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Useful hand Maid: Make accessories for the soul and soul with your own hands


We make the basic belonging for the bath and the soul with their own hands: how to make a good and sound washcloth, and what materials are needed for this?

Soul Urban – Intimate Fixture for Personal Hygiene, which is available in every home. Recently, high-quality sponges and washcloths, which could be disappeared really qualitatively.

All of them are made of synthetic fabric, and their weave sometimes quite distant from the ideal. Therefore, reasonable comments that any similar bathroom accessory can be bought in the store, it’s not too appropriate here.

Buy or do oneself?

Useful hand Maid: Make accessories for the soul and soul with your own handsOur ancestors allowed «To the body» Only natural materials so that the wash procedure is not only pleasant, but also useful. If you decide to make the main accessory for the bath or your own hands, know – it is very simple.

It is enough to attach some patience, to comply with the rules for the manufacture of the product and act extremely neat. Then a really high-quality urine will appear in your house, which will not compare in its characteristics with cheap synthetic analogues from household chemicals supermarkets.

You can make a bath affiliation from any material available to you. Some women prefer to sew this accessory from ordinary natural fabrics – cotton, Citz and T.D., Others make it out of old terry towels, Third – Burlap rolls.

And especially sophisticated needlewomen even knit crocheted from yarn!

The choice of material and type of weaving entirely depends on your personal preferences in this issue.

Also stands soberly to evaluate your skills – if you never knit and can not imagine how to do it, it is better to set the idea of ​​creating an accessory through yarn and hook.

So, how can you make a washing wash with your own hands?

We make a washcloth Keshe: peeling and massage in one «Tool»

When we wash, we do not just apply soap and wash it with water. This plan requires micro-massage of the skin throughout the body. First, it gives us a chance to relax after a dressed work day on the eve of waste to sleep. Secondly, qualitatively cleans our skin not only from functional contaminants, but also from burned scales on the surface of the epidermis.

It is very important because only in this case our skin can be saturated with oxygen, as well as adequately regenerated and updated. Bath affiliation must bear the effect of exfoliant and massager. And before making it yourself, it is important to take into account this basic requirement for its quality.

Merchal Kesie is designed for soft skin cleansing without additional scrubies and other exfoliants. Its appearance resembles mittens, and this bath is manufactured «assistant» from a wide variety of materials. For especially sensitive skin, such devices are performed from silk and natural vegetable fibers. For more rough skin areas, such accessories are made of sheep or goat wool.

Useful hand Maid: Make accessories for the soul and soul with your own hands«Motherland» Washing Kesie is the East. And residents of the countryside of their fleset are extremely familiar to us with a knitting crochet. And its use mainly applied to hiking in Hammam. After the bath, the skin was heated, the pores were revealed, and the urine provided high-quality massage and peeling, which is called – «In one bottle».

It should be noted that it is not recommended to use such a bath accessory more often than once a week. For softer peeling, the urine is pre-soaked in water and detergent – soap, gel for the soul, mousse and t.D.

For processing especially rough and rigid areas of the skin, it is not soaked in the liquid, but used in a dry form, causing a shower gel on the body manually.

The optimal option for weaving such a washcloth is sheep wool. If you do not have such a yarn, use any other that suits you by your stiffness and structure. Be sure to consider the qualitative characteristics of the selected threads – they should not fall apart and lose their shape after the first contact with water. Consult the seller relative to moisture-proof yarn.

Knitting instructions Keshe:

  • Before ticking the washcloth, you need to make a handle. It must be associated with two yarn threads in 40 air loops;
  • In the third loop from the hook, start knitting the clad columns to the end of the chain. The first handle of your future bath assistant is ready;
  • Start knitting a new chain consisting of 10 air loops. Connect the ends of the handle among themselves. For its end, at the same time, bring 3 columns without a Nakid;
  • For the manufacture of the main cloth, three pensions of 16 loops in each (without Nakid) will be tied;
  • If you need a climb, you can make one air loop with a thumb with a finger. After that, pull the loop the mine to create a crossed thread. Count the tip of the hook in the loop on the next row, at the same time dropping and holding it. Check the entire column with loops without Nakid;
  • Useful hand Maid: Make accessories for the soul and soul with your own handsThen start knitting in 50 rows, while one loop must be air, and the second – with Nakud. In a mating loop with an attachment and without it should be placed in a checker order. It is necessary so that the product does not lose its form after you begin to actively use it and water;
  • When you get to the end of the canvas, check another 16 loops without Nakid;
  • Separately, tie 3 columns with loops without Caid and connect them with a web;
  • Merchal Kese is ready!

Burlap washcloth: Tools and manufacturing steps

And is it possible to make a washcloth for the shower with your own hands without hook and mating as such? Yes! Pay attention to burlap bath accessories. They are sold in specialized stores of Eco goods, and have far from the lowest cost. In order not to waste your finances wasting, we suggest you to make such a wash!

Make such a bathroom device may each beginner hostess. This will not need a lot of time and effort.

Tools that you need:

  • Sackcloth;
  • Foam sponge (take the one you use for washing dishes, but, of course, a new and untouched);
  • Gauze;
  • Soap (better natural, which can also be done independently, or acquire with soaps);
  • Rubber;
  • Cotton fabric.

Manufacturing process:

  1. Useful hand Maid: Make accessories for the soul and soul with your own handsFrom burlap cut two equal rectangles slightly more palm (about 22 cm in height and 15 width);
  2. Then make the same pieces of gauze (they will serve as a lining for the main material, t.E. burlap);
  3. Now you need to make a bath holder «Assistant», so that it can be hooked. If your homes have only the most common white gum, it can be seen by the harmonica colored fabric so that the holder looks beautiful and unusual;
  4. A short tube of obtained gum with a cloth fasten the midst of a rectangle from burlap;
  5. Make a loop from a long segment and enter the side of the future product – it will be a handle for which the wash can be hung on the hook;
  6. Sweep three pieces of burlap with lining to get a bag;
  7. Meanwhile, cut the soap or kneadings that you have at home. It is better that they are very small and equal in size;
  8. Porolon also cut into small cubes (it is needed in the washcloth for the formation of thick foam);
  9. Inside the resulting bag, fold soap and foam rubber mixture. If you wish, you can add dried herbs, such as lavender;
  10. Surify the product. Your dumping burlap is ready. When the soap ends in it, it will be possible and pouring a new «Stuffing».

Milled from the grid

By the way, you can also make a product from the grid for «Japanese» Face washing techniques. To do this, you will need all the same foam and material of the usual bath «Assistant».

How to make a washcloth for shower and washing from the grid?

  1. Scroll the grid from which conventional accessories of this purpose are made;
  2. Form out of a piece of material «Bag», fixing on three sides by threads;
  3. Inside, put all the same cubes of foam rubber, which will become the main «whippers» foam;
  4. Then fix the product from above so that the cubes do not fall out of it. Washing such an accessory provides an abundance of foam, deeply penetrating into the pores and cleansing them from a wide variety of pollution.

Be sure – you will definitely get high-quality belonging for the bathroom. And let the hand maid for you become not only a source of moral pleasure, but also useful hobbies.

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