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Storage boxes


Boxes for storage of things can be made of various materials, be of different size and shape. You can even make them with your own hands, because it is quite simple!

Each of us in the house has a lot of things that we do not use constantly. This can be anything: all sorts of trivia, construction tools, dishes, which rarely happens in the go, old clothes and shoes. Everyone has something to! Therefore, the most important question that gets up every time before the owner of all these values ​​- how and where it is all stored?

Storage boxesAfter all, you need to pack the thing so that if necessary, it is easy to get it, but it should look suitable. Therefore, it is important that everything lay in place. Of course, you will have to highlight an area where all this will be stored, but the packaging itself is not less important. An ideal option in this case will be boxes for storage.

Types of storage boxes

As you already understood, they are the best option for storing things. But the boxes are also different. There are those sold in the store, and some can be made with your own hands.Consider more options for making various boxes at home.

  • Supported boxes

If you decide to buy them in the store, most likely, it will be large plastic containers in which it is convenient to store home textiles, clothing, shoes. They can be bright plastic boxes that will easily fit not only under the bed, but also, for example, in the storage room.

There are also special containers for tools, you can add all kinds of economic accessories, important tools. In general, they are quite universal, so suitable for many things. You can choose transparent boxes, multicolored or decorated with various drawings.

  • Fabric boxes

They, too, often fold clothes, home textiles or toys. They can be made of fabric or felt. There are different colors, sizes. The advantage of fabric boxes that are used to store things in the fact that they can be bought in the store or make it yourself, if you know how to sew. It is easy to do so, because on the Internet you can find a huge number of patterns.

  • Cardboard

Cardboard boxes are one of the most comfortable, but at the same time impractical tanks. Most often used for things or paper, because nothing heavy in them can not be put. You can buy simple gray tanks and decorate them yourself or choose already decorated, plated with beautiful paper with or without drawings.

  • Folding

Also intended for all sorts of trifles, clothes and other things. They have a rather attractive view, so they can serve as a stylish and functional accessory in the house. Their advantage is that when the folding box you do not need it, it can be easily folded, removing. And if necessary, to re-assemble in seconds, since their walls are attached on the buttons.

  • Wicker

Very nice and stylish will look in any house Wicker Boxes for storing things. As a rule, these are drawers of different sizes made of rattan. These can be spacious low containers that can be stored under the bed, containers for smallests with a variety of compartments, even drawers with wheels that are convenient to move.

  • Decorative

Storage boxesDecorative boxes for things can be made of various materials. It can be cardboard, fabric, even plastic. They are usually used to decorate the house, since an attractive appearance allows you to put such a box in the most prominent place.

Fabric decorative tanks sewn from bright beautiful fabric, decorated with various elements of decor, up to satin ribbons, lace and rhinestones. And plastic can be transparent boxes for storing things with beautiful drawings. They can store anything, they are excellent even for storing shoes.

Storage containers do it yourself

Of course, it is not difficult to buy a storage capacity in the store. You already know that they are of different shapes, from different materials, for every taste. The only problem is that their price is sometimes not for everyone by pocket. What to do in this case? The answer is obvious – make it yourself.

  • Decorating cardboard boxes

Best if you have recently recently. Then you can easily find everything you need to Make a cardboard box For storage of things. To do this, take a box from under household appliances, shoes or any other who will find at home. The main thing is that it is durable.

You will also need wallpaper remnants together with an old bamboo rug, it will be used as a decorative part. Clay can be the most common – PVA or «Moment».

First you need to poison the inside. It will be enough to cut the fabric of the desired value, stick them on the walls. Then you can take it over the upper part.

Do all the same. We accumulate the walls, and we stick from the bamboo rug on the ribs. As a result, you will have a beautiful box for all things you need.

To decorate it, you can use wallpaper or trimming fabrics. It will also be very beautiful and stylish.

  • Textile box

We use in the house there will be such an accessory from textiles. It is very convenient because it can be easily folded if necessary. Folding boxes in which you will store things can be of different sizes, for storing a variety of things, sewn from one fabric. Thus, they will play a decorative role in the house, since they are combined with one color or drawing. It looks very stylish.

For sewing you can use any cloth. You can easily find a master class on the sewing on the Internet. Be sure to complete your containers with handles on the sides so that the product is convenient to take. And on the side you can sew a plastic window in which insert the inscription on the storage of the contents.

Where to store the boxes themselves

When you dealt with the problem, how to store everything you need, inevitably the question of where to contain the boxes themselves. Of course, the most obvious answer is under the bed. But what to do if she does not allow nothing to stuff?

Also they will not be able to store anything on the floor and owners of pets, because cats and dogs necessarily go to explore the contents. Unless this is not box storage boxes from plastic, which can be closed tightly with a lid.

Storage boxesIn fact, you just think it is difficult to find a place for them. If you put boxes on the most obvious places, they will still help significantly save space.

First, it can be decorative boxes for storing things that can be placed on the room. Secondly, they can be placed in the wardrobe or on the rack, so you will have additional retractable drawers.

Their favor is difficult to overestimate. Despite the fact that storage boxes came to us recently, in Europe and America they have been used for a very long time. Previously, people believed that it was exclusively a box of cardboard from under shoes or household appliances, from which it is necessary to get rid of or shove away.

Today everything has changed. Modern containers are very functional, they can easily become a bright addition to any room. At the same time, their most important advantage is that they are the most inexpensive storage option. Make sure you yourself!

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