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10 Classic Flowers for Wedding


Wedding bouquet, or what flowers to give a bride to the wedding. What to give to a silver wedding, and what gift to prepare parents of the groom for the future bride

What flowers to the wedding can be given to newlyweds? This question affects each person invited to the wedding. Of course, a bouquet is an unsuccessful gift, but how it will be nice to see a lot of colors next to a happy couple. After all, at wedding celebrations, these gifts of nature are almost everywhere: on cars, in the hands of the bride and witnesses, in the luxurious hairstyles of girls. They decorated holiday tables and banquet hall. Without them, it is impossible to submit not one wedding.

There are many flower shops offering various variations of a bouquet for the bride.

To make the right choice, you need to know – what flowers guests give to the wedding:

  • 10 Classic Flowers for Weddingroses;
  • Calla;
  • orchids;
  • hyacinths;
  • lilies;
  • chamomile;
  • gerbera;
  • valley;
  • carnations;
  • Alstromeria.

Roses – Leader Sales. Symbolize luxury, wealth and well-being. A bouquet of burgundy and dark burgundy buds personifies passion. White and soft pink buds associate the concept of chastity, innocence and tenderness. Roses can be given in the form of a collected heart composition, present in a basket or bouquet.

Callas, orchids and hyacinths – symbolize friendly location. The bouquet of them looks great and comes to the wedding along.

Lilies – beautiful in their own type and shape and diverse in shades. Lilies symbolize lightness and luxury. Present in respect of the choice of a couple and wishes of a carefree life. When choosing this bouquet, check if the bride does not have allergies.

Chamomile and gerbera is designed to count «Sunny flowers», symbolizing joy, good mood and saturation of paints. Young bride gerbera chosen orange or pinkished shade, combined with snow-white daisies. The presentation of daisies and gerbera as a gift, the guest wishes newlyweds of good, joy, good luck and sincere feelings.

10 Classic Flowers for WeddingLrangessi – in all nations symbolize kindness, cleanliness and loyalty. And the steps from the bells are called «Pathway in Paradise». Admiration and joyful feelings give a bouquet of valley, fascinating the smell of a wonderful aroma.

Carnations – an infrequent choice of buyers for wedding celebrations. Carnations symbolize femininity and admiration for the bride. Guests guests are presented to more mature ladies than young.

Alstromeria – miniature lilies that look very cute in a bouquet, filling his life and positive. Alstromeria is designed to recall the joys, upcoming in marital life and optimism, so the necessary new pair.

What flowers bride give a wedding

Friend friends, witness and relatives are definitely given the bride on a bouquet. If a gift is addressed to the groom, plants should be on long stems and 2-precise shades – white or bright clear color.

The bride gives any flowers, the main thing is that they are gentle tones and did not cause allergies. Still need to know in what quantity flowers are given. Their bouquet should be an odd amount that symbolizes a long life. A clear number is presented in memory of the deceased person.

What flowers of the parents of the groom give a wedding

10 Classic Flowers for WeddingThe bride as a sign of adoption in the family is taking a bouquet and sweets. A bouquet is chosen at the discretion of the parents of the groom, depending on what they symbolize the choice of their son and what they wish his chosen.

If parents are in confusion and can not decide on to be understood, sellers consultants of the flower shop will help you choose a gift. They will answer wishing to the question of what flowers to give a wedding can no concern to cause negative associations and experience awkwardness.

What flowers give family on a silver wedding

On a silver wedding, a family congratulate the bouquet of lilies, carnations, orchids or other exotic, which bear the meaning of the strength of marriage and wisdom in relations. Due to the fact that not all couples get to this date, the festival is noted lunically and rich. Close people allow themselves to reward spouses with silver products, chains and medallions.

What flowers to give a wedding can not

10 Classic Flowers for WeddingYou can not give bouquets with a sharp smell and those that can cause allergies. Superstitious people can not be given a wedding bouquet of yellow colors, for some beliefs yellow to parting.

Chrysanthemums, even trendy Dutch, extremely undesirable to choose as a wedding gift. In Europe, they bring them to the grave in memory of the mind. It is impossible to give flowers of pair.

In different countries, plants sometimes have the opposite value, so choose a bouquet based on accommodation.

Read in the encyclopedias history of the origin of colors and their meaning. Then choose a gift will be much easier, and you will know exactly what symbols are suitable for the wedding, and which no.

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