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Learning to sew in a lightning bag


If you smear a handbag or broke a fastener in a new one, then you need to correct the position as soon as possible. To do this, you need to be able to sew a zipper, and how to do it, read in the article

Some ladies are deft and skillful and capable not only to prepare culinary masterpieces at the stove, but also to sew just wonderful things. Such women hardly ever arise the question of how to enter a lightning in a bag, such beauties know everything and know how.

But there are less experienced representatives of beautiful sex, which, due to their age, or simply, are not yet trained in various everyday hectares. The benefit of everything in this life can be learned, there would be a desire. Therefore, today we will comprehend the sewing basics and talk about how to properly sew the lightning in the bag.

We comprehend the basics of skill: learn to sew zipper

Here you have bought a beautiful handbag that has dreamed of a long time. Looking at the new clothes for a while, you started to notice that the zipper on the ridicule breaks or hurts. It’s a shame, unpleasant, but to throw out the thing in good condition, you can still save the handbag. Option «Resuscitation» Two: attribute the product to the workshop or implement all «Operation» on one’s own. It is for those ladies who are not afraid of difficulties, a detailed instruction will be considered further, how to sew a lightning in a leather bag or tissue.

 So, the procedure will be as follows:

  • Learning to sew in a lightning bagDisarase from the handbag broken zipper, remembering how it was located. Fix the length of the extracted clasp and go to a specialized store to buy a new one. Choose it so that it coincides not only in magnitude, but also color. Pay special attention to the teeth, it is desirable that they are metallic;
  • For «Resuscitation» leather products or some dense tissue, you need to purchase special needles. Also get enough good threads suitable for the color to the handbag;
  • When all the necessary trifles are available, you can start work. First of all, you need to grab a purchased clasp in the bag, for this use a large simple stitch. New zipper must «stand up» in place broken;
  • If you are satisfied with your rough work, then the fastener is clean. To do this, take the prepared thread, insert it in the needle. Stick needle zipper from the inside and start gently sewing. Try to the stitches get approximately equal in length. With this approach, the work done will look carefully;
  • When one piece of the clasp will be sewn, lock the thread from the wrong side and you can take on the second part of the zipper;
  • After both pieces are stitched, you can pull the thread that used for draft work;
  • With handbags made of fine matter, problems will be even smaller, the needle is used normally, and the fastener is stitched in such a way as to fasten the product, you have not seen a lightning bracket, it should «hide» inside.

We are talking about how to independently enter the zipper into a knitted bag?

Learning to sew in a lightning bagWe will assume that you are a wonderful master and recently finished the manufacture of an exclusive handbag with your own hands. You knit it with crochet, and in front of you now there is a dilemma – how to put a zipper into a knitted bag with lining.

In fact, everything is not so difficult, you only need to try once. To work, you need to purchase a fastener suitable for color and size to your purse. Now, armed with crochet for knitting, make two planks that will be in length and width correspond to lightning.

The color of the yarn for the slats is better to take into the tone created Ridiculyu.

Now enter the fastener to the resulting plane. Related columns must lie on top of the tape on which the snake is attached. Then the resulting design must be connected to the lining. By the way, so that this work went faster and easier, do not cross the lining completely, leave a small hole that allows you to gently enhance the fastener from the wrong side.

After the work is done, you can sew a lining with a clasp bag with simple stitches.

We are discussing how to independently enter the zipper in the bag pocket

Most women prefer not only beautiful, but also practical Ridiculi. And so that the handbag was exactly the same, there should be secret pockets in it, it is desirable not one. But how to be if there are no comfortable pockets in the purchased product? The answer is simple – you need to do them yourself, and even with zipper, so that important little things did not crumble in the bag.

To do this, you need to create a blank for your pocket, choose it randomly if the bag
big, then you can cut a piece of matter with parameters 32 to 24 centimeters.

Learning to sew in a lightning bagIf the fabric from which the lining is made is too thin, then together the fasteners are recommended to sample it with a double or something similar. From the wrong side in the place where the seal is glued, it is necessary to draw a frame equal to the width of the lightning runner, and the length of the snake itself, which will pass the line, and also note the corners for cutting.

Now from the front side you need to put the matter from which the pocket will be made. Its width should be equal to the length of the fastener plus 4 cm.

Lenten choose arbitrarily depending on what depth you want to get a pocket. The desired size multiply on 2 and lower 1.5 cm on the seams.

Fasten a piece of lining male pins. Route the line around the perimeter of the drawn frame, carefully supervise the fabric angles as close as possible to the line, but without damaging it. Remove pocket inside out. Sticks thoroughly, so that everything is exactly.

In the slot, do the fastener, trying to work as close as possible to the edge of matter. It was the final stage, a pocket with a reliable clasp ready.

Today you have become a little more experienced and now you know how to independently enter the fastener. Try it difficult to be only the first time, and then you will get the right skill and may love this occupation. Good luck!

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