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Eye bandage for sleep: sew your own hands!


How to make pattern dressings for sleep and sew a product? Why do you need such an accessory, and when it may need?

Official medicine has long been proven that healthy and strong sleep is possible only in complete darkness. But it sometimes is not easy to achieve even at home, what can we talk about those cases when sleeping is on the road or any other universal conditions?

Who needs a lining on the eyes?

Eye bandage for sleep: We sew your own hands!Due to the low quality of sleep, efficiency is reduced, apathy and fatigue appears, and no other reasons appear.

If you are moving to spend the night in places that are unsuitable for strong healthy sleep due to its high illumination and noise, the mask for sleep and ear will come to the aid. And if everything is clear with the second device, because it is possible to buy it in any store of goods for home and life, then the first to find in our time is not as easy as I would like.

Eye bandage for sleep earlier was traditionally issued in airplanes to all passengers of long flights, which suggest night flight.

Today it is considered the privilege of the first class, and ordinary people have to acquire similar devices independently. And if you do not find this device in stores, you can try to make it with your own hands.

Why do you need a bandage to sleep for sleep, and does she prevent a person? As we have said, she is suitable in cases where you have to sleep in a lit or partially lit room. Some people have a special sensitivity to this factor, and to fall asleep for them in such conditions is simply not possible. If you enter their number, try this device to ensure that it is guaranteed to find a healthy strong sleep in any external conditions.

And make such a dressing eye to sleep with your own hands is completely simple than we suggest you do. Another bonus of such a solution is originality and uniqueness of the finished product, because your mask will look like you want!

Why it is worth using a night bandage?

Why and who needs a sleep mask?

First of all, this product will become particularly relevant for travel lovers. Alas, tourism has not only obvious advantages, but also objective flaws. Sometimes people returning from vacation, complain that another recovery vacation is needed after it. And this is connected mainly with a latitude on the road.

How correctly called eye bandage for sleep?

Americans master such a device «blindfellen» («Blindfellen»), however, you do not need to call it «relatives» Word when buying in a pharmacy or specialized store. Enough to voice the seller what exactly you need, and what goals you are haunting.

Usually such devices can be found in large pharmaceutical networks, or less common – in ordinary supermarkets. By the way, the device is used not only to healthy people, but also patients with serious ophthalmological pathologies. Especially in the period of active recovery of vision – for example, after laser recovery and other operations.

The following phenomena may interfere with a healthy sleep:

  1. Eye bandage for sleep: We sew your own hands!The headlights of cars traveling along the counter-lane (usually with such a problem
    passengers in cars and buses traveling for long distances);
  2. Light of street lamps located directly from your windows apartment or house;
  3. The bright light of the moon at night in the cloudless sky (most people do not feel discomfort, but there are particularly photosensitive personalities for a long time to suffer insomnia even on such a banal reason);
  4. Light of lanterns, rushing behind the windows of the train;
  5. Sunny Morning Light, especially in the summer.

If you often encounter the listed problems, sew a mask to sleep necessarily. After all, depriving himself high-quality sleep is dangerous and unacceptable, especially if you relax. And people who have to constantly be on the road on duty, it is at all necessary, because they often happen important meetings after such «Sleepless nights».

The pattern of such a product is extremely simple, and you can sew it, even if nothing like nothing was practiced before. In a word, make a mask even an amateur, far from cutting and sewing, and does not have special sewing equipment in their home.

Materials and tools that you need

In the process of making mask for sleep you will need certain materials and tools that can be found at home or pre-buy in a specialized store.

Standard mask size – 19.5 x 19.5 cm. Therefore, count the amount of the desired material, based on it.

You will need:

  • Basic material – cotton, sitheria, flannel (we recommend that you use the atlas, because it is incredibly pleasant to the touch and looks very aesthetically from the side);
  • Fliselin;
  • Fleece or flannel for the inner layer of bandage;
  • Rubber (it will be made of it, which crept the mask to the head);
  • Any finishing materials – lace, ribbons, beads, guipure (if you sew a mask for a husband or any other man, this item can be excluded);
  • Laman (template, drawn and carved from cardboard).

The pattern of eye bandages for sleep should be done exactly on the lecture. And in order to make it, you need to pre-draw the form of the future mask on cardboard or any other tight paper, and cut the template by the stationery knife.

Step-by-step mask manufacturing mask

So, if you have already coped with the template, it’s time to proceed with the full manufacture of your future dressing for sleep. The pattern of this product does not take you a lot of time and effort, but you must act carefully, so that your mask gets smooth and beautiful.

How to statenly sew a mask on the eyes for sleep:

  • Eye bandage for sleep: We sew your own hands!From the main fabric, cut two equal in the size of the rectangle. They should be a little more than the mask details on your template;
  • Discuss the details of the mask on the pattern of the knead or pencil (as you are more convenient);
  • Cut the fabric by the designated scheme by conventional tailoring scissors or a stationery knife (also choose the tool in its convenience to cut neatly – without jar and threads);
  • Do not forget to leave the seam allowance;
  • Fliselin also process in a similar way – it is necessary that the finished bandage does not lose shape;
  • From the fleece, also cut out the same detail, but note that it should be less than the main parts by 5 mm on all sides to be able to be located in the middle;
  • To «guess» With a length of gum, it is desirable to first measure the volume of your own head (or the head of which you sew a mask). Note that the gum in no way should turn and squeeze the skin – it is intended only for fixing the mask in the eyes!;
  • Sure all the details of the mask, including the main fabric, lining and fliesline and not forgetting to retreat space for gum;
  • Then handle the gum – it can also be seen by the atlas in the form of the national team «belly»;
  • To inhale the gum in the left holes and the trick;
  • On the front surface of the mask of our lace or any other decorative elements that you have been selected earlier;
  • Mask is ready, and you can start testing it right at this night!

You can sew with a typewriter, or hands. But note that in the second case you will need the limit accuracy, so that the seams turn out to be smooth and the same in size. «Subtle» For the gum sew manually it is unlikely to succeed, but if you want to somehow decorate it, try to make a guipure framing.

Decorate ready-made dressings can be embroidery, rhinestones, sequins. Some prefer to produce such products for a gift, so they make nominal and comic masks. If you have a fairly developed fantasy, let it the will and seek something unique for yourself! You can also additionally make a special pouch for your new «Assistant», so that its fabric is not dust and not contaminated during transportation. Case can also be made with your own hands, and it will be even easier.

Let this useful and pleasant accessory screens up your journey and neutralizes his inconvenience!

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