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5 creative ideas, how to shake a hole on jeans


Often damage appear on your favorite pants, and you do not want to throw them away. In this case, information, how to shave a hole on jeans will be as if the way

Many complain that you have to throw off your favorite jeans because of the hole or scuffing between the legs. A large number of trousers, thus switched to the section «For the neck» Or found themselves in the garbage tank. Do not have hasty conclusions, because if you wish, everything can be fixed. There are many different ways, how to close holes on jeans so that they look like new.

5 creative ideas, how to shake a hole on jeansDamage most often appear on factory models that succumbed to processing by chemicals, for example, popular in recent years «boiled» jeans.

Due to the actions of chemistry and high temperatures, the structure of the matter is spoiled, which leads to the formation of damage.

A simple way to shake a hole on jeans

Applying several fashion solutions, you can get a beautiful and original model. Using different fabrics and accessories, you can disguise the hole and get a beautiful pants decoration. For repair of children’s models, you can use various applications in the form of cartoon characters.

In addition, if you have a strip of such a denim, then the torn plot can be duplicated. To do this, you need to make several parallel lines on the edge of the strips that must be turned. Put them in the seams, and put the strip on the diagonal, so that in the end the patch looked like part of the design.

To close the torn portion of the trousers, it is necessary to sneak it from the wrong side, for example, a bilateral cob. To do this, remove the pants inside out, proof plot, cut the patch of the desired size, put it in the required place and walk around the hot iron.

How to sew a hole on jeans idle?

This option implies laying lines at close range to each other thanks to the sewing machine. As a result, thread simply «score» hole. The idle is considered the highest quality finish to get rid of damage, but, on the other hand, it is quite a difficult task.

First you need to make a patch from matter that coincides in structure and color. If there is a piece of jeans, for example, after shorting length, then this is the perfect option. Otherwise you can try to find the appropriate material in the store. Powder makes a typewriter with the ability to sew in the opposite direction.

The first line is made in the forward direction, and then one more in the opposite direction. Control so that the lines take place closely close to each other. Conduct similar manipulations until you pave the entire torn plot.

It is important that the line takes place not only on the patch, but came to her edges. If the model of your sewing machine does not have the ability to highlight in the opposite direction, then simply turn the product and go only straight.

Upon completion of the doctors, you can crop existing fringe on the front side, and after it is good to try and disappear and disappeared.

Using this method to disguise the hole, consider the following factors:

  • It is important to pick up the threads in the color of the pants. It should be borne in mind that even selected in the store threads in the end can be lighter or darker, so it is best to take some similar shades. Before moving to the thing, try all the options on a separate piece of matter, and then select the appropriate option;
  • From the first time to get a wonderful result is quite difficult, so do everything in several stages. Making a line, see if there are lumens and pass through them again with a machine line.

How to shake a hole between the legs on jeans?

5 creative ideas, how to shake a hole on jeansMost often damage appear in places where matter is constantly running. As in the previous versions, you need to pick up the necessary material for a patch, which should have similar jeans structure and color.

If you are not afraid of experiments, then use skin or contrast fabrics that will attract attention. Choose threads in the color of the matter and the best melange options, as the texture of jeans on top is lighter than in furrows.

To seduce a torn plot between the legs, prepare a pay. It should be a little more hole, and it is also recommended to spend her ends so that it does not bloom.

Hole should also prepare: cut off extra threads and give the necessary form. After that, pin the piping pins to check how it lies, and how it will look like.

Now let’s go directly to the process of sewing holes between the legs. First, it is recommended to make a patch with stacking threads, and after stealing it with small stitches. This can be done with a zigzag.

Make a few lines forward-back across the area. Come on the torn area so as to decorate all damage.

If jeans wipe on both sides, it is necessary to sew holes a little differently.

To begin with, write the inner seam by about 20 cm. From the front remove the thread. It is also necessary to resort the seats somewhere on the same distance. As a result, you will receive two parts on which damage is placed.

Remove the threads and thoroughly swing this plot, turning the seams. With an inside, place the adhesive lining on the basis of knitwear so that it goes to the pants for about a couple of centimeters. Adhesive lining also need to put on the front side.

Make paper patch pattern, but remember that it should be small, so do not add any extra centimeters. Ready template Be sure to attach to jeans to make sure it is suitable. Make two identical parts in mirror mapping for each pant.

It is important to add about 0.5 cm on the bending, which you need to knock. Patchplate with the front side, sweep, and then do a double line. It remains to spend each detail of the panta separately and collect them.

How to decorate holes on jeans?

There are other options that can be used to make holes on your knees or other places, with the exception of options between the legs. Take advantage of ready-made decorative payments and applications that are sold in the store. They can not handle and leave lochmata. You can use the hole with the original cloth, for example, chiffon, drape, leather, wool and t.NS.

In addition to one patch, you can sew a few other options in different places in the end you will get beautiful and original pants. Excellent option – Applique that is completely in different versions, for example, flowers, stars and other bright and equally original decorations.

Useful advice – before sewing an applique or stitch a torn plot with another cloth, be sure to check it on the sensitivity to hot iron.

What to do if there is no possibility to repaired pants?

If you have small holes on the jeans on jeans, then you can make original holes and eventually get «Rvanis» trousers. To do this, it is necessary to slightly zoom in the hole, removing the transverse threads. You can add similar lumets and on other sites to as a result of jeans looked harmoniously.

5 creative ideas, how to shake a hole on jeansIf you can’t shake a spoiled area or an attempt was unsuccessful, then from pants you can make original and beautiful shorts. To do this, you need to cut off the pants. Make a fringe or expose and shoot the edge.

You can also decorate ready-made shorts using various applications, accessories and other types of decor. In addition, from Old jeans You can make a bag or toy. Slices of denim meat can be used to decorate other clothes.

Let’s sum up

Now you know how to disguise holes on jeans and you can not worry that because of the random fall or other damage you will have to get rid of your favorite pants. As you can see, there are many different options, so you can pick up for yourself the most suitable and original way to decorate.

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