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How to weave stylish bead bracelets for beginners


How to weave Bead Bracelets. Technique weaving on the machine and on the fishing line. Bracelets with names as a gift. Types of beads and the right selection of colors

When the time is suitable to give gifts, such as New Year or Birthday, the question always arises – what to present to the celebration? Of course, the surprise should be stylish and exclusive, original, which will not leave dust on the shelf.

Beaded bracelet made with your own hands, may correspond to the listed wishes.

Before starting weave bracelets, get acquainted with their views:

  1. simple;
  2. wide;
  3. nominal;
  4. multi-dimensional;
  5. Lace with inclusion.

What you need to prepare before starting work:

  1. How to weave stylish bead bracelets for beginnersscissors;
  2. The fishing line, which should be thin, otherwise it will not be able to go into a small hole of the beads;
  3. a box or any other container for beads;
  4. Short and thin needle.

For those who wish to master the bracelets for the first time, there are basic rules: the beerts should not be too tightly fit to each other, because of this, the decoration can cringe; Do not take too long cutting line, it can twist and get confused.

So, consider in more detail the fastest technicians like beads to weave bracelets on a machine or fishing line.

Option 1

Take a transparent thin line, beads, beads.

Work move: on the thread we ride beads and beads one after one.  We take another segment of the fishing line, repeat the previous actions. Add three more fishing line. Then fix the segments in the ring and among themselves. Colors of beads should be one color range.
Result: multi-layered simple bracelet on the wrist.

Option 2

Take: Foreway, Beads, Castle.

Work move: weave according to the scheme. In one bead stretch the ends of the line. Then at each end of the fishing line in the bead, then in one bead stretch the opposite crossed ends of the fishing ends. At the ends of the threads are kepym.

Result: An interesting braided bracelet.

Option 3

Take: Foreway, Beads, Beads, Castle.

Work move: the scheme is the same as for option 2, but now on the ends of the fishing line we plant several beads, we crossed the threads in beads.
Result: Elegant and Simple Decoration.

How to Estim Wide Bead Bracelets

If the needlewomen plans to create extensive decorations, she needs to choose the scheme like in a special manual or on the Internet. To the pattern was bright and original need to use several colors. For the performance of wide bracelets, a lot of time and patience is required, as they are made of several layers of beads.

The main task before starting work is to find a spectacular scheme for weaving.

  • How to weave stylish bead bracelets for beginners«Butterfly»;
  • «Tenderness»;
  • «Heavenly azure».

So that the wide bracelet turns out perfect and beautiful, it weaves it on the machine.

How to weave Beading bracelets for beginners?

Woven machines are sold in specialized stores. On the machine it is convenient to make decorations of various widths and shapes.

Machine weaving schemes are the same as for embroidery. But the technique of weaving beads is more complicated than embroidery with moulin threads, because it is necessary to take into account the distortion of a bead pattern. The beads have a surplus shape, in the weaving process, they lie down one side, and the drawing is distorted. Therefore, it is better to take pictures simple, especially for beginners – flowers, butterflies or geometric shapes, diagrams with names.

The most ordinary machine can be made at home yourself from the cardboard frame and threads, but for better quality items it is worth purchasing a professional tool in the store.

How to weigh the bracelet from beads named

The fastest way of making jewelry with the name – weigh it on the machine:

  • We make the first row: We ride 8 biserin on the needle, do a thread with beads under the basis, with your finger put forward them between the bases of the foundation. Then you like the needle over the feed threads. Pull the needle – the initial row is ready;
  • The remaining rows: repeat the first manipulation to the required length of the product, changing only the beads in the color required for «Writing» name.

As you can see, there are no special difficulties in how to weave a beautiful bead bracelet on a fishing line. We wish you success in your needlework!

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