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We sew a stylish long skirt with a smell with their own hands


Long skirt with a smell for several years in trend. Girls love straight cut, which hides the shortcomings of their figures, and create a gentle, feminine image. You can sew the skirt with your own hands

Skirt with the smell is relevant for many years. Girls love this style for his practicality – he hides the flaws of the figure. Such skirts create a feminine and romantic image and successfully combine almost any riding. Stamps can be a lot, but the principle of creating a common skirt – they have a wide cloth, which is painted in front.

Due to the imposition of fabric, interesting folds are created, which emphasize the elegance of the female figure. So women are interested in how to sew skirt with their own hands.

Straight Croy

First of all, you need to choose the material. For the summer it is better to select light natural fabrics – they will be comfortable in them even on the hottest day. Give preference to cotton, viscose, flaron, knitting with additives. Well look skirts with a smell of chiffon, covered with their own hands. Straight Tausa does not provide for lightning, but the butchers and hooks will be needed.

If you are a beginner seamstress and do not have greater experience, it is better to sew a fabric from the rectangle – this is the easiest way. A large lateral cutout in hot weather will give a feeling of coolness.

The main thing is to correctly make the pattern of a straight skirt with the smell:

  • We sew a stylish long skirt with a smell with their own handsCap the rectangle 129 cm wide from the selected material and 98 cm height;
  • From the remaining fabric, prepare two belts. The sizes of the first must be 20 by 43 cm, and the second is 20 by 74 cm;
  • Be sure to leave the feed on the niza and seams – approximately 1-1.5 cm;
  • All allowances to wear off.

Return 3 cm from the right edge and spend the line – there should be marked for folds. You can notice manually. Details of the belt Fold twice and make squeaks by folding inside.

SCs need to be searched on the typewriter and unscrew. The line should be paved at a distance of 7 mm from the cut. On the front side, find the middle and deposit 26 cm on both sides, and then make a slot – there will be strings.

To form a straight skirt belt, attach the sleeve to the upper cut «face to face».

Transfer tags and straightened with offstairs. The wrapper must be pulled out through the slot, and then sew and touched. In the afraid of the gum and keep all the sections.

Such a long skirt with a smell look original with bright ornaments and prints. They can be floral or abstract.

Sun skirt

For this style, a simple pattern of a skirt with a smell is used.

  1. Measure your waist and add 2 more cm, and then divide the obtained value to 3. On a tight sheet of Watman, in the corner, draw a semicircle. In the center there will be a vertex – from it should be postponed. From this line, determine the length of the skirt and take the bottom in the form of a half. Once again, check the calculations and cut the part;
  2. Fold the fabric twice and attach the workpiece to the collar. Do not forget to leave inserts on the seams – about 2 cm. You should get three shirts skirts;
  3. To create a beautiful fold, one canvas need a little shorten. To do this, reduce the pattern by 7-8 cm. Connect it on the other, making a smooth transition. Attach patterns and make markers with chalk. Do hard and dry;
  4. Make a belt pattern and add 1.5 cm. Fold it with an invalid inside and stake the sides. Sing it to the skirt and attach the buttons so that they match the volume of the waist. The lower edge of the skirt can be decorated with lace or decorative cloth.

Skka S «coquette»

To make your own hands the pattern of skirts with a smell, first remove your sizes, decide on the length of the product.

  1. We sew a stylish long skirt with a smell with their own handsTransfer the pattern to the material, bending in the middle – then you will need to deploy it. For «coquetki» It is necessary to postpone 4-6 mm, after you can cut off;
  2. Note on the fabric the desired length of the back and in front, making the allowance. Memore on the front «coquetk» and read the vertical line, cut out. You should have two front halves, one rear and two front «coquetki» And one rear;
  3. First sew the front «Coquetki» To the canvas in front. By analogy, repeat all the actions with the rear «coquettes». Street on the sides and process the edges of the side by overlock;
  4. Skirt clasp can be counted, you can make ties or sew buttons. Fittings, Persecution or Appliques will make the product with original and unique.

Shake with pleasure and be irresistible!

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