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We are engaged in creativity: Create unusual crafts from sweets and candies do it yourself


To pleasantly surprise a loved one, it is not necessary to give dear gifts. Make the original crafts from candy with your own hands, and you will receive in response only thanks!

I look forward to the onset of holidays, and children, and adults are in anticipation, because they are waiting for pleasant surprises and gifts. Now there are few people surprised with your gifts, because we usually buy everything in stores and predict them very easily. If you want to really nice to surprise your loved one, make a gift with your own hands, namely, crafts from sweets, it will be tasty, and original!

Create lovely bouquets

We are engaged in creativity: Create unusual crafts from sweets and candies do it yourselfFrom candy with your own hands, you can make a variety of diverse, among which bouquets deserve special attention, because they are most often given.

A bouquet of sweets is the perfect sweet gift, but they present them to their acquaintances and close quite rarely. Paying a little time to this exciting lesson, you will certainly get a real masterpiece of art. 

If you are a novice, you better see the master class from professionals, repeating their actions, you will get your beautiful bouquet. You can give it absolutely for any holiday or even without reason, just to raise the mood to a close person. Creating unique compositions, you can use not only chocolate candy, but also marmalade, for example, it is perfect for the core of the flower. 

Basket with snowdrops

Such a winter-spring composition can be made from any sweets, because as the basis will use corrugated paper. The basket with snowdrops made by their own hands will become not only a gift, but also decoration of the festive table. It can be given to March 8 Mom, grandmother or sister. 

So, in preparing for the holiday, we study the master class to create this magnificent bouquet.

To make this craft from candy With your own hands, you will need:

  • candies;
  • corrugated paper;
  • Termoklay;
  • toothpick;
  • threads;
  • Floral tape;
  • fir branches;
  • beads;
  • small basket;
  • Styrofoam;
  • organza. 

For the manufacture of snowdrops, we take small round candy, well for these purposes to use the hazelnut in chocolate. To candies attaching ships using hot glue. Free tail must be fixed on a skeleton with a scotch. 

After that, from corrugated paper, cut the strip of 2 cm wide, length – 10. These will be the petals of our colors. These stripes need to be twisted in the middle of 180 degrees, then bend along the circle line. Two sides of the strips put each other and give them bulges, stretching with a slightly finger paper. 

One flower will consist of three double petals. To make a snowdrop, kpripim around candy three petals, fixing their thread. Below the flower, around the spanks wrap green paper, it will be a stem of a snowdrop. 

Our composition besides snowdrops, will consist more from other elements. When the flowers are ready, go to a spruce twig. They are also neatly secure to toothpicks using thermocons. 

We take the green tape aspidar, cut it into small pieces, it will be leaves, they are also fixed around the toothpick scotch. To give the composition of the festive, between candy free space is better to fill «pantics» from squares with organza, which also glue to toothpicks. 

When all the components of the elements of our original composition are ready, go to the preparation of the basket itself. Inside the baskets put the foam of suitable size, and so that it is not visible through the basket, turn a piece of organza around it. On top of the foam need to close the sisal.

We proceed to assembling the composition: first over the entire surface of the basket distributing the pounds, inserting them into the foam, then stick the snowdrops, alternating them with the leaves of aspidistra. All over the perimeter baskets decorate it with fir branches. 

The final moment of the master class crafts from sweets is the decorative design of the handle of the basket: winding it with a ribbon so that hanging edges formed a spiral. On the surface of the handle between the ribbon we glue silver beads, now the original bouquet can be given to the addressee!

Make a Christmas tree of sweets

Showing a fantasy, with a big desire, using candy words or sweets, you can create so unusual crafts that you yourself will be pleasantly surprised by your work. Sweet Christmas tree will decorate the interior of your housing, creating a New Year’s atmosphere in the house. 

We are engaged in creativity: Create unusual crafts from sweets and candies do it yourselfFor such a craft you will need:

  • dense sheet of paper;
  • scissors;
  • tinsel;
  • Scotch;
  • hot glue;
  • candies;
  • New Year’s beads. 

From paper Make a cone – the basis for the mandatory attribute of the new year. Then we take a tinsel green color, turn it around the cone, cut off, it will be the bottom row of the Christmas tree. This series must be fixed by attaching tinsel to the paper with hot glue. 

The next row will consist of sweets, you need to take sweets round or cone-shaped shape of bright colors, but not green. To attach candies for the christmas tree cone, we use bilateral scotch. Further there is a tinsel again, so we alternate the ranks until we do until the top. The top decorate the snowflake, you can attach a beautiful candy there.

To make a handicraft of festive, you can decorate it from above. There is another idea of ​​creating a Christmas tree: Instead of a cone from a cardboard, you can use a bottle from under champagne, of course, better filled with sparkling drink! 

Than you can please men?

Not only cute women can be originally congratulated on the holiday, because there are unusual ideas for creating crafts and for men. With the approach of February 23, it is worth thinking about what we will congratulate our favorite men.

If you want your chosen to surprise your chosen, make a car from chocolates for him. Such an exercise for a man from chocolates does not require a lot of financial costs, but the time and strength to spend on it will have to. To understand how to make a car, you should see a master class. 

To begin with, you need to make a car from cardboard, and then it is already nice to arrange candy. With these sweets For a man In addition to the car, you can still make such crafts like a glass of beer, boat, football ball.

If you need to congratulate on the feast of a football player, prepare such materials:

  • cone-shaped candy contrasting colors;
  • toothpick;
  • scissors;
  • Termoklay;
  • foam. 

Perform the following simple actions, and you will get a great ball:

  • We are engaged in creativity: Create unusual crafts from sweets and candies do it yourselfCandies cut off the tails and attach them with glue to toothpicks. In advance the toothpicks need to shorten a little;
  • Next, on one candy, we begin to stick into the foam, alternating them in color;
  • So that the ball is as much as possible to the real inventory of the football player, try to pass the drawing with accuracy. 

Such a gift will certainly like your athlete, because you have invested the part of your soul. If a gift needs to be given in the hot season, experts recommend making crafts from candy candy. So your composition does not melt from heat! 

Implement the original ideas into reality and do not stop on the result, because it is very useful to engage in creativity!

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