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Ribbon bow: simple, available, beautiful


A bow from the ribbon will be your favorite decoration, especially if he is done with his own hands. Of course, to create a worthy accessory, you need to get acquainted with some secrets

Design elements made of ribbons – Favorite decoration of little girls. However, stylists are increasingly offering this accessory to women of different ages. He can decorate a blouse and dress, become an add-on hairstyle. There are indispensable bows when designing gifts. From this article you will learn about the diverse use of accessories and methods of their manufacture.

Bows – species manifold

Options are really great set. They differ in appearance, use objectives, methods of manufacture.

Conditionally, they can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Ribbon bow: simple, available, beautifulGift Decoration Bows – big and lush, small and elegant they will make your gift noticeable and memorable;
  2. Bows-bargains – popular young fashion decoration. The accessory can be attached to the hair band, the rim, the foundation for the hairpin;
  3. Brochi bows – Decorate casual clothes and evening dress. Look original on the belt and bag.
  4. Boutonniere – Little composition of bows and colors. Decoration for male and female festive costume.
  5. From Georgievskaya ribbon – a sign of distinction and involvement in public holidays and important historical events. Another option – a bow from the ribbon of colors of the Russian flag.

What is needed for the manufacture of a beautiful ribbon bow?

Before proceeding with creativity and make your own hands the most beautiful bows, you need to prepare a workplace. As well as tools and materials.


  • Ribbon bow: simple, available, beautifulPaper and synthetic ribbons for gift decoration;
  • Satin ribbons of various widths;
  • fabric tapes of various widths and density;
  • Organza ribbons;
  • trimming silk and organza;
  • beads and decorative elements;
  • Fittings, Basics for hairpins and broots;
  • threads;
  • wire;
  • glue.


  • sharp scissors;
  • stapler;
  • dear or thin soldering iron;
  • needles.

Learning to tie beautiful bows of ribbons

Lush gifts. The most popular decoration for festive packaging is a lush or terry bow. For its manufacture, we need a rigid tape (the tissue reinforced wire or synthetic braid for gifts is suitable).

She must be elastic and keep the form.

  1. Twist the workpiece of eight turns. The diameter of the workpiece must be equal to the diameter of the future
  2. If we use a paper or synthetic tape, then we fold the basis in half and in the center cut out the recess. If the tissue is adjacent to the center with your fingers;
  3. Tightly bandage the center of a small rope;
  4. We raise the resulting petals up, clamp your fingers;
  5. Gently and alternately straighten the petals. First revenge up, second down. And so alternate, until you put the entire bow;
  6. 6. Bantian Bantians Krepim to a gift with a stapler or bilateral scotch.

Little Battle of Satin Ribbon

This beautiful bow can be used to decorate a nursery.

We will need:

  • Ribbon bow: simple, available, beautifulSatin tape width 2.5 cm. (about meter);
  • Satin 0.8 cm width. (about meter);
  • Satin or braid or organza 0.8 cm wide. (0.5 meters);
  • Hair Elastic or Basic Base;
  • Scissors, thread, needle, dear.

Colors must be combined with each other.

  1. We take the first segment of the tape, the one that will be below. We fold on the table, making three bilateral turns. Fix in english pins. Ribbon ends cut at an angle. Gently burn the dear.
  2. In the center of the workpiece we flash the seam «Ahead needle». Tighten the bow of the same thread.
  3. We make the same billet from the second tape.
  4. Billets impose on each other. Little top. Stitching.
  5. From a short ribbon twist a rose or type flower. Send to the center.
  6. Made of your hands a bow of satin ribbons fix with glue based on a hairpin or sewn to a hair band.

Two-color Brooch Band

Such a stylish accessory will suit to decorate the dress of a young girl and ladies of elegant age. You can tie it very simple and fast. Fixed on the basis for brooches, he will be your favorite decoration. For brooches, we take: two satin or tissue tapes of the same width (2.5 – 3 cm.), Long about 0.5 m.

Options are possible when one element is wider than the other or they are different by texture. In this case, wider and tight will be the main.

The basis for brook, a small piece of felt under the color of the future brooch, a beautiful button or decorative element.

  • We take the main ribbon, smoothly lay on the table face upwards;
  • On top of the main lay out the second;
  • Ends smoothly or at an angle cut. We treat the delicate. Center fasten with multiple stitches;
  • Fold a bow of several petals. You can simply tie a bow in the usual way;
  • The center of the brook is flashing with several dense stitches and decorate a beautiful button or decorative element;
  • Felt cut out a smooth circle to the size of the basics for brooches. Send to this mug clasp (Basic Brook). Bantian fasten with glue. In order to keep reliable, the foundation can be further sewn.

Secrets of bunicle

In order to learn how to tie beautiful bows from the ribbon you need to know a few secrets.

  • Ribbon bow: simple, available, beautifulMany small equal bows can be tied on a simple fork. Tie a bow on the plug just. For this method perfectly suitable nonsense satin or fabric tape. It needs to wrap around fork. Ends start back. Tearing in the middle, the ends stretch through the slot between the cloves back. Behind tie a neat smooth nodule. Ends cut to the desired length, burn. You can make a few turns around the plug – then the bow will be more magnificent. This method is simple and accessible. You can make a bow on a fork even with young children;
  • In order for the bow for a long time held on a hairstyle or dress to tie it «backwards». Take the ends of the ribbon, as you usually tie the belt or scarf. And now change them in places and tightly tie. The bow will not unleash for a long time;
  • It is not easy to tie a small bow. Do it better by the following way. We make several turns around the index and thumb, bandage in the middle. Spread the nodules to be beautiful. We decorate the ends. Ready!
  • In a beautiful bow on a dress, you can tie a belt, scarf, scarf and even leather strap. The most popular options this season: a large classic French bow and a bow from one loop or as it is also called with «One ear».

Battle of tape is inexpensive, but very fashionable decoration. Try to make it yourself. We wish you creative good luck!

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