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Grow dill and onions on your own dacha


Do you want to put on your dacha useful greens, but do not know where to start? We will tell how to grow greens in the greenhouse and in the open soil and get a good harvest

Have a nursery and nothing to grow in it most people consider just a non-dissimilar luxury. Of course, no one makes sowing the fields of potatoes, cost greenhouses and break flower beds, but plant some kind of greens, such as dill or onions -. And if you do not know how to grow dill and bow at the cottage, then read the article, in it you will find a lot of useful tips.

Rewriting Dill: Practical Tips

Grow dill and onions on your own dachaDill can be called the most unpretentious and beloved greens, which grows perfectly in the household plots. Even if your dacha is not very fertile soil, dill goes out on it. You can grow it as an early spring, and in the winter.

Avoid sorry in one voice declare that the optimal time to land this green plant is from the first fewers of April and the end of summer. If you put a dill in a greenhouse, you can do it until the end of September.

To obtain a regular and good harvest, it is recommended to plant a dill every 2 weeks. To do this, in front of the landing works, soak the seeds of dill in water for 2 days, while the liquid periodically change. After that, dry the seeds and you can start landing.

To get a wonderful harvest, you should know the following nuances:

  • This greens does not like too acidic soil, as well as shaded areas;
  • If you decide to plant seeds, then adopt the soil. For this, potash and phosphoric fertilizers will be suitable. Add nutritional formulations from the following calculation: per 1 kV. M. Consisted 2 Article. L. phosphoric fertilizer or 1 st. L. potash;
  • Before boarding, make a few grooves in the ground with a depth of no more than 3 cm. The distance between them should be about 15 cm;
  • Carefully span the soil before immersing seeds into it;
  • When seeds are on the garden, pour them from above the soil and slightly press. This will create optimal contact with Earth;
  • Water dill should be abundant, otherwise he dries off, the harvest you will not wait;
  • Do not forget to fight weeds, they will «beat» your favorite greens that will affect her growth.

Grow dill and onions on your own dacha30 days after Dill goes out, you can tear it. You can store greenery not more than 21 days in the refrigerator. If you want both in winter to enjoy the aroma of dill, then prepare it in a dry or frozen state.

Some mistresses crushed the greens in the blender, add some water into it and packaged by ice molds. This is a very convenient way of storage, and places such forms occupy a little.

Rewings onions on greens: Practical advice

About dill talked, now we will discuss how to grow on the green onions.

Luka varieties There are a great set, but on what kind of grade you did not choose, the process of planting and growing will be different.

Actions will be the following:

  • Buy planting material in the store – bow-samples with a diameter of at least 2.5 cm;
  • If you decide to land the acquisition in open ground, you should know what to do this in the fall, 14 days before the first frosts hit. If you do not have time to do this, do not be sad, the attempt number two you will have, but in the spring, as soon as snow comes down;
  • Before immersing bulwacks to the ground, prepare the landing material: extract the heads of 24 hours in the warm liquid, and then cut the top. Such manipulations will help to accelerate the appearance of greenery and increase the yield.

For growing green onions, 2 methods are used:

  • Grow dill and onions on your own dachaBridge. In this case, the bulbs fit into the ground close to each other, the horse system down. For the appeal to such a method for 1 kV. M. Square you need to stock average 12 kg of bow;
  • Tape. With this approach, the planting material is located in the grooves at a distance of about 3 cm, while between the rows there should be a space at 10-20 cm.

Those who decide to apply a bridge method will have to pour out bulbs after landing by a 2-3-centimeter soil layer. With a ribbon approach, the garden just spread.

If you produce landing work before in winter, then warm your home, putting a 3-5 cm leveling or manure on the bed. The spring top layer is recommended to remove and installs a frame of a frame, covered with a film.

It should be noted that for growing green onions, it is not only onion springs, but also seeds. The latter, by the way, will be cheaper. But now they will require much time to germinate. Therefore, in order to get fresh and fragrant green ones to spring, the seeds must be planted into the ground back in July, about 15 numbers. It should be done a number of preparatory measures: thoroughly break the soil, as well as feed the fertilizers.

The garden prepared landing should be rated, slightly to strip and sow seeds with solid rows, while maintaining the distance between rows about 35 cm. When notice the emergence of the first shoots, go to your landing.

After this work, the gaps between the bulbs should be approximately 4 cm. Before the winter, when the feathers of the onion will become about 20 cm, put the roots of the plants with straw, manure, peat and t.D. With the onset of spring you will get a reward for your efforts – the fragrant harvest of the useful greenery.

Grow greens in greenhouse and greenhouse

You can raise utility greens all year round, and not only for your own consumption, but also for sale. Profit from such a business is not bad, so let’s talk in detail about how to grow year-round greens for sale. It is necessary to make a reservation right away, it will not be about all the greens, but about Luka.

If you plan to plant the onion from October to April, then the best option to do it in the greenhouse. But those who want to engage in gardening work after the new year: since February and ending with May, grow a good harvest will help the greenhouse.

Grow dill and onions on your own dachaLanding, both in a greenhouse, and in the greenhouse is carried out exclusively by the bridge method. As a material it is recommended to take annual and two-year-old bulbs. They need to be pre-soak in a warm liquid, and after that it’s tightly put it in the ground. Cover the extra layer of humus or peat optionally, but you can.

If you cut the top before boarding the greenhouse, then you do not need to fall asleep.

If you want to get an excellent harvest, then put the landing on the greens in the boxes, pre-filled with humus, compost or peat. After the planting material was in the box, it is necessary to sprinkle the earth from above.

The first 2 weeks of the boxes can be located stacks, it will help free the place in the greenhouse. After 14 days they need to be arranged. It is important to monitor, behind the room in the room, it should not rise above the mark of +19 degrees.

Do not forget to water the onion, as well as feed fertilizers, but remember that the use of chemical drugs during the cultivation of a green plant is unacceptable. Luke feathers can be separated as soon as they reach a height of more than 24 cm.

Now you know how to grow green onions in the greenhouse all year round, as well as raise dill in the open soil. Apply new knowledge in practice, you will succeed. Harvesting you rich!

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