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12 best home remedies from minor burns – first aid for light burns


Small burn – what to do how to help? 12 best home remedies from burns that are always at hand. List of home equipment from light burns for first aid – on Lady-Magazine.Com

Each of us at least once in life had to be born. Whether it is hot coffee, steam from a kettle or a hot iron. The suffering of burnt skin is heavy. Especially difficult to carry their children. And how often it happens that there is no necessary drugs at hand.

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But it’s not a problem! Small burns can be treated with home.

Home Tools from Lung Skin Burns

Signs of light burns that can be treated at home – when you still need to consult a doctor?

Burns are four degrees of gravity:

  • First, the easiest – characterized by easy redness. An example may be a sunny skin burn.
  • Second degree affects a deeper layer of skin – Derma. But full recovery after such a burn is still possible. These burns are characterized by the appearance of blisters.
    Home Tools from Lung Skin Burns
  • Third degree of burn affects the hypoderma – zone of growth and restoration of the skin. After such a burn may remain scars. But with proper treatment, they are healing over time.
  • Fourth degree of burn affects not only the skin, but also fabrics underly under it. Including fat tissue and muscle. In this case, charring. Such kind of burn is threatened with fatal, if most of the body is amazed.

For your information: 70% of the total area of ​​the body is a critical value, when the burn is exceeded, the burn is considered fatal.

There is a simplified burn area measurement system.

It is known that the size of the palm of a person is equal 1% of the whole area of ​​his body. So, applying palm, you can measure the skin lesion area.

And there is a rule of 9%. It says that on:

  • Head
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Stomach
  • Each hand
  • Each hip
  • Skin shins and foot – 9% of the total area of ​​the body.
  • On the back – 18%.
  • On genitals – one%.

With extensive burns, it is more convenient to use the rule of palm, and with small – the rule of nine.

Folk remedies you can treat minor burns. For example – boiling water or ferry, since they rarely reach 2 severity.

The main signs of minor burns is:

  • Redness
  • Euchness
  • Sharp pain
  • Burning in the epicenter of the burn
  • The emergence of the blister

If you notice charring or damage to the lower layers of the skin, consult a doctor immediately!

12 best home remedies with small first-help burns

Burn is characterized High temperature destructive effect. The skin acts, for example, the fire that warms the human tissue to the level above the allowed, after which this fabric begins «break».

To prevent much damage, need to stop the heat penetrating the human body. T.E., If the top layer of the skin is damaged, then it is necessary that the heat is not struck by the following layers. It is ideal for cold water or cold compresses attached to the affected area until a blister arose.

  • Cool water Blocks heat and it is possible that even the effects of burn after fast cooling will not be noticeable. Neither scars nor blisters will appear.
    Home Tools from Lung Skin Burns

    Maybe only a little bit will pin up the top layer of the skin.

  • Ice, frozen products from the freezer. Act just like cold water. The only warning is not to apply a frozen package directly to the skin. Need to wrap it with a cloth or a thin towel.
    Home Tools from Lung Skin Burns

    Otherwise, it is possible to earn frostbite, which will only enhance pain syndrome.

The second burn problem is dehydration. Damaged tissue loses its moisture. Broken shells of skin cells do not hold cytoplasm – because there are blisters.

Consequently, the next necessary condition for the treatment of the burn is Moisturizing damaged surface. But it is necessary to do this after the acute pain of subsided, and the risk of damageing the underlying fabric has decreased.

  • Milk is perfect for moisture. It soothes the skin, gently eating her. This cosmetic agent was adopted by the ancient Egyptians led by their wonderful queen Cleopater.
  • Yogurt also has moisturizing properties. In addition, it contains live lactobacilli, which restore the skin well.
  • Sour cream is another ferocular product that will support damaged skin. Our grandmothers advised after tanning to flash sour cream, so as not to get. 20% of the fat content of this product or even 15% will protect your skin from painful sensations.
  • Potatoes or potato starch. Many people know that if after burning to attach to the damaged skin area for the potato slice, then the burned place may not hurt. This is due to the magic property of starch and potato juice, which saturates the skin moisture. You can attach a compress from grated potato pulp, wrapped in a piece of gauze. The cooling and toning effect of this folk agent has a beneficial effect on the place of lesion of the skin.

Along with cooling and moisture, healthy burns will be and Antiseptic properties of some products.

  • Honey – the most valuable anti-inflammatory and natural antimicrobial agent. To obtain a healing effect, it is necessary to attach a compress from honey or thin layer to smear the burn surface. Damaged skin can pinch a bit, but this discomfort will soon pass and the wound will start tightened.
  • Aloe juice. In almost every house there is this plant. To reduce pain and accelerate healing, you need to either squeeze the juice for gauze and attach it to the affected area of ​​the skin, or to make half the aloe sheet, having previously cut it in half.
  • Black tea Contains many tanning substances that toning and antiseptically act on damaged skin. You can attach both a wet sachet with welding and a rag moistened in tea.
  • Many vegetable oils have strong wound-healing properties. For example – Oil sprouts wheat, As a famous folk remedy for stretch marks, from burns, wounds and abrasion. It helps and at the first wrinkles. It is necessary to regularly smear the thin layer of this oil damaged skin and after some time the burn will quickly cease to disturb you.
  • Almond oil possesses the same restoring properties. But he has a lighter consistency and therefore it absorbs faster. Most of the reducing properties causes vitamin E, which enters all these vegetable oils. This vitamin effectively regenerates the skin, besides, makes it softer, velvety and tender.
  • Vitamin E possesses and sea buckthorn oil. If the thin layer is lubricated to lubricate the seedlings of the skin or make a bunch of sea buckthorn oil, then the burned area of ​​the skin will be restored much faster.
  • Another effective means is carrot juice, because he is also rich in vitamins. Mostly vitamin A, which also has regenerating properties, and therefore, carrot juice is helping to restore. If immediately after the burn, immerse the damaged area in carrot juice or make a mark with it, the pain subsides.

From minor burns can be effective not only pharmacy drugs, but also home. Know what and how to properly use is not to resort to the use of medicines with light skin burns.

be healthy!

Lady-Magazine site.COM provides reference information. In the event of anxiety symptoms in burns, the defeat of a large skin area and a significant deterioration of general well-being consult a doctor!

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