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Original stand for earrings with their own hands – create beauty


A real fashionista, having many decorations, often faces a question where they store them. Stand for earrings, hand made, excellent alternative to a familiar box

Original stands can be not only a convenient storage location of jewelry, but also an excellent interior decoration. That’s just not everyone knows how to do with your own hands, for example, a stand for earrings.


Very comfortable earrings for earrings, which will be a bright decoration.

Make it is very simple, for this you need to take:

  • Original stand for earrings with their own hands - create beautyframe;
  • a piece of lace cloth;
  • Stapler.

Take a suitable frame. Suitable and ordinary for photos. From the lace cloth, make patterns in the form of a rectangle in size frame. Attach it to the possession of the design and attach one edge by the stapler.

Tension the fabric is quite tight and in the same way attach to three other parties.

You can hang the finished product on the wall and attach earrings to it. There are many options for the manufacture of similar figures. Instead of lace you can take a plastic mesh.

Stand for earrings do it yourself

You can create an interesting holder of plastic bottles.

To do this, you will need:

  • 4 plastic bottles;
  • Metal thin rod;
  • scissors.

First cut the bottles, leaving only the bottom. Take one of them and turn down the cut side. In the middle of the bottle, fasten the rod by doing a small hole. Next, take another bottle and make the same hole, descend to the rod of the cropped side up, not reaching the first bottle base. Similar actions Do with the rest of the bottles up to the end of the rod. For a more beautiful image cut into a bottle of hole in the form of stars or colors.

Cardboard stand for earrings with their own hands

This is a simple option that does not require serious effort and expensive material. You can take a sheet of cardboard from underwear or shoes. The main thing is that it was dense.

You will also need:

  • Original stand for earrings with their own hands - create beautyscissors;
  • hole puncher;
  • Scotch;
  • acrylic paint;
  • Simple pencil.

We will create a cardboard cracker, reproducing a silhouette of a beloved tree. First draw on a cardboard pattern in the form of a tree.

Cut off the harvested forms, and do hole punch holes.

After that, insert one part to the other and cover their paint.

When it snacks, fasten the top of the tree scotch. In the holes can insert earrings from your collection.

Another stand for wood-shaped earrings

When stored in a box, earrings can get confused or break. To avoid this, make a magnificent holder, for example, a tree.

To do this, use:

  • floristic wire;
  • paper napkin;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors;
  • varnish.

Take the wire and twist the thin blanks from it – the twigs. Cut on a strip paper napkin. Each twig lubricate glue and screw the paper strip on it. Product cover lacquer. Bunches can decorate beads. Delica is ready.

How to make a stand from disks for earrings with your own hands

To do this, you will need the following materials, as well as tools:

  • Original stand for earrings with their own hands - create beautywire;
  • nail;
  • scissors;
  • 2 double-sided disks;
  • Coils with threads.

First, run the nail with fire. Use a lighter, candle or slab. Then make holes over the entire surface of one disk, as well as 4 holes in the center of two disks.

Cut the nail again and make 4-5 holes on one side of each bobbin.

Connect the bobbins by inserting one to another to get a long framework for decoration. Connect discs in this only. To do this, grind a wire into the hole, in the center of the disk pinning bobs.

Specify similar actions with another disk. Place of disk connection Close velvet paper or cloth. For beauty, write disks acrylic. The holder of jewelry is ready, it remains to hang decorations on him.

Stand for marirings in the form of carnations

To do this, use:

  • 1 wide and 2 narrow wooden frames;
  • 4 loops window;
  • a piece of metal mesh with small cells;
  • White metal hooks;
  • self-tapping screw;
  • Scissors, cutting on metal;
  • White primer for wood.

First wooden frames cover the primer. In the narrow frame above, make holes and screw the hooks there.

Cut from the grid rectangle in size of a wide frame. Secure a rectangular mesh on it. Create the whole design with self-draws and window loops. Center for fastening sewer-carnations, and hooks perfectly suitable for bracelets or chains.

Stand for decorations in the form of an elegant bust

For the manufacture of this accessory you need to take:

  • Original stand for earrings with their own hands - create beautySilhouette pattern. If it is female, better use the style of the 18th century;
  • a piece of plywood;
  • clamps for safe wood cutting;
  • grinding paper;
  • paint;
  • cutting tools by contour;
  • pencil;
  • Nails and bolts.

First on paper Draw a template that will have a female elegant silhouette. It can be any size. If you do not draw or unsure that you have an attractive drawing, try to find something on the Internet and print an image.

Contour Move on the surface of plywood, then neatly cut the drawing.

If necessary, paint the paint pattern, better acrylic.

After the paint is driving, prepare special mounts for holder. You can install it on the chest or table, then the mount will be horizontal. If you are planning the wall position of the product, the fastening will be vertical.

Wire Stand for Beading

For this thing they will need:

  • One sericulture wire is 0.3 millimeters;
  • nail or brackets;
  • drill;
  • round-rolls;
  • screwdriver;
  • nippers;
  • shape for pouring holder;
  • gypsum;
  • sandpaper;
  • dye;
  • PVA glue;
  • primer;
  • cardboard.

Original stand for earrings with their own hands - create beautyTwist wire with a drill. Fasten it on the bracket and at a distance of 50 cm screw the wire on the bracket and a screwdriver in 20-25 revolutions. Twist the wire with a screwdriver.

Twisted cord fold in half. Then fasten it on the bracket and twist again. Cut the lines with nipples from one end of the wire and manually sprinkle 7 centimeters at a distance.

With the help of the rounds, do neat roundings. Stand Create from Gypsum. To do this, mix it with water to thick consistency and pour into the mold.

After freeing it from the form, drill the survey hole. Ready earrings hanger.

When everything is driving, passing the surface with sandpaper and treat the surface of the primer. Furious surface three times.

To the craft, glue the material or cardboard with the help of PVA glue, so that the stand has not scratching furniture. After that, do brake with scissors all the extra materials that go beyond the edges of the stand.

There are many simple ways to create a jewelry holder. Just choose something close to yourself and create.

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