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How to make yourself soap at home


Today, handmade products are very popular. Let’s look at the recipes, how to make soap at home, aligning a pleasant with useful

The manufacture of soap houses is not only very exciting, but also useful, you get 100% natural, ecological and high-quality product. Handmade homemade soap – a great gift for any holiday for family and friends.

Curious will be the fact that at the beginning of the 20th century was ordinary to manufacture this fund of the house, using, as a rule, animal fats. As additives, healing plants, herbs and dried flowers were used. In the modern world, they use alkali, oil and all kinds of decor. Despite the popularity of this type of Hand-Maid, many are interested in the question – «How at home cook soap and what is needed for this?».

Devices for soaps

For soaping at home you will need the following tools:

  1. How to make yourself soap at homePans or bowls of different sizes;
  2. Food scales;
  3. beaker;
  4. spoons for mixing;
  5. Molds for soap;
  6. mixer for whipping;
  7. Paper towels or napkins;
  8. apron.

Cooking soap houses is very interesting because all the processes you ourselves are controlling. One of the most popular methods of cooking occurs on the technique of cold mixing.

What ingredients are suitable for different skin types

It’s no secret that it is important to choose this tool of hygiene individually. The recipe for the manufacture of soap at home can be inventing with your own hands depending on personal preferences, the main thing is that the components are combined.

Useful component selection tips:

  1. For normal skin, instead of water, it is recommended to add milk. Basic oil can be lavender, geranium, jasmine and chamomile. Still as an additive, oatmeal, poppy crumb, strawberry, orange and eucalyptus oil can be included;
  2. Turn on clay additives, cleanliness, field hand, if you are a dominant skin. Select the juniper, fir, sandalwood or tea tree oil from essential oils;
  3. For oily skin, it is recommended to add camphor alcohol. With it, you narrow the pores. Antibacterial qualities of your soap will add calendula, chamomile and a tincture of propolis. Crumpled herbs and fruit bones in homemade soap will give the effect of scraping. Handmade soap prepared at home will not cause any harm to the skin;
  4. With dry skin it is not recommended to rinse the face with soap more than ten times a month, since the tool can dry the skin. As a fundamental oil, select Castor, it will soften face. Lavender and jasmine is also perfect for dry skin.

Soap making recipes

Based «Childish» Soap

For this recipe, you can even apply a soap base (colorless and necessarily vegetable origin).


  1. How to make yourself soap at homesoap «Children’s» – 230 g;
  2. Liquid (water) – 170 g;
  3. Cosmetic oil – 50 g;
  4. Essential oil – 7-12 drops.

Cooking method:

Scroll the main ingredient. Put 2 tanks on the stove by organizing a steam bath.

Soap chips pour the glass of water and start melting to full homogeneity.

Reduce the melting time of soap on fire will help add honey. Cool the semi-finished product slightly and pour the oil base. Mixer thoroughly take care. In the homogeneous mass, scream Aromomasla, and you seal the decor. Distribute the product by tanks. Cool in the cold to a solid state.

On a soapy basis

If you do not know how at home to do soap quickly, then take advantage of this recipe. For those who do not like to wait long, it is the perfect way of soaping. As a result, the product turns out natural, the original color, and the individual smell will be exactly how you want. On a soap-based hygiene agent can be used immediately after the completion of the cooking step, which has a big advantage compared to other manufacturers.

For cooking you need to take:

  1. a piece of soap base – 375 g;
  2. Essential oil – 12 drops;
  3. soapy decor.

Cooking method:

White soap chips calm for a couple. Cool and, stirring, pour the essential components and selected additives. We distribute a lot of molds and leave cool in the cold. Your homework hygiene on an exclusive recipe is ready, it will be a gentle beige color. Align transparency with titanium dioxide, and you can buy a specialized white base. A variety of impurities will give the remedy desired shade, texture and fragrance.

Volumetric soap

Such a means of hygiene of their own preparation can be of various shapes and textures. The volume is obtained by using special plastic forms or when connecting containers with each other.


  1. How to make yourself soap at homeThe soap base is colorless – 250 g;
  2. «Xinka (Liquid)» – 3-4 drops;
  3. Apricot oil – 0.5 st. spoons;
  4. Ginger or grapefruit oil – 5 drops.

Cooking method:

In order to make soap, you need to prepare forms that are formed when connected. In the harvested molds, fill the soap semi-finished product and let cool. Hardware soap will be slower, as it is placed in closed molds.

Pepper balls

For lovers after a hard working day, soaked in the bathroom It is worth making such balls. They make water less tough, and your skin becomes gentle and silky.


  1. Food soda – 460 g;
  2. Limonka – 315 g;
  3. Corn starch – 275 g;
  4. Essential oil – 3.8 ml;
  5. liquid to choose from – 10 g;
  6. Red pepper – 8g.

Cooking method:

Soda, starch and lemon skip through a sieve. Stirring, pour the essential components. Sprinkle a mixture with a vehicle sticking. Divide the resulting volume on equal parts, in one of which add burning pepper. Tight decompose the composition in the form. Cook nothing. Billets Leave on the day in the cold. After complete cooling, leave the pepper balls to dry by 3.5 hours. You can add buds and flower petals as decoration.

Liquid soap

How to make yourself soap at homeFor the production you need to take remnants from past experiments, kneading any soap from the store or potassium hydroxide.

Your tool will have more softening properties if you add 10 ml of alcohol and glycerol substance in the main composition.

The residue pre-crushed on the combine, melt on the steam bath and add liquids. Beginning to beat the resulting mass, gradually add essential oil.

Stir your semi-finished product and add decor and additives, then leave cool. Soap density will depend on the volume of injected fluid. Pour your finished product in a convenient vessel for you. Liquid soap at home is done with your own hands, enjoy.

Useful advice

  1. You can easily add beef fat in cooking homemade soap with your own hands;
  2. As an experiment, instead of water to add milk, tea, herbal decoction and even beer;
  3. Choose for yourself the most convenient «base» Recipe, add all kinds of nuances: color, smell play with the shape;
  4. Essential base oils necessarily combine in a complex with olive oil, which will neutralize an irritating effect;
  5. Do not throw away the billet not quite successful, cut into medium slices and recycle by adding new components. As a result, you will become the owner of a new soap masterpiece;
  6. Especially important compliance with the proportion and weight of the selected products. With special care, weigh and measure all the components. Here to do «approximately» it is forbidden.

At the initial stages of soap, after all your efforts, the result will be not quite as planned as planned. However, gradually you can make the perfect homemade soap. Soap made by hand, this is a 100% exclusive product, a great gift for itself and loved ones.

Now you know how at home to make soap and get a quality product and financial savings.

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