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Second life of the box: How to make a beautiful casket for needlework?


You can make a beautiful jewelry and inventory storage box. Crafts for needlework from box for shoes and empty match boxes

How to make a beautiful box that is not only useful in the farm, but also become a gift for a loved one? Everyone knows that small things are comfortable to store in a special place for them.

Many in the kules or in boxes are stored bargains, buttons or jewelry. It is convenient, but ugly. Do it yourself you can make a wonderful box.

Fabric box

How from the box for shoes make a box? Quite simple.

For the manufacture you will need:

  • The second life of the box: how to make a beautiful casket for needlework from it?Empty box from shoes;
  • Cardboard;
  • Fabric of two types;
  • Needle with multicolored threads;
  • Glue;
  • Scissors;
  • Decor manufacturing material.

So that the box turned out to be more stable and lasts longer, it must be sealing. To do this, you need to draw rectangles on the cardboard sheet, corresponding to the size of the box in length, width and height.

Rectangular blanks are made in two copies. Box gently glue cutted blanks from cardboard. If one layer for sealing is not enough, you need to stick more. Until complete drying glue box is not recommended.

The next step will be the preparation of tissue fabric. More dense fabric is suitable for outdoor. It may be a brocade or tapestry. For internal tights to create draperies, silky materials are suitable. Cutting the pattern from the fabric, you should remember the allowances for the seams. They must be 1.5-2 cm.

Cutting out the details from the fabric, wish them. It can be a machine or manual line. Necessarily well processed corners. For the strength of the seam from the outside, you can decorate a decorative braid. Similarly, they come with internal trim.

A stitched fabric cover is covered with a frame, after which it is glued with textile glue so that there are no traces on the fabric. On the bottom of the fabric you can stick foam. It will give a casket more attractive. Cover can be decorated with coins.

Depending on what will be stored in the box, its size is determined. How to make a box under the rings from the box for candies? Any box can be decorated at your request. For a narrow small box, you can use appliques from colored paper or foil. The lid can be removed separately or attached on one side. Thus, instead of packaging from candy, which were in plastic cells, it turns out a box for storing small jewelry.

Matchbox box

How from matchboxes can be made a casket?

For its manufacture, you will need:

  • The second life of the box: how to make a beautiful casket for needlework from it?8 empty boxes from matches;
  • Dense cardboard sheet;
  • White and colored paper;
  • Soft fabric;
  • Thin tape or tape;
  • Scotch;
  • Glue;
  • Scissors;
  • Decoration.

For the manufacture of the casket, the chest will need 8 empty match boxes.

On the end of the retractable part stir the strips of colored paper. After the adhesive is dry, you can start the attachment of the handles. To do this, it is convenient to use brothers. At the same time, a beautiful handle is obtained from the front side, and with the inner – reliable fasteners. In the absence of brid, the handles can be made from beads or buttons, and sew them threads.

Cut from soft fabric rectangles whose length is 1 centimeter more retractable part. This is necessary in order to hide the fasteners of the handles. The number of fabric billets and drawers for the chest should be equal. Prepared fabric pieces carefully stir inside a cardboard box. Fold match packaging in 2 rows in height, and 4 – in length.

Dense cardboard is used as the base and top of the chest. Measure the length and width of the future casket. After that cut out of it the workpiece of 1 centimeter size is larger in length and width. Also cut two cardboard blanks on the size of the side walls, and one – on the back. Cutted cardboard blanks are covered with white or colored paper.

After complete drying of the glue, start assembling the chest. Glue with each other folded boxes of the box and stick to them prepared cardboard blanks.

After assembling the chest, you can proceed to its artistic design. Ends of matchboxes cover acrylic paint. Side walls and upper lid Just decorate decorative decorations. In such a mini-dresser, it is convenient to store small jewelry, beads or rhinestones.

Where to store jewelry?

Showing a fantasy, you can come up with how to make a jewelry box out of the box. You can use a box for storing small accessories, for example, from children’s shoes. If there are more volumetric jewelry, such as massive beads or necklaces, you will need a large dimensional box.

It is also convenient to have a handicraft casket. Needles, threads, pins will always be in one place. How to make a box-box for needlework to store objects of everyday use, such as needles, threads, scissors, etc? Appliances assembly boxes for jewelry is similar to how to store inventory for needlework.

For the manufacture you will need:

  • The second life of the box: how to make a beautiful casket for needlework from it?Box;
  • Fabric of two types;
  • Textile glue;
  • Scissors;
  • Decorative decorations;
  • Cardboard;
  • Needles and thirty.

Take the cardboard packaging of the appropriate size. If you need to seal the frame, take the cardboard.

Use soft fabric to cover outdoor sides.

Prepare a pattern in size with stamps. They must be no more than 2 cm. Sustrate the fabric by pattern, and the bends of the box wake the textile glue. After drying, carefully pull the fabric to the frame, straightening it in places of gluing. For the inner side, the material on silk-based.

Just like in the case of a case, make a pattern in size, not forgetting the allowances, after which the lining. On the sides, it is convenient to have small pockets that will be used for storing small things. Instead of pockets can be made inside the partition. To do this cut the cardboard band, the height of which is equal to the height of the container used, and the length is more than 1.5-2 centimeters.

Cardboard blank will cross the tissue that was used to finish the inside. After drying glue, glue partitions. Outdoor sides and lid decorate in your taste with decorative elements.

As you can see, from the most ordinary box with your own hands you can make a beautiful casket for needlework or jewelry, which will not only benefit, but also advantageously emphasize the interior of the room.

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