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How to shorten jeans, leaving the factory seam?


How to shorten jeans? You can do it even without having a sewing machine. In any case, if the surrounding work, the surrounding do not mind

How well have a medium height and standard set: most of the clothes available in the stores sits perfectly. But what to do those who do not fall into perfect parameters? In particular, the owners of small growth have to bear just bought pants or jeans in the studio and shortening with the preservation of volume.

But few knows that it can be done on your own, and for this it is even not necessary to have a sewing machine.

How can you shorten jeans without a sewing machine

This method is simple to the impossibility and forces anyone, even to the one who first hears such concepts as «sweep away» and «dismount».

Stages of work:

  • How to shorten jeans, leaving the factory seam?Shoes to shoes or any other shoes that are planned to wear pants. Measure the desired length, placing the place of the cut from the edge of the jeans with a pin or needle. At the same time, remember that jeans will be even longer on the width of the original factory seam;
  • To facilitate the work, you must unscrew the pants inside out and stroke the iron. This will prevent the launching in the sewing process;
  • What to do next and how to shorten jeans? Now you need to turn the pants on the face and simply pull out the original seam of jeans out of bottom. That is, everything must be left inside, and outside will be the bending and peeking line. Its and you need to gently apply manually with small stitches;
  • If you do not rush and work correctly and carefully, then the seam will not rush into the eyes, and no one will ever think that inside there is an excess fold of the fabric. However, this method is better to apply on fine summer tissue. Dense jeans will look hard.

How else to shorten jeans while retaining the loss

In this case, you can not do without a sewing machine, but also the trousers you get exactly suitable for your growth and without weighing the fabric at the bottom.

Stages of work:

  • How to shorten jeans, leaving the factory seam?Start to start with the fact that you plan to shorten Kalashina. Now measure the line width of the lower seam with characteristic scuffs and set aside this distance from the cutting line up. It is over this line that you will further sew this seam back;
  • The same manipulations spend with the other trousers, following the time they did not differ in length. Now remove everything too much, and after cut and the seam itself below, leaving the allowance of 10 mm in front;
  • Now you need to fold these details face to face. Sweeping or scaling them. Then, step up the product on the typewriter, trying to place the line at all close to the footsteps from the factory finishing stitch;
  • How to shorten jeans correctly with seam preservation? At this stage, it is necessary to perform the work on the cutting of allowances on the crossroads of just laid stitches with stepper and side seams. This will reduce the thickness of the bending, keeping the loss, and simplify further work. Bumpups need to carve, not reaching a pair of millimeters to lines;

How can you shorten jeans at home: two ways

In the future, you can act in two ways depending on the thickness of the denim.

The first method suitable for fine fabric:

  • How to shorten jeans, leaving the factory seam?Maximum reduce the thickness of the sewing hidden inside the bending of the sewing breaks, if you trim the input of the Niza, leaving only 3-5 mm. Then, both edges need to be found in the side of the fee, fit them at factory lines and fit;
  • Everything is well pasted and, using a sewing machine, sunk jeans, trying to get into traces from the factory line. The seam made will be located 1 mm above the finishing joint and rushing into the eyes will not be exactly. Removal the backbone, you should turn the material again.

The second method suitable for dense fabric:

  • To shorten jeans using a sewing machine, it is possible: Running the allowance in different directions and cut the bottom, leaving about 3-5 mm;
  • Kalashina’s allowance to wake, adjust the factory bottom, fit and flash. In this case, the method from the wrong will be observed by the impressive allowance, but the main thing, it will be possible to keep the injured edge, and the bottom will not «collapse».

Now you know how to properly shorten your jeans, and you can easily turn them even in Breeches and shorts. It is not difficult to do at home while maintaining a seam. Good luck!

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