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How to sew a hole on jeans and wear pants a few more years?


How to sew a hole on jeans? You can reap the hole with a bright cloth, accessories, all sorts of ribbons and t.NS. And you can use a piece of the same tissue

About once every 2-3 years we buy new jeans, and some and more often. But how to be if the last model sits as well in the figure that it is not necessary to part with it because of some hole on the knee or the ne absolutely? There is a way out, the main thing is to know how to sew a hole on jeans yourself.

Use decor

To begin with, it is worth a pretty think, and whether you need a patch or duct in this very place?

How to sew a hole on jeans and wear pants for a few more years?Maybe it is better to expand the hole that appears, and at the same time make a symmetrical hole on another Kalashina?

You can put it from the inside to pay, and this color so that it immediately rushes into the eyes. At the same time, the hole can be increased, give it an interesting form and, if desired, to decorate all sorts of fittings, ribbons and t.NS. How can you sew a hole on jeans on the knee? You can even do it easier: go to a specialized store, buy your favorite application and touched it beautifully at the top of an unsightly place.

Powdow or use seam zigzag

As you can imperceptibly sew a hole on jeans? If the option of appliqués or decoration on the knee is not suitable for you, then you have to look good in the bins or tissue stores like texture and color denim fabric. Well, if you keep trimming from jeans, shorting them when buying. Then the most important thing for you will be beautiful and imperceptibly impose a line for a typewriter.

Stages of work:

  • How to sew a hole on jeans and wear pants for a few more years?Cut from a piece of fabric to pay the desired size, to pave the adhesive cob and glue a hot iron on the hole. You can use the Peretulnik;
  • If your machine is well promoting the fabric in the opposite direction, then you will easily do the idle on it. Otherwise, you will have to constantly deploy pants and sew only on yourself;
  • Do not forget to remove an excess fringe from the front side and thoroughly try to try this site with a ferry. If it does not work well to shake the hole with threads from the first time, you can then manually «Score» The remaining lumens between them;

Cark B «Interesting» Mesal

Some people have such a physique and gait that you have to deal with a certain problem – your favorite pants are rubbed between the legs or on the back. How can you sew jeans if they broke into the pope? Here, again, you will need trimming, remaining when shorting, and suitable color thread. At the same time, remember, you will have to disassemble the biggest and thick seams on jeans, and then shoot them again, which means you must be sure that your typewriter will cope with this task.

Stages of work:

  • How to sew a hole on jeans and wear pants for a few more years?«Disassemble» Inner seam for a distance of 20-25 cm. From the front, remove the threads and the same disassemble the rear seam. As a result, two sections with scuffs need to be cleaned of splashing threads and well fly with an iron with a ferry;
  • From the wrong side, install the adhesive gasket on a knitted basis so that it completely overlaps the hole and captured the surrounding cloth. Connect the edges and front side also cover with glue gasket, but slightly smaller size;
  • How can you sew jeans on the pope? Attach paper hole and make a plot template of this size so that it covers the entire hole on the trousers. On this template you need to carve two parts from the denim in the mirror mapping, without forgetting to add a bit on the bending;
  • How can you beautifully sew a hole on jeans? You can enjoy the latch like this: knock the edges of the bending and attach to the front side, fasten and perform a double finishing line. Do the same with another half of the pants and start collecting jeans back. To prevent the breakdown of the overlock, it is necessary to spend each part in advance each detail.

Now you know that if your favorite jeans broke out, this is not a reason to throw them out or make shorts from them. You can try to manually enter the patch, but, of course, it is better to do it on a typewriter or attribute a thing in atelier.

But in any case, try to breathe new life in them. Good luck!

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