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Dress do it yourself from plastic bags


If you want to accurately be on a corporate in a unique dress, try making a dress from the packages with your own hands. This is not difficult, you can make sure

Original outfits made from the materials of a spear cost, can not be called very practical. However, they can be used as an alternative to traditional dresses for the corporate party or the thematic evening. How to make a dress from packages? We will look at a few simple, but interesting workshops, thanks to which you can literally for half an hour create an extraordinary polyethylene outfit.

Features of polyethylene outfits

Before making an original dress from ordinary packages with your own hands, you need to familiarize yourself with some fine-sized products assembly. This will avoid the incident in the process of wearing the outfit, because of which the girl risks staying in the Eve.

So, what nuances should pay special attention?

  • Dress do it yourself from plastic bagsIn the process of creating products from garbage bags, prefer fairly simple models that will not argue your movements;
  • Do not make items to create a large load, from loose polyethylene (straps, tops);
  • When crossing parts for a typewriter, put a big step. This will make seams more durable;
  • In the locations of the details, lay the scotch, which will not give the seams
  • As a finish of the outfit, use the cellophane of another color, which can be attached with the help of glue or threads.

Thanks to these simple rules, you will be able to construct the original outfit that will be able to use more than once.

Master class: minimalistic dress

To make a dress from black garbage bags, consider the easiest master class. We will need such materials:

  • Black tight package at 120 liters (preferably with ties);
  • Scissors.

Product creation process:

  • In the bottom of the package, make one hole for the head. Do not make it too big, otherwise the product will subscribe;
  • On the sides, also make two symmetrical holes for hands;
  • Put out the outfit and tighten the strings down below .

As you can see, make an unusual robe do it yourself very simple. All-about everything will leave no more than five minutes.

Dress do it yourself from plastic bags

«Chipsy» dress

This masterclass can not be called very simple, but the results of their work you will certainly be satisfied.

To create a beautiful ball outfit, we will need:

  • tissue for tailoring and lining;
  • packaging from under chips;
  • Threads and needle.

Instructions for creating the product:

  • Sustrate the lining for the future skirt and top, using cotton fabric;
  • Think in advance the future pattern of the product;
  • Go on the lining of packaging from the chips;
  • At the top of the skirt, attach the gum so that she sat down on the figure .

As a finish from behind to the bottom of the dresses or skirts, you can attach garbage bags that will mimic the loop of the wedding dress.

Dress do it yourself from plastic bags

Elegant black dress

In this workshop, we will learn how to create proloche products from Black bags. Of course, it will be possible to use them only once, but, the benefit, the process itself does not take much time.

So, for the design of the product we will need:

  • Two black polyethylene packages;
  • Scotch;
  • scissors.

Product creation process:

  • One package wrap around the body and lock the scotch;
  • From the second, cut straps and attach with glue to the base;
  • At the bottom of the workpiece, make a cut;
  • So that in the process of socks cut is not «sprawled», From the inside of the workpiece, attach a piece of scotch.

Dress do it yourself from plastic bags

Dress for the girl

In order to collect a children’s dress from multicolored packages for a girl, you need to prepare such materials:

  • 6 cellophane bags;
  • centimeter tape;
  • scissors;
  • multicolored lace;
  • Paper.

Product creation process:

  • Make a sketch of the future outfit;
  • On a dense white cellophane, draw the outline of the future Top;
  • Cut two details for the top of the workpiece;
  • To form a skirt, make an assembly on one side of the Black Culp;
  • Lock it on the inside of the scotch;
  • Polyethylene pink color Use to create a belt;
  • Attach the subtle with the help of the skot to the skirt and the top;
  • As a result, it should be such a pretty outfit.

Dress do it yourself from plastic bags

Polyethylene ball gown

This workshop will allow, without much difficulty, make a beautiful and unusual dress from multi-colored bags, in which you can go to the autumn ball. Of course, this version of the product will not be durable, but it is characterized by its kindness and unusualness. Seriously refer to such things is not worth it, but as an art object, it certainly has the right to exist.

What materials we need to assemble the outfit?

  • dense green polyethylene;
  • Yellow and white cellophane crops;
  • Scissors and Scotch.

Production assembly process:

  • At the base of the White Package, make a V-shaped neckline;
  • On the sides, make two symmetrical cuts for hands;
  • Sleep the sleeves a bit, then they will acquire the shape of the Volanov;
  • Make a black polyethylene skirt;
  • Yellow cellophane Use for the manufacture of a belt to the future alongside;
  • As a finish, use cellophane flowers that can be attached to the top and skirt with glue .

In such an outfit, you can go on autumn ball, Thematic event or contest on needlework.

Dress do it yourself from plastic bags


This is the easiest, but the original way to create a dress out of the cast materials. The whole process will take about 30-40 minutes, but in the end you will get a very attractive evening dress.

What is needed for its assembly?

  • cardboard paper;
  • Large dense duck;
  • iron.

Instruction: How can you make a dress from trash packages:

  • From cardboard to form a future dresses;
  • Wrap it with black polyethylene;
  • To the bottom of the finished corset, attach a black packet with a scotch;
  • With the help of a preheated iron, form the pattern on it, as shown in the photo:

Dress do it yourself from plastic bags

In order to do something unusual, it is absolutely optional to buy expensive materials and tools.

It is enough to purchase polyethylene, tape and armed with scissors. Thanks to the examined master classes, anyone want to watch to join the creative cause and create their own unique outfit.

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