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How to interest the child: we create crafts from sand with him


Inventive kids gladly creates crafts and uses various materials for this, and one of them is sand, obediently receiving forms that children give him

Of which the various compositions of both childish and adult hands are not created! Much more fascinating creative process becomes if adults are involved in it with children. In a warm course, the bastard loves to create crafts from sand, resting on the beach.

How to interest the child: we create crafts from sand with himBy the way, you can do this interesting thing at home, in the yard. Using this natural material, whole compositions are created that may have not only the golden color of sand, but also completely different color.

What ideas can be used when working with him, how it happens?

Colored sand

With these materials, children work much more interesting. It is not surprising, because the colored bulk substance can do everything as out of normal, but the compositions are obtained more realistic and pleasant.

In addition to the usual modeling with this material, you can also draw.

The technique of this lesson is simple:

  • Application (paper, cardboard and t. D.) glue;
  • Putting the basics by the main material;
  • Removing unnecessary elements.

How to interest the child: we create crafts from sand with himBefore you start drawing, you need to base the contours of the picture, and then decorate it. To create crafts with their own hands from colored sand, you can use the usual coloring. But if you want to give the child the opportunity to fully show creativity, let the child apply these peculiar «paints» In order of what he likes.

When used in the figure of several colors, they need to be applied in turn, each time applying glue to the desired section and giving it to dry.

After creating a masterpiece you need to give it to dry in a horizontal position.

Such crafts do it yourself, like drawing with natural bulk substance, were created since ancient times. This technique is used not only for development in children of creative deposits, motility hands, care, but also adults, because the occupation is perfectly relieves stress.

You can apply the material not only on the flat bases – any bulk item can be decorated with them using the same technique as with paper.

How to interest the child: we create crafts from sand with himToday, this diverse material can be bought in almost any children’s store, but it can be done independently. For this, the usual bulk substance needs to be sifted, mix in small portions with paint (for example, with a gouache), stir good, and then dry, decomposing a thin layer on paper.

To create imitation of this material, use a semolina, connected to the chopped chalk (color). To give a saturated color, it is also painted by conventional paints.

Kinetic sand

This novelty appeared in the store of children’s goods relatively recently, hitting the kids with its colorfulness and functionality. Some parents find the cost of this new product very high, but what you will not be acquired for the sake of the development of your favorite chad?

The material resembles a common rash material, but it is very soft, plastic, does not scatter, it will not stick to the hands. It includes a natural component (98%), but the name of the substance that makes it soft and so convenient to use, the manufacturers of kinetic sand hide.

But resourceful moms invented and successfully use their recipe for its manufacture.

For this you need:

  • Starch – 2 glasses;
  • Water is 1 cup;
  • Sand – 4 glasses;
  • Food dyes.

How to interest the child: we create crafts from sand with himCouple starch and water, mix well, getting a viscous liquid. It is necessary to add a bulk substance and thoroughly stir. Now it needs to be painted, collecting dyes with water and placing the resulting mixture in them.

Food dyes can be replaced by the usual gouache.

Next, the kinetic sand needs to be dried on paper, after which any crafts can do from it.

By the way, a similar mixture is obtained from Manka with crayons, we are talking about.

From this material you can create absolutely any compositions, sculpt the figures.

In kindergarten

When a lot of children, it is worth organizing such entertainment, in which they will all be involved. What could be better than making collective crafts?

In each kindergarten there is a sandbox that you can use.

How to interest the child: we create crafts from sand with himHere is what to prepare for the event:

  • Water watering can;
  • Chalks;
  • Sprayer.

The bulk substance is predeforeced to moisten well, to better fit. It must be moistened evenly, so it is necessary to thoroughly stir it with, for example, robble.

Together with the kids, determine what or who you will form, and maybe it will be a whole composition.

In order for the kindergarten in kindergarten, the disputes will immediately distribute the duties who are responsible for what part of the craft. You can do without the distribution of duties, but then make sure that the work is organized correctly.

For example, you can make a lizard in colors. Start from my head, then make a torso, and then tail. The latter should be curved. Now on the torso lizard make scales, and then formulate paws. Do not forget that they should be the same.

How to interest the child: we create crafts from sand with himNear the finished craft from the sand made in the yard of the kindergarten, most likely there will be a lot of excess rash substance that needs to be carefully removed.

Pour the lizard from the sprayer so that the figure is more durable.

Grind the shallow and show off the figure. Around it you can form flowers and other elements. They also need to sprinkle with water, decorate.

Crafts with shells

With them this type of material is combined organically, since it is in this «Duet» They meet in nature.

Making a sand from sand using seashells, a base is also needed. In its capacity can be paper, cardboard, volumetric items.

You can suggest to make a snail. In this case, you will need to draw its outlines on the green paper sheet. If there is no, the usual sheet is filled with green paint. Apply the contour of the body of the snail, and above it – a shell.

The child will have to snail «Decorate».

How to interest the child: we create crafts from sand with himFirst, apply glue to her body in such a way that it is evenly distributed and completely covered it. Next paper needs to pour the main substance with a dense layer, give to dry, and then remove excess material.

Continue work must be applied seashells. To do this, you will need glue, which is processed part of the pattern with «Domik» Snails. Next glue seashells, too dense layer. For a more interesting view, some of them are crushed, as well as add minor pebbles.

Give the compositions to dry.

Similarly, you can decorate any items. Very nice looks for photos decorated with these elements.

In the bottle

You probably met the vessels with a picture in the middle, made of a bulk substance. This composition causes delight and surprise. Make a craft from sand hosted in a bottle, you can and do it yourself. In the store of children’s goods, you can meet special sets with a picture and fitness.

You can pick up a picture and yourself, and the material is made according to the algorithm described above.

How to interest the child: we create crafts from sand with himThe easiest option of such a composition is a rainbow.

Disclosure the label from the bottle, wash the latter, wrap and dry carefully.

Push up in a bottle of the first layer of sand of any color through the funnel. The thickness of the layer is about 1 cm. Now we fall asleep the second layer of another color of the same thickness and also through a funnel. The bulk substance in the bottle due to the funnel is stacked in the form of an arc, which gives the craft of a special kind.

Such a bottle worth decorating with seashells, stones. For this they are mixed with sawdust, glue and apply to the vessel.

A more complex option is to create a picture inside the vessel. Figure is formed using a stick, which sand moves inside the bottle in the right direction. Those parts of the bulk substance that form the drawing is pre-processed with glue so that they are attached to the walls of the bottle.

In this regard, it is necessary to work quickly and deftly so that the glue is not frozen. Of course, the manufacture of such a masterpiece will require more effort and practice, but the result is very beautiful.

As you can see, summer crafts from sand can be made not only on the sunny coast in the warm season, but also at home in winter and in the offseason. Enjoy your useful pastime!

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