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Patterns on the clothes received by the Chinese technique Tai Give


Tech coloring equipment Tai Dai allows you to get original patterns on the fabric. If you wish, you can independently master this technique, good for this much is required

Tai Mae, Give Technique, does not have one hundred years old and his homeland is ancient India and China. Hippie’s movement in the past century breathed in her new life and now many modern clothing brands use this technique for painting products. However, on the purchase of an expensive brand T-shirt, you can save and easily create a masterpiece of well-known technique at home.

Mature patterns

Patterns on the clothes received by the Chinese technique Tai GiveHow many people are so many opinions and the same options Coloring clothes on the technique of Tai give. We are talking about the options for obtaining patterns, and colors of paints, their concentration and mixing with each other can be any.

Here are some of them, let’s start with the most popular:

  • Spiral – to get this classic and most popular t-shirt pattern Tai Give, clothes need to be decomposed on a flat surface, and then put a thumb into the center and, helping the index, start wrapping it in a circle. Fix the resulting pattern with threads or rubber bands;
  • Vertical or horizontal strips – for this T-shirt you need to decompose on a flat surface and roll into the tube, starting with Niza. With the help of rubber bands to intercept it in several places. Their number will determine the number of horizontal strips on clothes. If we roll the shirt in the tube not from below, but from any sides, you can get a drawing with vertical stripes;
  • Polka dot – this pattern is very simple, enough in any arbitrary places to intercept the rubber band of small covers on a T-shirt. If you twist them on the principle of the spiral, you will have several circles of the corresponding form;
  • How to make Tai Give a T-shirt on a technique, involving the placement on her pattern in the form of a rose? To do this, you need to make three coverage next to each other and combine them together with a gum. The more the offices you will have, the more detailed the rosette turns out;
  • If you do not know which pattern you want to get, just doubt the shirt in a lump and clog the rubber bands. As a result, you will get the effect of reference;
  • folds – to create folds T-shirt you need to collapse in the form of a fan. As a result, you will get horizontal or vertical strips, as the second type;
  • Patterns on the clothes received by the Chinese technique Tai GiveLightning – this technique for clothing Tai Dai is considered one of the most difficult. To obtain a lightning pattern, it must be folded in half and along that the inflection line passes through the center of the neck. Now make two folds so that her seams are in the letter «and». Such layers or folds can be made several, the main thing is to be withstanding the distance in 5 cm. Do not forget to intercept the product with rubber bands: the more they are, the more detailed lightning.

Mobile clothes on the technique of Tai Give

For dyeing at home you will need a plastic container or pelvis, the paints themselves and salt. Textile paints can be purchased in any specialized store, although some users successfully paint things with ordinary acrylic paints.

If you are planning to work with several colors, you will need the appropriate amount of containers, otherwise you will have to wash the pelvis and make a new solution.

Act the following algorithm:

  • Dilute the painting composition according to the instructions and add a tablespoon of salt to it, which will help him better lock on the fabric. Note that the more water you add to the container, the pace the color will turn out;
  • Patterns on the clothes received by the Chinese technique Tai GiveHaving gained paint into a syringe or just a brush in it, apply an ornament on the cloth. If there is no other, the solution can be simply pouring into the cloth. If you plan to use another color of the coloring solution, proceed in the same way;
  • Leave a T-shirt to dry on one day: it is necessary for the final fastening of the picture on the fabric;
  • Now it remains to wash the product in warm water and dry at room temperature.

Interesting patterns and bright things!

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