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How to make earrings with your own hands


Decorations for women are an important part of the image. When I want to shine individuality, the best option is homemade jewelry

Almost every woman great attention pays to the details of their image, namely decorations. The most popular element are earrings. If you want to make a certain proportion of individuality, make earrings with your own hands. They will become an excellent gift for a friend or child. Almost nothing limits your fantasy, and absolutely any materials can be used for work. Most often, decorations are made of beads, polymer clay, beads and t. D.

Necessary materials and tools

In order to facilitate work, it is important to prepare tools with which you will form your product. You also need a different kind of fittings. It can be purchased almost in any store for needlework. And of course, pick up the materials that will allow you to express your fantasy.

Earrings can be made from:

  • How to make earrings with your own handsBeads;
  • beads;
  • tapes;
  • lace;
  • Feather;
  • polymer clay;
  • cold porcelain and t. D.

In order to ride beads or beads, bearer with wire. Use clamps and plugs for fixation. Mandatory Element – Hooks. Pay attention to their quality, because you will sell them into ears. You may also need metal rings and other mounts for beads.

In order to make it easier to create earrings with your own hands, pick up suitable tools. These include various tweezers, stacks, scissors and pliers. A thermopystole with glue can also be useful.


The easiest and most affordable option – make your hands earrings from beads. If the size of the product is supposed to be small, it will be enough to use the remnants of the material that is certainly in every home. From beads you can create a stunning beauty of the decoration, despite the fact that this material is one of the most accessible and easy-to-work.

As ideas for earrings, you can mention several basic:

  • How to make earrings with your own handsRings. A circuit for circular weaving is used. You can additionally use the base for stiffness. Rings can be contour or have a view of the plates filled inside;
  • Visulki. This is the most popular option. To begin with the base in the form of a rhombus, a square or rings, and then separate segments of bead threads are attached to it. You can additionally use a fine chain;
  • Carnations. In order to create such a product you just need to connect with a dozen beads. The position of the first bead will be the outside. Further, a circular volume scheme is interlocked when the edge of the wire in each row passes through the initial element;
  • Schematic weaving. On the Internet you can find many different schemes for monophonic and motley patterns. These may be polyhedra, asterisks, earrings consisting of penets in openwork weave and T. D.;
  • Volumetric figures. It can be bows, berries, bead flowers. Also popular is the binding of large beads;
  • Complex compositions. For earrings use several schemes or finished elements. You can connect them with each other with wire, rings or thermoclause. A combination with a large stone looks very interesting, around which ornament from beads.


It is very easy to create earrings from beads with your own hands.

How to make earrings with your own handsFor one pair, you may need only a few beads. These elements can be of different sizes, and they can additionally combine with beads and other materials. Depending on the stylistic slope fashionably use different materials.

For example, for children’s decorations will be more suitable specimens of plastic beads. For glamorous and elegant models, you need to take samples that imitate pearls and precious stones.

For ethnic motifs worth searching for a tree bead model, openwork metal. For earrings with an unusual texture, you can independently make parts from polymer clay, however, to output the same dimensions will be quite difficult.

You can connect them on the line, wire, with ribbons and rings. Even crochet mating elements can be used. In general, it all depends on your imagination.


In order to make simple, but very beautiful earrings can be used as the main decorative feathers. You can buy suitable in the store of Hend Maid, but take ordinary bird features from the street, as you can pick up a serious illness.

In order to make the decoration you need to use the clamps for fixing the pen. As additional elements, you can use beads and beads, metal rings and blanks for earrings or a simple chain. With the help of threads you can make a miniature dream catcher.


How to make earrings with your own handsA very popular element for homemade decorations are satin ribbons and organza.

How to make me earrings with your own hands? If you use Kanzashi technique, you can do the same ribbons. Nevertheless, most often they are combined with beads. The tape can serve as a fastening for elements or decorative detail, for example, a bows from above.

To the edges do not bloom, be sure to fit the ribbon on fire. If you want to make a fringe from it, then only one edge fallen out, but with the second one.


Earrings from lace look very elegant and unusual. To make them with your own hands, you can buy a small segment of a lace tape fabric. This is the simplest option, but it may be somewhat expensive.

How to make earrings with your own handsBut, all you need to do is choose an element suitable in shape and sizes, cut it out of the overall composition and fix on the hook with a metal rings.

So that the lace does not look lonely you can decorate it with beads, small beads or adhesive rhinestones. At the same time, it is not necessary to cherish not to turn the concise decoration in the Pestruse, oversaturated with details, composition.

You can also make earrings from lace, created with your own hands. To do this, use weaving techniques, for example, macrame or frivolite and t. D. To work, take thin, but durable threads. For convenience, draw a template on paper and put it on a pillow with needles, around which the lace element will be plane.

Polymer clay

In order to make a polymer clay earrings directly with their own hands you will need high-quality material. You can buy a set of polymer clay in a store with goods for creativity. Depending on the manufacturer and composition, different samples of polymer clay may differ in price at times.

Work with it is not harder than with plasticine. To begin with, frost well. In order to form a polymer clay earrings, it can be given a flower shape, ordinary beads, berries, other figures. If you do not know what to come up with, you can spit the finished idea. Such earrings are sold among other jewelry. This is a great option for both children and young people and adult women, because you can make anything from plastics.

Ready forced product need to burn, for example, in the oven. In order to fix the hooks, you can insert a wire in a crude clay or do the holes in it, in which after the roasting and sell fasteners.

Cold porcelain

How to make earrings with your own handsYou can also try to make earrings with your own hands from the material similar to the samples of polymer clay – cold porcelain. The original material is sold in art stores, but it costs a lot, so it is most often boiled its analogue at home. To do this, you need to mix in equal proportions Glue PVA brand D (with plasticizers) and corn starch with soda.

For plasticity, add a bit of glycerol and put on fire. You need to boil the composition until on the spoon, which you mixed glue, does not push the tight lump. It needs to be twisted with a wet towel and let it stand at least a couple of hours. You get a white plastic mass, no worse than polymer clay.

From a cold porcelain, you can flash the finest works that are affected by their realism.

So you can create gentle floral earrings. Adding a food dye You can give a porcelain of any shade. The huge plus is that the finished product does not need to burn. When it dries, it will become durable, despite its fragile appearance.

Take advantage of fantasy and do not be afraid to experiment. Combine different materials and invent new ways as they can be played in decorations.

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