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Methods and seating schemes invited at the wedding


Wedding – an important event in the life of any person. Each little thing must be taken into account. This is especially important to remember, the plan seating guests at the wedding, however, as in any other celebration

The organization of the wedding is a difficult and troublesome event with a lot of small nuances that must be taken into account. Typically, planning begins long before the event itself, and now, when the hall has already been ordered and decorated, the menu has been approved and the script has been developed, the first place has a plan seating at the wedding.

In order to simplify these troubles as much as possible, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the useful information and the most common schemes.

Useful tips for a comfortable holiday

We offer to get acquainted with some recommendations that will help quickly, and most importantly, without errors to send everyone to finish the decoration of the wedding:

  1. Methods and seating schemes invited at the weddingThe scheme should be chosen based on the total number of invited people, the size and shape of the hall;
  2. The main attention is guided by the newlyweds, however, not only they have to have a good review, but also everyone else, too;
  3. In the seating map, guests at the wedding are all invited to be separated in accordance with the classification: relatives, friends, colleagues and others;
  4. Close and honorary people need to show maximum respect, their places should be closest to the young;
  5. If completely unfamiliar people are planted nearby, they must be presented to each other;
  6. It is impossible to plant a number of family and idle, in order to avoid conflict situations;
  7. Merchant must sit in different ends, to create a more fun atmosphere for all invited;
  8. Miscovery invited and people who experience strong hostility to each other should not sit nearby;
  9. For more acquaintances, try to shuffle friends and all relatives from the bride and groom;
  10.  Be sure to be free chairs and places for the arrival of unexpected guests.

Remember that the decoration of the seating of guests at the wedding should be engaged in the newlyweds, because who, how not they, know their loved ones and friends, and will be able to properly place them.

Warning options for banquet

The main rule is a sufficient distance between the tables, which is necessary for the comfortable movement of guests and attendants.

Let’s look at the most convenient options:

  1. For a small company up to 30 people, the optimal option is considered a template for the letter «T»: the first table – for newlyweds, witnesses and parents, and the second – for all others;
  2. For a wedding for 50 people fit seating the letter «NS»: Central table – newlyweds and suits, and the second for the rest;
  3. Celebration of 60 people better place the letter «NS»: Tables are distributed as in the previous version, guests have another extra;
  4. If invited more than 100 people can use the scheme «Christmas tree» or option – European scheme.

Options for seating

Today there are many options, consider the most popular.

  • Methods and seating schemes invited at the weddingEuropean scheme. Guests are usually seated with small groups for general interests for detached tables. The form can be round or square, it does not matter much, the main thing – comfort. With European seating, guests at the wedding is absolutely impossible to tie new acquaintances, do not forget about it;
  • English scheme. Such an arrangement is a certain pedestal location of the young in the middle of the hall. With them place parents and witnesses. The rest of the guests are searched around the central, while the optimal number of people is 8 people;
  • Italian scheme. Tables are customary to arrange in a circle or in a checker order. Centers Celebrations are necessarily on the elevation in one of the sides of the hall, by the way, they only sit together. All guests are located 4 people.

It does not matter at all, if some time after the beginning of the celebration, some guests will begin to transplage. Do not get upset, because the main thing is that every person felt comfortable and then everything will go fun and together.

Options for informing guests about seating

After determining the placement of tables, the question arises how to make guests about where their place is.

Today, several ways are invented for this:

  1. Methods and seating schemes invited at the weddingThe table plan is located at the entrance to the hall, it must be decorated in the style of the wedding. It can be a stand, a map, artificial flower bed, an improvised door and much more;
  2. You can assign a person who deals with invited guests. It has a plan for arrangement tables. Good orientation will quickly and accurately show guests their place;
  3. At the entrance to the Hall, the person gives the number that is listed on the back of the chair. It is convenient when the triumph is designed for a small number of people and the guest will not have to wander around the hall in search of his place;
  4. The person will be familiar with his number of the table, having received an invitation to the celebration, to find it you should hang a plan at the entrance. Very convenient option, the guest already knows its number, having found it on the plan, goes to the right table;
  5. Cards for seating that are installed on the tables. The option is good for a small wedding, when the whole table is clearly visible.

Despite the spent time you can not always guess the correctness of the selection.

Reception of useful landmarks for guests

In order for guests in search of their place for a long time did not go around the hall there are many different landmarks, one of the main names are.

We offer to familiarize yourself with the useful information and learn some tips on their choice:

  1. Beautiful design;
  2. identical design;
  3. Names must be printed with large and legible font;
  4. The size should be noticeable from afar.

This accessory can be ordered in printing house or make it yourself. Today there are several design options, but the most common classic.

As a rule, it is a folded and installed small sheet of paper, which indicates the name of the guest. You can also make original cards, on what design to stay depends only on your taste. Exquisite decoration will encourage guest to leave a card in memory of this event as a souvenir.

We offer several options for the most common ideas of its design:

  1. Methods and seating schemes invited at the weddingpostcards. Such cards supplied on the table and besides good words on the inside will be delighted with all invited. Having made something for the seating of guests at the wedding with their own hands, you will greatly delight all;
  2. on the stand. For this device you can use any item, the main rule is its combination with other decor elements. It can be a fruit, a pot with a small flower, the edge of the glade or a surprise box.

Also often on the tables you can see cards for seating in the form of a butterfly, a bow, a heart, a nominal medal and even a little guest photos.

We hope that our article told in great detail, about the scheme of seating guests at the wedding, as well as about other useful information, which concerns this event.

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