ribbons can repeat everyone.

The main thing is to remember that the wedding bunch created by your own hands is not only perfect for you, but will be a certain amulet. And the choice of bride bouquet of living colors or satin ribbons is a personal decision of each.

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