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How exactly tanned on the beach? The art of beach tanning.


How to get a uniform tan on the beach? What is the advantage of tanning in the sun before solarium? Sun in different countries-report.

How exactly tanned on the beach? The art of beach tanning.

Summer, heat. It’s time to rest and enjoy the sunny rays, taking sunbathing. Especially since the white porcelain leather was considered beautiful earlier, and today attractive just because tanned skin is considered, especially since the tan helps to hide small skin defects, makes it smoother and reduces the number of acne. Therefore, you can gladly give up on sunny days on a speastard of time in the morning or in the evening, the sun’s rays, especially as you know, it is not necessary to abuse the tanta as natural so and solar.

What is the advantage of tanning in the sun before solarium?

  • First, you get tan in the sun for free, you do not need to buy a subscription to it, it’s enough to wear a swimsuit, take a covers with you and go to the nearest park.
  • Secondly, any tan, both sunny and Tan in solarium requires temporary dosage of the use of special cosmetics in order not to get unwanted painful burns. But the tan in the sun allows you to simultaneously find somewhere in nature, and not in a small cabin.
  • Thirdly, the tan in the sun is very easy to combine with active classes, especially if you do not like to lie for a long time and you want to move, you can quite play volleyball or badminton, very well combined solar bathing process with bathing. Yes, what to say, the process of sunbathing can still be combined and with a ridge of beds in the country. So you can completely combine pleasant with useful, especially since the tan is much better to go to bed if you are constantly in motion.

The sun in different countries go to bed differently

If you still preferred to rest on the sea, then you should know that in different widths of the tan on your skin will fall in different ways. Turkish tan will differ significantly from Egyptian.

How exactly tanned on the beach? The art of beach tanning.

So, If you want to get a golden tan, That is best to go to the Mediterranean Sea, and these are countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Malta, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Israel, Syria, Morocco, Turkey.

If you want to get a bronze tan, then you are best preferred to the Black Sea coast and the Aegean Sea. To do this, you should go to Greece, Turkey, Crimea, Abkhazia, Georgia, Romania or Bulgaria. Here, like on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, there will be enough moderate skin protection and sunbathing should be either in the morning or after 16 hours.

If you want to come back from a holiday with chocolate zagam, That is best to go closer to the equator, in Congo, Kenya, Uganda or Somalia, on the Islands of Indonesia, in Ecuador. Brazil or Colombia. But it should be remembered that sunbathing is worth starting with short-term deadlines, even with minutes and use with powerful sunscreen.

How exactly tanned on the beach? The art of beach tanning.

And here Dark Coffee Tan can be obtained on the shores of the Indian Ocean. To do this, you should go to India or Maldives. But here, like when traveling to the Equator area, you need to limit the time of staying in the sun and use the creams with high protection, since if you burn, then the symptoms of the burn will appear slower.

And finally, Tan Cinnamon Tint can be obtained In the Persian Gulf and on the Red Sea. This will suit the tour to Egypt, Israel, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Iran, Bahrain. But here without solid protection you can not do.

But before the trip to the south, it is best to sunbathe a little under local sunny rays so that the skin is not strongly susceptible to the brightest sun. If you are going to rest in the cold season, then pre-go a couple of times in the solarium.

Tanning Rules on the beach

How exactly tanned on the beach? The art of beach tanning.

Sunbathing on the beach should be remembered not only about her skin and the fact that it needs to protect, but also their eyes and hair that are no less susceptible to ultraviolet. Hide your favorite hair under panama or hat, and eyes – for sunglasses.

It is also not necessary to get involved in books and magazines, because, reading around an interesting article, you may not notice how time flies and at the same time burn, for this reason you should not sleep on the beach.

In all important moderation and in tan also. Therefore, the tan time should be gradually increasing, adding gradually for 10-20 minutes. This will allow you to get a beautiful uniform tan.

How to get a uniform tan?

And to get a smooth and beautiful tan should be guided by the following rules:

  • Not worth going to the beach, apply perfumes on the skin or other means containing alcohol, after them can remain spots on the skin.
  • Sunbathing is best not lying, but walking around the beach, in which case it is smoothly and beautifully to go to your skin.
  • After bathing, try to wipe the skin dry, water drops on the skin enhance the activity of the sun’s rays and the tanning is heterogeneous.
  • The effect of sunscreen creams will be more efficient if you keep them in a cool place.
  • Before going to the beach, your skin does not prevent a light scrub or peeling, it makes the skin smoother and it is better to go to the tan.
  • Eating more fruit and vegetables orange, peaches, apricots, carrots, peppers, they contain vitamin A, which affects the development of melanin, which is responsible for the beautiful shade of your skin.

How to get a smooth tan – reviews from forums


The first two or three days in Thailand, sunbathe in the morning to 10 hours and after lunch from 3 o’clock. At this time, the sun is more tender.¬†Always use tanning cream. Buy cream famous European brands with no less protection «40», and better «fifty». If you burn in the proximity to the water, on the islands with light sand and emerald-clean water, smear the cream with a thick layer. The fact is that white sand and clean and transparent water have a property to reflect ultraviolet, and you sunbathe (overtake). Very often, tourists visiting the islands are burning. Never save on cream.
Upon returning from the beach, in the evening, process the body «Lotions after shower» or «… after tanning». Very good, after tan, use coconut oil. There are special coconut oils for massage or after tanning. The composition of the liquid includes natural coconut oil, humidifier for leather and vitamin E.


And before the exit to the sun, you can drink tomato juice. It contains a substance – Luthein, which contributes to the production of melanin (actually, the substance that also contributes to the tan). My grandmother, also recommended to always drink apple juice to get a smooth tan, and smaller than ordinary water.
I have very bright leather, which quickly burns in the sun, literally in a couple of hours. I can then walk the whole red week 1.5. So what am I doing last years! The first days 3-4 I use a tan cream with SPF 35-40, very, very plentiful. In the sun I can stay all day, except for the period from 14 to 16 hours. The following days 2 I use protection with SPF 15, and then quite SPF 8-10. As a result, during the holidays I get the smallest tan, without any hint of burning!


And there is also cool PAYOT serum to get a flat tan. She needs to be used 10 days before the start of vacation.

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