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Paint for clothes


Paint for clothing works wonders! Do not be afraid to experiment, turn your old worn thing in a stylish and fashion trend of the season

As you want every woman in any situation always to be stylish and attractive, surround yourself only beautiful and beautiful, be it clothes, cosmetics or jewelry. It’s natural – wanting to like and attract admiring glances.

Paint for clothesSpring – the beginning of the new season. Every season dictates its fashion, which is unpredictable today, images and trends are rapidly come and go. The woman is constantly in pursuit of fashion, but for this completely no longer spend a lot of money and change its wardrobe.

It is enough just to bring order in it, get rid of the rubble and the older, and add to new fresh details, allowing you to update the image and look fashionable and stylish.

In this we will help the paint for clothes.

Today there are many of them and all of them are different in colors, appointments, effects. We will consider those that are the most common.

Paint for clothes in aerosol cans

Such paint is used in painting both natural and mixed (up to 21% synthetic) fabrics for free vehicles. For staining with a balloon surfaces of large sizes, you can use stencil.

When applied to paint, such a pattern is very easily applied, ideally lay on clothes, while having a good coating ability. Big plus – in such paint no harmful substances.

To use paint for clothes in the cannons is very easy:

  1. Before using clothes, erased;
  2. put the product unnecessary fabric or polyethylene under the product so that the rest of the clothing does not dirty;
  3. Shake the cylinder;
  4. When applied, hold it vertically, at a distance of 5-6 centimeters from our surface;
  5. You can use a stencil;
  6. Let’s dry approximately forty minutes;
  7. We wash clothes in water at tempera 30 degrees, not higher.

Everything is very simple and at the same time minimum costs and the sea of ​​pleasure!

Acrylic paints

They are almost the most universal, suitable for almost any kind of fabric and surface. The main feature of acrylic paint is that it has a water basis.

Its with ease can be diluted with water and the same water until the acrylic paint is liquid, wash away without effort. But as soon as the drawing, applied to clothing with acrylic paints, dries – it is no longer washed off.

Paint for clothesAnd he dries very quickly and this is another property of these colors – the ability to quickly dry. It should also be noted that clothes painted with acrylic paints are characterized by brightness, contrast and saturation of color, will not fuss and does not fade in the sun.

To make the drawing better fixed, it is necessary to try the iron from the wrong side, using a blank sheet of paper. At low temperatures, acrylic paint loses all of its qualities, and irrevocably. Therefore, it needs to be stored only at a temperature greater than zero degrees.

Before entering the sale, paints are very strict control, so their environmental purity should not be in doubt. In addition, they do not cause skin allergies and do not give clothes an unpleasant smell.

Luminous paint

This is the paint that is capable of glowing in the dark, with ultraviolet (UV) lighting and safe for health (not related to phosphorus). The basis of luminous paint is the phosphor – fine powder, which, for paint, is diluted with colorless varnish. In the phosphor there is a quality and safety passport, it is used even in tattoos.

Before applying glowing paints on clothes, it is necessary to mix hard so that there is no precipitate on the bottom. It will help evenly distribute the shade.

Paint can be applied to any cotton fabric, it can be T-shirts, jackets, baseball caps, T-shirts or any other product.

Krasted clothes at home

There are many dyes that are harmless to clothes and do not harm the washing machine, and the fabrics do not lose with the subsequent washers and therefore it is very easy and simply can paint clothes at home!

Color colors of paints Different: black, blue, red, yellow and many other.

Tips for staining in a washing machine:

  • Paint for clothesPaint already breeded in the drum;
  • Select the temperature of 60-80 degrees (depends on the types of tissue) and the longest cycle;
  • When painting is completed, separately we rinse the product with a solution of vinegar;
  • Then to fully clean the machine, once again we turn on the rinse.

Care of the product after painting: 

  • In order not to burn out, for example, black or color paint for clothing, do not dry the painted things under the right sunny rays;
  • First time after painting, clothes need to be erased separately from other things;
  • With subsequent laundry when ringed, add some vinegar;
  • Use powder for colored fabrics.

Do not be afraid to experiment, show fantasy and skill, thereby giving the second life things with seemingly solved by fate!

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