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How to weave decorations and puppet clothes with rubber band?


Find out how it is properly and quickly weaving a dress from a doll rubber, what materials you need? Is it possible to decorate the product, how much time leaves for the creation of baubles?

Today we will talk about how to weave a dress for Barbie dolls or brothers from rubber. Weave baubles very simple and exciting.

For this we will need:

  • How to weave decorations and puppet clothes with a rubber band?A set of special children’s rubber bands;
  • Hooks,
  • clasp;
  • Machine for weaving in this technique.

The machine is optional, but it provides the comfort and speed of the process. All this can be purchased at any needlework, hypermarket and even underground transition.

In order to evan the dress from rubber bands for dolls, there will be enough elastic bag.

You can purchase a multicolor set or several monochrome if you want to tie a motley dress or a dress with a strap.

An 86 rubber band will leave the one-photon key chain, for a multi-colored version you will need 72 for the base and 14 for the belt line. Keychain-dress made of rubber bands with a belt for dolls will look more spectacular and brighter, which will undoubtedly like your daughter. Today we will knit the keychain with the help of yellow and blue rubber bands.

Step by step instructions for creating baubles

To do everything correctly, it is necessary to properly arrange the working tools and the machine, in particular: the columns of the semi-open sides should be viewed in the opposite party from you, and the center row on one column be ahead from the side.

Color gums will add in the course of the process pairly:

  • Three pairs of yellow links we throw into the center series at sectors No. 1, No. 2, No. 3;
  • Next, we remove 2 links from the column number 3 of the center branch to the column number 3 of the third row;
  • We impose a ring of four turns on the centered compartment on the fifth column, repeating the procedure for columns No. 4 and No. 5.

How to weave the main part by keychain for dolls?

Now go directly to the creation of our product, having previously deployed the machine. Remove our stayed element to the backup hook. Take carefully in the second-row column number 1 and release the center column number 3, after which we again wean the links from the number 1 on the hook and completely release the lathe from the loops. We continue in the same vein and create another identical element.

Pre-release our machine and start a new job:

  • How to weave decorations and puppet clothes with a rubber band?expand our machine so that the open parts of the columns look from you;
  • Now pour 18 pieces of yellow rubber bands on the third lower tier, in two layers in pairs;
  • On Series No. 1, we impose yellow links in the same way in two tiers;
  • We take the rings from the third column of the row number 1 and we throw on the button number 4 of the second tier, the same repeat for the column number 3 of the third tier with column No. 4 of the central sector.

For belt to key chain for dolls we use blue. We ride 14 blue gum pairs along the central part.

In order to weigh the shoulders for our dress, we ride one yellow unit to the base, thoroughly tightening them. This part of the product is needed, otherwise it is not for what will hook a ring ring.

Go to the creation of the transverse layer. We throw the links across, we turn every gum twice and tighten the first and third tiers on a column number 5. Need to weave carefully and do not miss rows. We take a gum, we wrap four semolstery, after which it is necessary to cast a triangle. Not twisted, create the following three triangles.

Now we return to our previously created elements. We have four loops, two of which (which is shorter) you need to throw onto the first column located on the first tier (from above), two loops of the long layer tie on the fifth column number 1. We repeat the procedure for an additional part on the third row.

How to weave decorations and puppet clothes with a rubber band?Turn over our yarn on the wrong side and continue to weave. We take a yellow gum and throw at the first column of the central tier, we turn into four turns.

With the help of auxiliary hook, we capture and stretch the upper ring, pre-twisted, pull up the upper part and throw it on the first row columns. Next, you need to do the same for the third row using the following link.

Now you need to capture double blue link and make pulling on the second column of the center tier. Thus, you need to check the center of the tier completely to the end. Having reached the last column, we drop four blue units in pairs in different directions.

Go to the creation of the first and third compartment. This happens similarly to the previous part. Finishing the tier, choose two yellow units for subsequent fixing of rows of rows. Promoting one of the units into the column number 1 of the first tier and tie into the nodule. Also enter the tip of the third row.

Decorate our product belt

How to weave decorations and puppet clothes with a rubber band?If you are satisfied with the result, you can remove the product from the machine. But better decorate the keychain –
Make a strap on your dress from rubber. For the belt enough just add a few swirling blue elements on a small waist dress.

Our work is over, we managed to create a stunning gift for a little princess.

This fashionable clothes will definitely please your child.

In addition, you yourself will be able to show how to quickly apply a miniature dress from rubber.

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