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Want to sew a swimsuit with your own hands? Choose a bathing suit – just and tastefully!


Trendy and stylish bathing baths today are very popular among young girls. In this article you will learn how to sew this swimsuit model with your own hands to look amazing

Every woman going on a journey to the sea, wants to look like on the beach just irresistibly. The choice of swimsuits in the assortment of women’s underwear stores and accessories today is just huge, however, not every girl can pick up what is really suitable for her.

Often, a fair sex is possessed by a non-standard figure, so certain models of swimsuits look at them ugly. In addition, some options are very expensive, so no every woman can afford to buy the model you like.

In a similar situation, a bango swimsuit can solve the problem with her own hands, taking into account the size and all individual features of the figure.

What are the advantages of the female bango swimsuit?

The name of this model of the swimsuit comes from a French word «Bandeau», that translated means «bandage». In fact, the top bandage is a bodice of a small width that has no straps.

Want to sew a swimsuit with your own hands? Choose a bango swimsuit - just and tastefully!Panties in this version can be absolutely any, so all girls choose a model that is better than others fits them according to the figure.

If you acquire a bango swimsuit in the store, complete with a banging bodice most often go ordinary smelters, but there are also a variety of variations.

At home there is no such problem – putting quite a bit of effort, you can sew such a swimsuit that will look at you as winning as much as possible.

Bando swimwear are fashionable, stylish and bright models that young girls often prefer preference. At the same time, women more than reference can also choose the style of design and coloring suitable for their status.

The main advantage of swimsuit-bands is that it is great for owner of almost any type of figure. In addition, with it, you can achieve the most flattened and beautiful tan due to the fact that only a very small part of your body will be covered with cloth.

How do you sew a fashionable bango swimsuit?

First of all, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • any elastic quick-drying fabric. You can buy it in the store or use the old sports t-shirt or leggings;
  • threads suitable for color material;
  • Soft cloth for lining, which will be most comfortable as possible to the body;
  • Latex rubber band 1 cm;
  • Caps for a bra, which can also be taken from the old set of underwear or swimsuit;
  • chalk or soap;
  • sharp scissors;
  • fastener for bodice and several pins;
  • Brooches, rhinestones, sequins, beads, fiberglass or other accessories for decoration.

Next you need to remove the measurements that may be required to create our swimsuit, namely:

  • Want to sew a swimsuit with your own hands? Choose a bango swimsuit - just and tastefully!semi-clap breast;
  • Height of the top, side, side and rear;
  • product width;
  • The rear height, which can also specify you which width should be clasp;
  • Waist Circle and Waving Waughters.

At home, a separate pattern for sewing melts you will not need. The easiest way to take ordinary panties, which are better sitting on your figure, to break up them on the sides and note the outlines on the involve side of the fabric intended for the bottom of the future swimsuit. On the lining fabric it is necessary to note the lasty.

Next, the lastician should be sewed to the mock and strain them on the sides. A rubber band must be applied along the lower edge – the line cuts for the legs and stitch the zigzag. Edges need to be slightly turned inside and pave elastic seam.

After that, you should flash the loaf and pull the gum.

During the creation of a swimsuit, a bango with cups, you can also do without pattern.

Take advantage of the following detailed instructions, with which you can sew a swimsuit, or rather, its top, without much effort:

  1. On the wrong side of the fabric for swimsuit with shallow or soap draw a rectangle. Its length must correspond to the semi-coupling of your breast, and the width should be approximately 30 cm. At your request, this magnitude can be done a little more or a little less. Cut a rectangle with sharp scissors;
  2. Fold this rectangle along half and place. Insert the strips insert the cups. In the center a little will give up the material and place;
  3. If you like the models with the ring in the center of the top, you can do as follows: Cut 4 identical strips of fabric and sew them in pairs so that resulting from you have 2 double stripes. Plastic ring for top must have a diameter of about 3-4 centimeters. From two sides to the sale of the material in it and, by placing the foam cups in it, Purge the top;
  4. At the bottom of the future, the bunch of bunotherly, stretch the gum. Cut the two strips of the fabric and enter them to the side edges, some of them. At the ends of these strips, install the fastener. There is a simpler option – initially cut the longer pieces of fabric and simply tie them on the back;
  5. Want to sew a swimsuit with your own hands? Choose a bango swimsuit - just and tastefully!Finally, the last step should be the design of your future swimsuit. If you wish, you can twist your own rosette from any fabric and attach it to the top and smelting. In the center of the lift, you can place a large beautiful brooch suitable for your chosen style. Also excellent way beautifully decorate a female swimsuit is an embroidery beads, glassware or threads. In general, there are absolutely no restrictions here – connecting quite a bit of imagination and imagination, you can easily place your swimsuit to your liking so to look as close as possible and sexy.

Baseline Bando can not only sew with their own hands, but also tie. Make it very just with ordinary yarn and hook. Knitted models of swimsuits are very popular today, because they look very exquisitely and originally and can decorate any girl.

In any case, whatever option you choose, always remember – the main thing that you liked the swimsuit. A woman who is confident in his attractiveness always looks great regardless of what it is worn.

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